You Really Want a Leader?


On Wednesday, Lindsey did an interview with a Charleston radio station, WTMA.  It was excellent. I highly suggest you listen to it.  He said everything I wanted to hear.

On Thursday he did another interview.

“…Graham was one of 26 Senators who voted against the debt limit compromise bill. He said the measure had some things he liked, such as cutting spending without raising taxes, but felt it didn’t do enough to stop federal spending.

“This deal missed a golden opportunity,” Graham said. “It [the bill] doesn’t reduce the size of government, it just slows [its] growth, and it really does put a lot of pressure on the defense department…It doesn’t change the reason we got in debt.”

The senator said to fix America’s long range economic problems, all items must be on the table, including Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

“I think what you see here is America is an unsound economy,” he said. “The housing market has not stabilized, but the problem of Western nations is that we have an aging population, smaller workforce, and we made promises we can’t afford. The promises we made to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are unsustainable.”


2 thoughts on “You Really Want a Leader?

  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC interviews. Lindsey Graham for president!!!! Seriously!!!!! Except, the difference between me and a Palin worshipper is that I can see that he wouldn’t have a rat’s chance. Mainly because of the constant demonization that comes from the pathetic Hard Right. Too bad, but there it is.

    I do, however, believe that Lindsey is sitting pretty for Sec Def should the GOP defy all odds, pull its act together, and nominate a viable candidate. Again, the chance is slim.

    Meanwhile, did you hear the BIG news??? Nine million people love Jersey Shore!

  2. Be careful.

    Last week Hugh Hewitt went balistic because the Dems want to extend the time when the Military can receive their pension…to the age when most people can get theirs: 65. So someone who joins at 20 and retires at 40 will have to wait 25 years to collect.

    He said that this retirement was a “deal” the government made and the U.S. government does not go back on it’s promises.

    Yet, for a very long time he has been advocating that the government go back on their promise to a generation of social security payees…calling SS an entitlement…and yes, wanting to push back the time when the elderly can collect to give the government more time to never pay at all.

    The sly Dems have checked the GOP’s “we can’t afford to keep our promise to the elderly” with “we can’t afford to keep our promise to the military”.

    I still say that this is a golden opportunity to really gut pork and golden retirements. Instead of taking the SS tax and putting an IOU into some non-secure box, the government should take IOUs out and start paying them…and every time some pork comes about…”oh we’d love to build a bridge but we have to pay the debt we owe to the elderly”…and “I’m sorry but we have to drop the retirement amount of teachers’, firemen, cops from 85% to 75% because we need to fulfill our obligation to the elderly.”

    Instead of talking about SS as an entitlement on a par with welfare, we need to tell the truth, it is a debt OWED and one the government needs to pay if they have to cut every single pork spending out there and account for every single penny spent on government union contracts.

    Again, before talking about not being able to afford to pay the debt to the elderly, the GOP needs to ask itself if they will also concede that we cannot afford to pay the debt to the vetern.

    If the GOP insist on going after SS, the Dems WILL check with the military. Either way, the GOP will lose the votes of both.

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