It’s Gonna Happen Here


The UK is being consumed by flash-mob rioters.  The reason no longer matters, although it appears the cops shot an killed a thug who may or may not have been shooting at them.  It set off what was allegedly a race war.  That’s what the liberals over there are saying.  They’re blaming it on austerity, welfare cuts.  Naturally, liberals on this side of the Pond are going to take up the clarion call.  Conservatives are blaming it on the bankrupt welfare state, which is a crock.  Then there are the idiots here who are going to blame this on Muslim immigrations.  The problem is that the specific minority in question, who began the “protests” were not Asian, or Muslim.  They were people who came from the Islands, and a heck of a lot of people from Jamaica.  There has been a huge problem of violence with drug dealing immigrants from Jamaica over the years.  The Muslim immigrants, for the most part, appear to be attempting to stop the rioters.  They are also not complementary of them.

It’s about an alleged drug dealer who met his end – and the young culture “furious” because he is dead?

Daily Mail

“...A spokesperson for the Met Police could also not confirm reports of people being stripped in Deptford, south London. Elsewhere, a shocking video showed an unnamed teenager being apparently assisted by kind-hearted passers-by after being spotted injured and bleeding on the ground. But seconds after the vulnerable boy is helped up, callous looters instead start rifling through his rucksack. With over a dozen thugs standing nearby, the teenager tries to stop the bleeding from his head as thieves continue the daylight robbery.A man who is clearly seen picking items from the teenager’s bag then wanders off with his loot, before carelessly discarding the items on the floor….”

The “liberal” press on both sides of the Pond are calling it a protest against a racially based murder by cops.  The BBC is the worst.  The Pink Flamingo noticed on GMA that they are doing it same thing.

“…Microcosmically speaking, the catalyst for the riots was the death of Mark Duggan, a twenty-nine-year-old Tottenham man who was shot by police during their attempt to arrest him on August 5th…”

What is really happening is flash mobs.  We’re starting to see them here, where they swarm a business, steal, do some beating, and rush out.  The Pink Flamingo predicts that the same thing is going to be happening here, and it won’t be long.

Tech Crunch

“…”This is the uprising of the working class. We’re redistributing the wealth,” self-described anarchist Bryn Phillips told the AP.

Thirty-seven-year-old Tottenham resident Marcia Simmons had a different take: “It’s nothing to do with the man who was shot, is it? … A lot of youths heard there was a protest and joined in. Others used it as an opportunity to kit themselves out, didn’t they, with shoes and T-shirts and everything.”…”

These are not protests.  This may no longer be an attack of the young thugs, but the ultimate flash mob of young people who have no concept of right and wrong, or basic human decency.  When you read that they are stripping their victims naked, you know this is not “innocent protest“. Then there are the usual anarchist suspects, who delight in destruction.

“…“People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding,” he said.

“This is criminality pure and simple and it has to be confronted and defeated,” Mr. Cameron said. He added that the violence had produced “sickening scenes” and that the country needed “even more robust police action” to confront the unrest. There would be “many more arrests in the days to come,” he said.

Mr. Cameron’s comments came after violence also erupted overnight in several other cities, including Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol, as well as in three towns in the county of Kent, southeast of the capital. An enormous fire consumed a large warehouse of Sony electrical goods in the Enfield section of London after an equally ferocious blaze ripped through a furniture store in Croydon whose owners said it survived bombing in World War II unscathed.

In one incident, three people were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for trying to run down a police officer with a car as he tried to stop looting in Brent, north London, the police said.

“Last night was the worst the Metropolitan Police Service has seen in current memory for unacceptable levels of widespread looting, fires and disorder,” Scotland Yard said in a statement tallying a further 200 arrests overnight, bringing the total from three nights of unrest to over 450.

So many people had been detained, the police said, that all the police cells in London were full and prisoners were being taken to precincts outside the capital.

Londoners awoke in some areas to the sight of fire hoses playing on rows gutted buildings. Some civic activists in stricken areas used social networking sites to urge people to join clean-up efforts in streets where small businesses from hair-dressing salons to shops selling baby clothes had been looted. A video posted on YouTube showed a rioter rifling through the backpack of a dazed and wounded pedestrian, then tossing aside his booty on the sidewalk….”

The right and the left, alike, are not facing the real problem here.  The problem is the fact that social media and technology is being used by people who have no moral center.

NY Times

This is going to be happening here. Kids here use the same phone, and the same technology.

Tech Crunch

This is NOT about race.  It is about a generation who was raised with no morality.  They live on video games where one kills the enemy and they pop up again.  They are the product of two generations of day care.  There are no manners, no boundaries, no rules.  They claim not to know the difference between right and wrong.  By covering their faces, like a bunch of thugs, they think they can literally get away with murder.

It is only going to get worse.  It is part of the degradation of our society.  This is about people who have absolutely no moral values.  It is abjectly foolish to blame the welfare state.  This is about morality.  It is about human decency.  It is about law, order, rules, and the Ten Big Ones.  It is also the perfect example of libertarian values – do what you want, and be selfish about it.

“…Gangs of looters – who appeared to be teenagers and young adults from a range of different backgrounds – raided hundreds of shops and businesses across London, making off with TVs and other electrical goods, cigarettes, clothes and alcohol.

Staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital formed a ‘human shield’ as they barricaded themselves inside after rioters threatened to set it on fire – in an evil bid to ‘win respect’ from fellow thugs. Police ordered an immediate lock-down of the hospital after rioters used Twitter to spread the word and encourage thugs to storm the wards just after 9pm last night. Gangs of rioters rounded on the hospital – which cares for some of Britain’s sickest children – armed with broken bottles and knives hoping to ‘out-riot’ yobs running amok in London.

A hospital spokesman said: ‘We were told by police to lock the hospital down. They asked us not to let anyone in or out until it was safe to do so.  ‘It is extremely dangerous and our main concern is for the welfare of our patients and staff.’

In Medway, Kent, a group of around 15 youths arrived by train and went on the rampage, while violence was also reported in Chatham, Rainham and Gillingham.  Yobs also went on the rampage in Nottingham where up to 40 cars were damaged, there were attempts to loot shops and a container of 200 tyres was set on fire.

Cars and wheelie bins were torched during five hours of violence across Liverpool. A Tesco store in Myrtle Street was looted and police came under attack in Admiral Street with some of the rioters aged as young as 10…”

There are those in the UK who say it is an insurrection.  Rioters usually don’t attack reporters, unless they are not rioters, not part of an insurrection, but are vandals and abject thugs.

Daily Mail

There is such a discussion about these being poor, urban minority youths. What race are the disenfranchised youths pictured blow as they were rioting and looting in Manchester?

“…The result is a feral underclass without any understanding of tradition from right or left. Which is why I think Michael is wrong and it is doubly important that the looters be confronted not with water cannon or the army, but by the firm hand of a police force unencumbered by constraints of political correctness or “elfnsafety.” Then Her Majesty’s Government should press ahead with the education reforms of my old friend Michael Gove, which are aimed in no small part at teaching children what Britain stands for…”

It is about spoiled, nasty brats who have decided they will loot, drink wine, and steal things from “rich people.”

UK Daily Mail

It is already happening here, only on a smaller scale.


On Tuesday evening:

“...Groups of youths in hooded tops fought running battles with police in Manchester in northwest England, smashing windows and looting shops. A clothes shop was set alight.
In Salford, greater Manchester, rioters threw bricks at police and set fire to buildings. A BBC cameraman was attacked. Television pictures showed flames leaping from shops and cars, and plumes of thick black smoke billowing across roads.

“Over the past few hours, Greater Manchester Police has been faced with extraordinary levels of violence from groups of criminals intent on committing widespread disorder,” Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said. “These people have nothing to protest against – there is no sense of injustice or any spark that has led to this. It is, pure and simple, acts of criminal behavior which are the worst I have seen on this scale.”

Further south in West Bromwich and Wolverhampton, cars were burned and stores raided. A police station was firebombed by a group of 30 to 40 males in Nottingham. No one was injured, police said. In Liverpool, a Reuters reporter saw police with riot shields pushing back youths hurling bricks. In London, commuters hurried home early, shops shut and many shopkeepers boarded their windows as the city prepared nervously for more of the violence that had erupted in neighborhoods across London and spread to other cities.
Gangs have ransacked stores, carting off clothes, shoes and electronic goods, torched cars, shops and homes — causing tens of millions of pounds of damage — and taunted the police…”

This is what happens when society does not require standards and rules of behavior.  It’s coming soon to a city near you. Throughout history, this sort of thing happens.  The Romans did it to the original Brits, the Angles and Saxons did it to them.  The Vikings sacked the Angles and Saxons.  Then the Normans came in and finally settled things. It’s all about taking what you do not have by violence.  It happened in France.  It happened in Russia, and in China.

Fortunately for Her Majesty, the mobs are not organized and have no leader.  They are a bunch of bottom-feeders who are using class warfare as a way to get what they want without working for it.  It is also about a generation who has been allowed to do whatever they want.  They have no manners.  They dress like they have come out of a dumpster.  They are covered with tattoos, and piercings.  There are no standards, no requirements.  They remind me a heck of a lot like the apes taking over the world, only the apes are better behaved


4 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Happen Here

  1. I agree these are thugs taking what they don’t have without having to work for them. I saw this type of thing after Katrina. It makes you wonder what kind of mentality causes people to do things like this. It was not confined to a particular race. They all participated. They thought they were getting something for nothing. I was surprised and shocked at some of the people who took part in this type of thing. Even a deacon, a respected Christian leader of the community, was involved in the looting. He was later arrested. The first thing the thugs did down here was raid the pawn shops to steal the guns. Once they got guns, armed gangs of marauders hit the streets, looting homes and businesses. This was even done in broad daylight before the National Guard arrived on the scene. It was terrifying to hear gunfire on the streets after dark. Some thugs tried to force their way into my home, but my neighbors, who had pitched tents on their front lawns with shotguns to watch their properties, scared them off. One of my friends returned home to find a mob in her house helping themselves to her belongings and moving out her antique furniture. It was worse in New Orleans. It was said that over there the thugs raped women and afterwards broke both of their legs. I’m sure there were a lot of rumors. I learned that all hurricane evacuation plans should include a gun, sad, but true. I understand what the people in the UK are going through and yes, it can happen here, in my area. It already has. One never knows what will trigger it off.

  2. It is terrifying that it can happen anywhere. I swear the answer is in the breakdown of our Judeo-Christian values. People simply have no regard for right or wrong. I could make a comment about Washington, but I’m not.

    It occurs to me we have been living in an “Normal Rockwell – Frank Capra” bubble for many decades. Perhaps the reality of life is the brutality. We both know the only answer is Christ.


  3. It is sad that these people have no clue about the richness of the history and heritage of the nation they are living in. They have no appreciation of what it means to be a British citizen.

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