UPDATE on Link Murder – Probably Not an Illegal Immigrant


On June 7, Larry Link, the owner of Stein’s Ghost Town, here in New Mexico, on the Arizona state line, was murdered.  Immediately, the usual sources began their usual anti-immigration spew.  FOX took the lead in promoting the fact that Link was gunned down by an illegal, even though there was absolutely not evidence that it was the case.  There were some absolutely nasty articles by the usual sources who detest Hispanics.  They were over the top, and abjectly inaccurate.


“…“Dad didn’t know an enemy,” Pamela Link said. “He didn’t know a stranger.” He was buried two days before Father’s Day and just before he and his wife Linda would have celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. Larry and Linda Link met as children in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. “They met when they were five and six years old,” Pamela Link said.

After answering a few questions over the phone, Pamela Link begins to cry.

“My father was a very strong Republican … this country meant everything to him. He was a very good man.”…”