The Tea Party “Patriot”


The Pink Flamingo detests the tea parties.  I think they are puppets of the libertarians and are created by and for Ron Paul and his bots.  They are like the Borg.  If you do not assimilate you are dead.  They are threatening, manipulating, lying and cheating.  Yep – they’re real follower of Ayn Rand.  If we are not careful, they are going to take the GOP down with them.

This is one of those posts where I’ve spent a bit of time collecting headlines and snips of information. When you put it together it rather damning.

Leave it to the Brits to do the most damning castigating of the tea party “patriots”.

The Guardian

The Daily Caller has a revealing interview with a so called Tea Party “leader”.

“…The Hill newspaper reported that Tom Trento, who heads up a grassroots foreign policy group called United West and serves in a leadership role in a number of other Tea Party-related groups, has affixed the label “Tea Party defector” to several Tea Party members of Congress who have come out in support of the Boehner debt plan (without a provision for a balanced budget amendment), including Florida Rep. Allen West….What makes you a Tea Party leader? How many followers do you have?

The majority of my educational and activist work is in the national security sector dealing with issues like Shariah Islam, border vulnerability, nuclear Iran and the necessity for America to fully recognize and support Israel as a national security partner.

Over the past two years, I have spent a significant amount of time with the grassroots Tea Party community, most of whom are seeking information and direction on the issues upon which I focus. In this capacity, I began working with a small group of serious Tea Party activists to develop a comprehensive national security campaign that will be launched sometime early next year …




Though I’m not trying to be the leader of any movement, only an educator/activist, judging by the opinion of others, there are many thousands, if not millions of Tea Party “members” who are interested in the material I communicate. A comprehensive national security policy necessitates sound economic stability, thus my participation in this current debt debate…”

“…The tea party faction could not achieve these goals through straight up democratic means because of their unpopularity. So it resorted to its threat of mass destruction. They were able to do so because they formed a disciplined bloc that gave them leverage over the House leadership and because of the threat that members who did not go along would face primary challenges from the right.

Five Thirty Eight

Hard-core tea party members were empowered by their oft-repeated disdain for reelection. They were liberated to pursue their radical course because they were freed from the traditional constraint on members of Congress, imposed by the need to face the voters.

Their goals were also served by the Republican Party’s success in selling the notion that the country faces an urgent debt crisis. Nearly every economist agrees that we face a long-term debt problem, but there is no reason it must be addressed by Aug. 2….”

Think Progress

The Pink Flamingo has been privy to quite a bit of information coming in and out of various Senate and House offices, and misc. Republican sources. Without violating confidentiality and disclosing too much, it appears that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are two of the reasons Boehner did not get a vote on Thursday evening.

ABC News Blog

What we also know is that there really aren’t all that many TPers out there. Calls going into various offices are very much against them. GOP officials are furious with them. The ones who are, are making a terrible mistake by damning anyone who disagrees with them.

The other day a really bright tea party “patriot” left a comment about getting rid of RINOS and long live the tea party.  It was a very bright and mature comment by a mature member of the tea party.  It also highlights something my friend James told me on Saturday.  His observation is that tea partiers are “idiots” incapable of abstract thought and advanced reason.

The comment from “Yank” made me realize that my friend James is correct.  These people don’t get what is going on in the world. According to Rasmussen:


It appears that the tea parties are more about their principles than anything else.  Jim Geraghty makes a bit of a point in NRO.

“...Beyond Indiana, there aren’t a lot of races where the Tea Party challengers are likely to prompt the defeat of GOP incumbents, at least in Senate races. For example, in Maine, Olympia Snowe would seem to fit this scenario, as she’ll face primary challenges from Andrew Ian Dodge and Scott D’Amboise. Except a Democrat takeover traditionally requires an actual Democratic candidate, and so far, no member of the party has filed papers to take on Snowe…”


One of these days, the GOP is going to regain some courage and realize that the tea parties aren’t all that strong.  Until then, they are so cowed by them, that they are incapable of acting with courage.

Frum Forum

It is increasingly obvious that Jim DeMint is not really interested in what is best for the country.  It is what is better for him.  He’s now saying that he is willing to cause “serious” disruptions in the US economy to prove his point.  I guess he’s not bright enough to read what happened in Minnesota.  Their credit rating has been devalued.

Frum Forum

The libertarian right is handing the Dems a platform that is going to destroy the GOP as a majority party for years to come. Their irrational devotion to Rand may have caused our financial meltdown. Now, they are heading for what may be an unconstitutional debt melt-down which will throw us into another recession.

“…What we have to face, though, is that the Republicans have no problem with destroying the economy. A slipping economy is the one thing, now, that would guarantee Obama’s loss of the presidency in 2012. So Republicans are very willing to risk putting the economy in the tank. There’s no question but that this is lethal game-playing. Republicans have turned their eyes away from reality and the people they’re supposed to serve. This brinkmanship can wind up having consequences that are a great deal more than political….”


The real problem is the tea party and the libertarians behind it. They are terribly ignorant when it comes to history and the Constitution, knowing only what they are told.

“...Brooks said there hasn’t been substantive progress made on budget and deficit negotiations, and he has little faith that the Senate — including some Republican members — and the White House will “understand the magnitude of the problem posed by unsustainable deficits.”

“It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t problem,” he told ABC News. “What difference does it make if you’re given a choice between two poisons. Either way you’re dead.”

Business leaders have raised alarms on the possibly dire consequences of not raising the ceiling. More than 60 trade associations sent a joint letter to congressional leaders last week to urge them to raise the limit.

In a House hearing Thursday, executives of four major corporations also sounded warning bells.

“I think it would be devastating to the world economy, not just to the U.S. economy and not just to UTC [United Technologies Corp.] if Congress failed to raise the debt limit,” Greg Hayes, chief financial officer of United Technologies, said….”

It’s like Herman Cain and his Flat Tax.  The poor man doesn’t live in the real world. Sure, it MIGHT replace Federal Taxes, but take his idea of 23%, and add what is nearly 10% hear in NM and we are now paying 33% sales tax! The economy is bad enough without this well intentioned albatross around our necks.  Fortunately, he has so marginalized himself, we need not worry about him.


He really doesn’t get it. Not only are the Feds taxing us to death, but states and local governments are doing the same thing. There’s a reason Texas is doing so well. No state income tax.

“…Amazon shoppers, beware. If some big-box retailers and cash-strapped states have their way, you may soon be paying sales tax on those online purchases. Amazon currently collects taxes in just five states, thanks to a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that says Internet retailers do not have to charge state sales tax unless they have a physical presence, such as a store or warehouse there. But the Alliance for Main Street Fairness–a retail coalition that includes Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Sears–took out this full-page ad in newspapers this week, saying Amazon hurts small businesses and local communities. The alliance argues that Amazon enjoys an unfair price advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar stores that must collect sales tax from their customers….”


Part of the problem is the ramming of libertarian papa cow excreta (as my Grandfather Froehlich would call it) down our throats, from surprising sources such as the WSJ.  Stephen Moore is one of the WSJ’s political editors.  He is a big time libertarian.  When one puts all of this into the context of Rupert Murdock’s unethical meddling in British politics, it just doesn’t look good.

Want to know more about these folks?

The Daily Paul

The Pink Flamingo has been on record, repeatedly, that the tea parties are not the most upright individuals in the world. I know this is a cheap shot…

The Sun News

Then there is this cheap shot, thanks to Sharon.

The Raw Story

Doug Mataconis puts it right on target.

Outside the Beltway

I think this says it all:


Allen West, the great tea party darling, and now one of their top ten most hated traitors to the cause says they are ‘schizo‘. They are after him, will primary him, and take him out, allegedly.

Doug Matconis wrote:

“…Without even getting into an evaluation of their ideas, the Tea Party movement’s performance during the debt ceiling debate has been pretty atrocious. Instead of nudging the debate along toward achieving realistic goals, they have either stuck their heads in the sand and pretended that we don’t really have to do anything about the debt ceiling, or they’ve offered unrealistic proposals that have no chance of being enacted into law. Last night, they forced the Speaker of the House to cancel a vote on his own bill because it wasn’t good enough for them and now they’ve made him redraft it into a mess that guarantees it will be little more than a shell for the eventual compromise bill that will, hopefully, be agreed to in the Senate. They have, in other words, made themselves irrelevant thanks to their intransigence….”


Frum Forum

Rush Limbaugh has basically turned on the American people.


Brent Bozell says it all.

“…In a statement to The Daily Caller, ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell promised retribution against any Republican who supports the deal, which would allow for an increase to the country’s debt limit.

“Conservatives will stand together to say the Gang of Six plan is dead on arrival and so is any effort to pass a short-term extension that only kicks the can down the road and does nothing to solve the problem,” Bozell said.

Bozell continued: “Should the Gang of Six plan pass, those fake ‘conservatives’ who supported it will walk the plank. That’s a promise.”

While Bozell emphasized the need for a long-term solution, other conservatives opposed to the proposal cite cuts to the defense budget and “tax hikes” by virtue of allowing Bush-era reductions to expire….”

They are becoming irrational, like Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation, then again Feulner always was irrational.

Frum Forum

David Frum wrote:

“...My theory : this is all gamesmanship and positioning, 100% concerned with the internal politics of the Republican caucus and the conservative movement. But let’s take it seriously for a minute. It’s now August 3. The federal government has exhausted its cash. Either we are in a constitutional crisis (because President Obama has invoked the dubious theory that the Fourteenth Amendment nullifies the debt ceiling and continues to emit bonds without congressional permission) or we are in a financial crisis ( because bond sales have halted and the federal government is failing to pay its bills).
Now what?
Seriously – now what?
The Senate votes for a BBA that locks in place forever the policy preferences of Jim DeMint? And three-quarters of the states then ratify it? Does anybody believe that any of this will happen? Does even Jim DeMint believe it?
It’s all fantasy, every bit of it – but the kind of fantasy that destroys great countries….”

These idiots are endangering the GOP. Robert Prather wrote:

“...In addition to that a default will raise interest rates, but not in a good way. If rates went up due to economic growth, that would be one thing. It would mean in increase in the demand for loanable funds and that would indicate that the liquidity trap is over. What’s going to happen instead is that they are going to increase due to risk and in the process increase the deficit, not decrease it. Any cuts that are achieved might very well be dwarfed by increased borrowing costs.

I’ve been moving to the left for a few years now, but these idiots are radicalizing me. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life (full disclosure: I didn’t vote the last two elections due to moving), but I doubt I’ll ever vote for a Republican again. They’re either stupid or evil, but either way they’re dangerous and bad for the country…”

Club for Growth

What happened in the Republican Study Committee is deplorable.

“…“There was a sense of frustration that, we’re on the same team, how could you do this?” says a source who was in the room.

When the subject of the email came up, one unidentified member of Congress yelled “Fire him!” about Goodman, who sent the email, the source said.

Additionally, Rep. Greg Walden read aloud from a separate email sent by Paul Teller, executive director of the RSC, charging him with hurting the party and disclosing privileged information….

“Earlier this week, an RSC staffer sent an inappropriate email to outside groups that identified members of Congress he believed were undecided on the debt reduction proposal offered by the Speaker. This action was clearly inappropriate and was not authorized by the Chairman or any other members of the staff. This has never been – and never will be – the way we do business at the RSC. We apologize to everyone affected, and we have already taken steps to ensure that it never happens again – either by this staffer or any other RSC staffer,” Straessle said.

Dan Holler, a spokesman for Heritage Action, one of the outside groups opposing Boehner’s debt ceiling plan, defended his group’s tactics….”



The Atlantic


Red State

Judson Phillips is making an ass of himself, threatening the GOP. Thing his, Phillips is so outrageous, why should the GOP even bother with him?

Money Watch

“...There is a lot to disagree with in the “Tea Party” position on this subject. For starters, I think the idea that spending has to be cut is true, but the “Tea Party’s” chosen method of abruptly cutting up the nation’s credit card and forcing a “cold turkey” conversion in the middle of a period of extended economic malaise is poorly considered at best and probably outright counterproductive. Moreover, even if we were to eliminate all of the earmarks and boondoggles that the “Tea Party” author uses as exemplars to whip up public resentment against government spending, we wouldn’t even make a significant dent in the current deficit, let alone the long-term budget problem. Many of his arguments are just red herrings….”

Raw Story

How much longer do we put up with these people?


7 thoughts on “The Tea Party “Patriot”

  1. Once you have Rats living in your walls they can be very hard to eradicate. They tunnel in deeper and deeper until they literally become a part of the building!

    So I say that we just hand the GOP Car Keys to the Tea People (temporarily) and watch them drive off the cliff. They won’t win so don’t worry. And so what if they do! Could they be worse than Obama?

    If we give the GOP car keys to the Tea Party the worst President in history will end up being re-elected and the Tea Party will lose at least 45 states! It will be a flipping wipeout. Barrack Obama will end up winning in a “Reagan like” landslide if we let the Tea People do the driving (which is why the Media focuses so much attention on them).

    Historically the Tea People (McGovern-ites, Libertarians, Ross Perotbots, Ron Paulbots) have lost every election they participated in including the 2010 senate and house elections that they claim to have won. If it wasn’t for the Tea People WE would have WON the SENATE in 2010 and most of the CRAP we are dealing with today wouldn’t even be happening.

    In the 1970’s the “Pre-Tea people” Libertarians supported George McGovern and the North Vietnamese.

    In the 1980’s the Tea People Paulbots supported the Russians, the Iranian Hostage takers and the communist Sandinistas.

    In the 1990’s the Tea-Tarians supported Saddam Hussien and Ross Perot. Destruction follows them like a PLAGUE!

    This is sorta off topic…
    Personally I think that the Liberal News Mafia will use the 2012 election to MANUFACTURE another JFK. I really do! I honestly believe that they (the liberals) will JFK “him” and that was the plan right from the very beginning. And the Tea People are the perfect suspects. Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News will be blamed for the damage! You couldn’t ask for a better set of circumstances “if” that indeed was your plan!

    But whether that happens or not we are still stuck with Libertarian Rats in our walls. If we give them the Car keys maybe they will drive away (or off the cliff). Maybe a massive loss will drive then into their own little political party. I don’t care just as long as they go away.

  2. After reading all of this, I am convinced these are some of the same people who protested the Vietnam War outside of Wright-Patterson AFB in the late 60’s/70’s. Last time I was back in Ohio, a few of the same people were outside the main gate on a Saturday morning holding up their same dumb signs and shouting at cars going by. They are still anti-military. These are the same type people who shout, carry signs and are rude just as they were in the late 60’s/70’s in Fairborn.

    This idea of primarying someone like Alan West shows they are more interested in defeating Republicans than Democrats. No wonder the Tea Party and DeMint gave us the “I am not a witch” O’Donnell in DE and worst campaigner for Senate of all time Angle in NV. DE was a definite pick-up but no they had to have a ‘pure’ candidate who was frankly nuts and ripped off her campaign account to live on. That made is so there was no way we could pick up the Senate.

    We need to start vetting our candidates to make sure we don’t get any more Paulbots in the Congress like Bachmann who is a total ‘my way or no way’ person. If you don’t vote like she wants as a member of her Tea Party caucus — watch out as she is coming after you along with Palin.

    We have some really good Republican women in Congress yet the media pushes Bachmann and Palin who is not even an elected official. I guess if I was on the other side I would be doing the same thing. Clueless out of both of those women not to mention not very smart especially when it comes to history. They don’t have to worry as their Paulbot supporters will be right there revising history for their gaffe’s.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being ‘patriotic’ but when it becomes an ultimate thing, when patriotism ultimately defines you as a person, when it becomes “the ultimate issue” thats when Patriotism is a FALSE IDOL.

    When your nationality becomes an ultimate thing, when your nationality ultimately defines you as a person you have made a FALSE IDOL out of your nationality.

    Hyper-Patriotic Nationalism is a tool of Satan.

    When the Economy becomes an ultimate thing it becomes your God! When defending the borders becomes the ultimate thing the Border becomes your God! When the Tea Party defines your very being and the meaning of life the Tea Party is your God!

    Now this is no endorsement of the Obammunites (aka liberal Dems) who are much worse today than the Canaanites, Amorites and the Sodomites ever dreamed of being! I mean the Liberals we see are basically no different than the Molloch/Baal worshippers of 5000 of years ago. They both practice child sacrifice, they both pray and sacrifice for economic prosperity and they both worship false Gods!

  4. The one good that may come out of this is the GOP may start to put the tea party in the same category as they do “the mad doctor” and the talk show mafia may finally understand that when they sell out the GOP for ratings; they sell out this country.

    As an Independent I can tell you nothing is as spooky as a party that doesn’t have loyalty among their principles. Sharon is right, they are more interested in defeating and hurting Republicans than they are Democrats…why? Because it is from the GOP’s ashes they believe their party will rise. They don’t have the numbers to win so they pretend to be the base of, first the GOP, then the tea party (a group originally put together over the Obamacare issue not Illegal Immigration, cap and trade or any conservative issues). They believe that like the Libertarin party who votes Republican because they have the views closest to their own, once the GOP is no longer viable, Republicans will have no where else to turn but their party.

    They don’t understand that the real power: the Independents are just that, Independent and they do not like anyone controlling them Left OR Right.

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