Why It Happened in the UK and Will Happen Here


“…While the rioters have run off with goods every teen wants — new sneakers, bikes, electronics and leather goods — they also have torched stores apparently just to see something burn. They were left virtually unchallenged in several neighborhoods, and when police did arrive they often were able to flee quickly and regroup….”

The NY Daily Mail has a commentary that should tell the whole story about what is going on in the UK and why is will be happening here.  It’s not really about economics or welfare.  It is about law and order, rules, regulations, and consequences for your actions.

“…This is now the British way of life. We are afraid of our own children; many carry knives. The number of knifing injuries in London rose from 941 in the three months between November 2010 and January 2011 to 1,070 in the three months between February and April 2011; that is to say, by nearly 14%. And knifings with victims ages 13 to 24 rose 30% over this equivalent period between 2008-09 and 2010-11.

Most of the fatalities were among people of African and West Indian origin; Negus McClean, age 15, was chased on a bicycle by seven youths before being stabbed to death by them. Apparently, he was defending his brother from a gang. Oddly enough, the outrage of the local community was contained after this event and no riots ensued. Apparently, not all violent deaths are of equal concern to the inhabitants of our slums.

Long training and experience have taught young denizens of our poorer areas that they have nothing to fear from the law. Not only do the police solve a mere 5% of crimes or thereabouts, but nothing much happens to those who are convicted. A former lord chief justice of England, Lord Baron Woolf, thought that house burglary was so trivial a crime that those who committed it should not be imprisoned. Shoplifting has been virtually decriminalized. The slum dwellers of London are not well-educated – they reject the very concept of education – but are perfectly capable of drawing their conclusions. The only thing that will stop the rioters is boredom or exhaustion….”

Why else would everyone be wearing those horrid little “hoodies” (they are so offensive as a fashion item they should be banned)?  They don’t want to be identified.  They are too ashamed of themselves.  If they are ashamed of themselves, and afraid to be identified, then they’re up to no good, and they know it.  I read profiles of some of the individuals arrested.  They were professionals “caught up in the moment” and are now sorry – that they were caught.

I wonder how many people who were out there looting shops and stores are employed and have some ‘status’ in the community?

How much of the story is the fact that people thought they could get away with stealing a flat screen television or a pair of designer jeans?

The kids and anarchists are one thing.  People who were stealing because it was opportunistic are something else, altogether.  One guy, reeking of pot, just wanted to get pampers for the baby.  Another educator was terribly sorry for what he did.  Their vandalism is not even about the breakdown of society. It’s about trying to get something for nothing.

How many people do you know who would try it?  Unfortunately I fear I could begin putting a list together.

There are times in this world where we see human nature at its finest.  Then there are times when we see it at a cesspool level.  We all know what this is – the cesspool of life.

It will be happening here.


2 thoughts on “Why It Happened in the UK and Will Happen Here

  1. I’m not so sure about that. The reason the London cops responded the way they did was because they used plastic bullets and clubs on an anarchist riot a few years ago. Someone died. The liberals exploded. They were demoralized. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were tempering their response to get back a little clout.

    It’s already happening here.


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