It’s Shark Week – Thank Goodness


The Pink Flamingo has a dirty little secret.  I enjoy Shark Week.  I even sent my niece a Happy Shark Week mug!  I think having Shark Week on this very week is terribly appropriate.  It gives us a break from the cruel, merciless violence in Washington and helps us put the poor little sharks into perspective.

The sharks win.

We get to compare the two entities, both of whom are known to circle the doomed shipwrecked victim, eating the life out of them.  One is merciful and terminates their victim in a big gulp.  The others are like Remoras.  They have tiny suction cups on them, allowing them to feed on the sharks all the time – just like the politicians in DC.  The only difference is  that remoras are considered basically harmless.

The land sharks politicians in Washington are far from helpless.  They are so merciless and vicious they make sharks look good. At least sharks are allegedly mounting fatal attacks on humans and poor little seals.

The two legged sharks remind me of an old SNL skit.

That’s what we’re up against in Washington. They’re nothing but a bunch of lying land sharks, taking out innocent victims,

I don’t know about you, but The Pink Flamingo is going to be spending a heck of a lot more time watching Shark Week and ignoring the news.

The Guardian

I think we all realize, swimming with sharks is a heck of a lot saver and saner than what is going on over the debt ceiling madness.

At least it is more honest, and you know who the “enemy” is.  In Washington right now, I suspect the whole darn bunch (with a few exceptions) are in a feeding frenzy.

Do I really need to name names?



4 thoughts on “It’s Shark Week – Thank Goodness

  1. My only encounter with sharks took place when I was a young teenager. At that time my parents had a Victorian cottage on the beach front. The Gulf Coast was so very lovely back in those days. This was before hurricanes, Camille and Katrina ravaged the coast. The beach front was lined with quaint Victorian structures which had been there since before the Civil War. My young cousin from Alabama was spending the summer with us, so on this particular morning he and I decided to go for a swim. Earlier in the summer I had just finished a swimming class and I wanted to show off my skills. I lured him out in the Gulf beyond the sandbar into the channel, where the water was deep enough to swim. We had seen something out there, but we went on anyway. “What are those things?” My cousin asked. “Dolphins,” I answered. “They play out here all the time. They won’t hurt you. You’ll see their heads come up in a minute.” For awhile we just ignored them swimming and splashing in the channel, but my little cousin was still skeptical. “Funny, I haven’t seen their heads come up out the water yet.” The next time I looked in that direction about three or four of them appeared to be circling us. When I saw their fins cutting the water I knew they were not dolphins. We both yelled “Sharks!” at the same time. No one will ever know how fast we swam back. When we reached the sandbar we didn’t stop. We began to run. When we reached the beach, we just collapsed on the sand thoroughly exhausted. Nobody believed our story. We just got a good scolding for going out in the channel, but never again did either one of us go swimming in the channel. Happy Shark Week!

  2. actually we could learn something from the Sharks!

    Do you know what happens when you invade a Sharks territory?
    Even if you wore a fin on your back and called yourself a Shark a real Shark would know that your a fake (aka food). So swimming with the Sharks is probably not a good idea even if you wear a Shark suit!

    The GOP should abandon the Elephant image and switch to the Shark so that fake Republicans get the message, get lost or get eaten!!

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