UPDATED: Why Are the Riots Happening Now?


UPDATED:  The most recent information on those poor inner city rioters is trickling out, slowly.  I suspect those who are waxing political on the subject will soon be taken aback.  There is a decidedly middle class, upwardly mobile flavor in the hoodie.  It has also been discovered if you wish to own a business and not be harmed in a riot, own a bookstore.  That should be enough of a commentary on the mind-set of those rioting.

But other reports complicate that picture of young men struggling with poverty and social deprivation. The New York Times explains that while many of those who were remanded for trial hailed from an “underclass of alienated young people, with no jobs and few prospects,” some of the young men and women came from affluent, middle-class communities and included a graphic designer, a postal employee, a dental assistant, a teaching aide, and a forklift driver. Sky News adds that one of the rioters who stole $8,000-worth of goods from a Comet store was a student at the University of Exeter and a daughter of a successful businessman. Many of those who appeared in court had no previous convictions, Sky adds. The Guardian, meanwhile, points to one suspect who had 96 previous convictions for theft….”

It has also been revealed that the young man who’s death started the whole thing was the nephew of one of the leading crime lords in the UK.

ORIGINAL POST:  The riots in the UK are not about liberal or conservative.  It is about criminal behavior.

There is an article in the NY Post about a “drunk” on a plane emptied his bladder on a sleeping 11 year old girl.  The drunk in question was 18 years old.  He thought nothing was wrong with urinating on the floor of a plane.  Now, if that does not explain the riots in London, nothing else will.

Then there is the sociology of it all.

“…”There’s some evidence suggesting that … the severity of riots is inversely proportional to their frequency,” he said. “It’s kind of like a forest fire. Most fires go out very quickly, but a few become catastrophic. Once they reach a certain magnitude, they can become self-sustaining and very hard to contain.”

“…NEWS: Just 10 Percent of a Crowd Can Sway a Majority

In the case of the England riots, Gleditsch said the situation has moved past the point where police can contain violence from spreading to new locations. He said it will be interesting to study what allows urban riots to grow to this magnitude, whether they’re shaped by police strategies or other factors.

Jack Levin, a professor of sociology and criminology at Northeastern University, said most rioting consists of two phases in which people’s motivation to behave violently or destructively may change. Dropping one’s personal identity and responsibility and adopting those of a group’s (a behavior known as deindividuation) often happens in the first phase of rioting, he said. Usually, people are pushed to their personal limits before expressing their grievances this way….”

It is amazing how liberals are blaming conservatives and the right is blaming the left for what is happening in England. This is not about a lack of hope, lack of welfare and class warfare.  It is not about liberals run amok. This is about society at its lowest common denominator.

“…But it’s also a nonsensical position. If this week’s eruption is an expression of pure criminality and has nothing to do with police harassment or youth unemployment or rampant inequality or deepening economic crisis, why is it happening now and not a decade ago? The criminal classes, as the Victorians branded those at the margins of society, are always with us, after all. And if it has no connection with Britain’s savage social divide and ghettoes of deprivation, why did it kick off in Haringey and not Henley?…”

This is nice, but there is no comment about social media, IM’s, and flash mobs.  This is what has changed the world.  The riots are not limited to the UK.   When they begin happening here, the criminals will be armed with guns.

The Sun

Then there is the conservative view:

“…Most have no jobs to go to or exams they might pass. They know no family role models, for most live in homes in which the father is unemployed, or from which he has decamped.  They are illiterate and innumerate, beyond maybe some dexterity with computer games and BlackBerries.

They are essentially wild beasts. I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable; of the conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong. They respond only to instinctive animal impulses — to eat and drink, have sex, seize or destroy the accessible property of others.

Their behaviour on the streets resembled that of the polar bear which attacked a Norwegian tourist camp last week. They were doing what came naturally and, unlike the bear, no one even shot them for it. A former London police chief spoke a few years ago about the ‘feral children’ on his patch — another way of describing the same reality.

The depressing truth is that at the bottom of our society is a layer of young people with no skills, education, values or aspirations. They do not have what most of us would call ‘lives’: they simply exist.

Nobody has ever dared suggest to them that they need feel any allegiance to anything, least of all Britain or their community. They do not watch royal weddings or notice Test matches or take pride in being Londoners or Scousers or Brummies.

Not only do they know nothing of Britain’s past, they care nothing for its present. They have their being only in video games and street-fights, casual drug use and crime, sometimes petty, sometimes serious. The notions of doing a nine-to-five job, marrying and sticking with a wife and kids, taking up DIY or learning to read properly, are beyond their imaginations….”

The Sun

There is a huge problem with this simplistic view.  In one city, one of the top mob bosses in the UK was seen directing looters.  In another educators were arrested for looting.  There is a class warfare aspect, but this has gone beyond class warfare.  This is about a degradation of manners, pure and simple.

The Sun

Don’t blame society.
Don’t blame the lack of jobs.
Don’t blame liberals.
Don’t blame conservatives.
Don’t blame the entitlement culture.
Don’t blame the welfare culture.
Don’t blame unemployment.
Don’t blame the “poor”.

The Sun

Look in the mirror and blame yourself.  It starts with the parents.  Today they are terrified of their children.  Good, decent, churchgoing Republicans are raising children who are rude, ill mannered, have no common sense, or a grasp on proper behavior.  They are monsters.  If they don’t get an iPod for Christmas they have tantrums and disrupt everyone’s holiday.

There is no respect.  Kids are horrors.  Parents make excuses.  If you are seeing kids who come from broken or no home, then it’s the same thing.  Once, these were the exceptions, now though, because parents feel guilty because they are not home because they are working several jobs to provide all the stuff the little dictators want, they let them get away with just about anything.

Don’t blame poverty or a liberal response.  I know about a gang rape.  The young men – at least a half dozen of them were attending one of the finest military prep schools in the country.  They came from wealth and privilege.  They were never held accountable.  Their parents moved them out of the school and the country for awhile.

They weren’t immigrants, deprived, without hope or jobs.  They were spoiled nasty monsters who knew they could destroy a young woman’s live and get away with it.

“...ALEX BAILEY, 31, who admitted burglary, works at a school in Stockwell motivating pupils with poor attendance records and emotional difficulties. Magistrates in Highbury heard Bailey had a previous conviction for criminal damage….Bailey, like the vast majority of the looting suspects hauled before the courts, was remanded in custody pending either sentencing or a trial.

He lives with his Jehovah’s Witness mum Andree in Battersea. Neighbour Hermine Caesar, 55, said: “This isn’t in Alex’s nature. A mum could not wish for a better son than him. He must have been caught up in the spur of the moment.”

An 11-year-old girl charged with criminal damage in Nottingham has been given a referral order by JPs.

The youngster admitted the offence and a charge of attempted criminal damage this morning after attacking the windows of two shops on Tuesday night.

An aspiring social worker, who stole a TV during the riots, handed herself in after she was so guilt-racked she could not sleep.

NATASHA REID, 24, from Edmonton, North London, pleaded guilty to theft and entering with intent to steal at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.

She had been on her way to McDonald’s in Enfield when she noticed a Comet store had been broken into — and went inside to grab a £300 JVC television…STEVEN JONES, 18, from Grays, Essex, was due to appear at Basildon Magistrates’ Court today charged with using social networking sites to incite violent disorder.

A 16-year-old from South Ockendon will appear at Southend Youth Court charged with the same offence.

NATHAN SINDEN, 27, was charged with egging on rioters in messages posted on Facebook. He was arrested yesterday on suspicion of inciting criminal damage and burglary.

Sinden, from St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, will appear at Hastings Magistrates’ Court later today.

An 18-year-old man, also from St Leonards, was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill. He has been freed on police bail until August 21.

A trainee hairdresser, 18, who stormed a clothes store in Bethnal Green was warned yesterday he would go to jail after breaching a previous suspended sentence for a racist public order offence. JACK ONSLOW, who admitted burglary, was found hiding in the shop….Lifeguard AARON MULHOLLAND, 30, sobbed in the dock yesterday as a court was told he helped pillage a mobile phone shop in Camberwell.

The horrified mum of teenage twins remanded in custody yesterday for allegedly looting a Currys store said she thought they were at a local gym during the riots.

Linette Livingstone, 58, said she was stunned to learn sons ICHA and MICHA LIVINGSTONE, 19, had been arrested in Brixton….EFFREY EBANKS, 32, and JAMAL EBANKS, 18, refused to leave the car and had to be dragged out after officers smashed its windows.

An organic chef was yesterday accused of smashing up a branch of the Nando’s chicken restaurant chain. FITZROY THOMAS, 43, and brother RONALD, 47, denied attacking the Clapham store.

Two looters caught with £1,500 of power tools in a trolley told police they did not care if they were stolen.

RICHARD MYLES-PALMER, 19, and JASON WHITE, 22, said to officers in Southwark: “We’re taking them anyway.” In London alone, 251 suspects have been charged with looting. Dozens have already appeared in court – and many have come up with ludicrous excuses.

JASON MATTHEWS, who was wrestled to the ground by police in a ransacked Tesco in East Dulwich, insisted he was merely trying to buy nappies for his baby….Student DAVID ATTOH, 18, was one of the few accused to be freed – even though he admitted stealing two T-shirts. Magistrates accepted his tale that he found the shirts in a Hackney street.

Suspect DAVID BENJAMIN, 25, claimed he had stolen ski goggles to protect his eyes from flying glass in Ealing.

A teenager accused of attempted burglary used his Croydon court appearance to complain about his benefits.

AARON SAMUELS, 19, shouted at the judge: “I don’t even get money for housing benefit.”

An aspiring social worker stole a TV during the riots but could not sleep with the guilt so handed herself in.

A 17-year-old ballerina, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also appeared in court today charged with burglary.

Estate agent GASSAM OJJEH, 22, denied being part of a gang that broke into PC World in Colliers Wood, South London, City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard today….”

David Cameron made some wonderful remarks today in Parliament. Among the things he mentioned was requiring more discipline in schools.

“…As Mr. Cameron said, “We need a benefit system that rewards work and that is on the side of families. We need more discipline in our schools. We need action to deal with the most disruptive families.” Those ideas are neither liberal nor conservative; they are sensible….”

If the UK is like the US, there’s a reason there is no discipline in the schools.  The administrators are terrified of being ruined in a lawsuit if some little snotty nosed darling is upset because they were made to behave.

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