Why the Ames Straw Poll Is a Crock and Abjectly Corrupt


The Ames Straw Poll is a crock and a joke.  The Ron Paul Bots and Bachmann’s bunch are quite thrilled with their purchased ‘victory’.  We all know that Ron Paul is NOT going to be the nominee.  We also know if Bachmann is, she guarantees that Barack Obama is re-elected.  The Pink Flamingo does not know one Republican who will vote for her.  She and Ron Paul are the only two candidates who have ever run for POTUS that The Pink Flamingo absolutely refuses to vote for.

Just the entry of Rick Perry today renders the Ames idiocy irrelevant.  Oh, the FOX people and the tea party twits are going to promote Bachmann for all it’s worth, but they aren’t the rest of the world.    The only reason Bachmann won is because she PURCHASED the victory, much like a ward healer of the past would buy a barrel of beer for votes.  She offered up Randy Travis.  The only other reason she won is she bought more votes than Ron Paul.

“...Paul’s campaign gave out 4,750 tickets to straw poll voters, his campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, told The Daily Caller. Alice Stewart, a spokeswoman for Bachmann, wouldn’t disclose the number of tickets her campaign distributed. But Ben Smith of Politico reported that Bachmann’s campaign gave away 6,000 tickets.

That would mean Paul gave out about 1,250 fewer tickets than Bachmann. She won the poll with 4,823 votes, followed by Paul at 4,671. (BACHMANNIA: Michele Bachmann edges out Ron Paul for victory in Iowa Straw Poll)…”

Why does anyone consider this abjectly corrupt process in Iowa remotely important, other than the fact that it is increasingly corrupt and abjectly dishonest.  It makes the GOP look like a bunch of fools.

Rasmussen’s latest poll:

Race4 2012

Then there are the straw poll results:

The Daily Paul

Would someone please tell me how long the GOP is going to put up with this fiasco?



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  1. The biggest clown in a cast full of crazies. I’m getting my passport renewed next week. It will be good for ten years.

  2. Can hardly wait. The crazy lady with the nutty husband…..I’d rather vote for my local garbage man. At least he would know how to take out the trash.

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