UPDATED: When Liberals and Conservatives Learn to Love America More….


UPDATED:  It is a bit “scary” when Erick Erickson is starting to echo what I’m saying.  He’s beginning to smell a rat.  This whole thing is starting to reek of insider trading – and they’re blaming poor little defenseless George Soros.

CNN’s Ali Velshi pegged exactly what The Pink Flamingo has been saying.  This “downgrade” could have been eliminated within 24 hours if our leaders in DC would have banded together and defended the country.  If they had pledged to do something about this mess, we would have been in decent shape today.

Since the debt ceiling fiasco in mid-July nearly $2.5 trillion dollars in wealth and equity has been lost.

It has reached the point that, until liberals, conservatives, and libertarians learn to love the United States of America more than they do their own opinions, as a nation, we are in dreadful trouble.  They are so busy blaming one another, abjectly incapable of shouldering some of the blame themselves, that they are dooming our country.

(The tea parties are vile.  The liberal Netroots are just a vile and what is going on in Wisconsin is absolutely deplorable.  Both parties should denounce it.  They won’t.)

By refusing to see the reality of the world, the far right is now repeating the tale that George Soros made a heck of a lot of money by what was basically an insider trade.  Someone knew the downgrade was coming.  When one looks at what S & P did to Warren Buffett on Monday, at what was clearly  punitive assault on Buffett for criticizing him.


If David Beers had not come out and lied about how S & P did NOT blame the GOP for their downgrade, The Pink Flamingo would be ignoring all of this.  Then, when confronted, Beers threatened to degrade our bond rating even lower.

The Pink Flamingo is not angry about the downgrade.  I am furious because of the political stance, the way it was one, and the possibility that something is very very wrong here.  Something is not right.  It is obvious, so obvious it is flashing like a tacky neon pink flamingo sign.

Michael Moore thinks S & P is criminal and should be arrested.  I think, like Steve Forbes says, they were wrong.  I think something very curious is going on here, with them.

I think we are playing with bullies.

If the leaders of the House and Congress could have stood together, just once, and fought back, I suspect the S & P bullies could have been kicked off the school yard.

That’s the problem.  They can’t get together.

The far right and the far left love themselves and their re-election prospects more than they love the country.  We know Barack Obama loves himself and his ideology more than the country.  I suspect there are a few tea party leaders who do the same thing.  The Pink Flamingo shall not name names, but if they had not been so determined to get ideologically pure members of the Senate, instead  of choosing the most conservative person who could be elected.

When the far left and the far right can put aside their irrational …. nah, it’s never going to happen.

We do have great and honorable men and women who are in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans.  There are any number of Dems I would like to see change party, but that is another story.  I keep hoping they will manage to shut off the shrill stupidity of the extremes and let people know that there are reasonable and honorable men and women.

One of these days, I would like to see the far left and the far right, for once, stand together for this nation and not just their own.  What would have happened, on Saturday, of our “leaders” managed to get together and say they were mad as you know what and were not going to take it any more?  What if they admitted they had “sinned” and were going to repent by doing something logical?  What if they had to agree to make some cuts and do what would take courage?

They are incapable of doing so.  Their inability to do what is best for the country, rather than for their own re-election bid is the real problem we are facing.  They love their careers more than they love the country.

There is one other possibility here.  The Pink Flamingo has been privy to some fascinating information. Is it possible that the S & P’s downgrade was aimed directly at Barack Obama?