PART I: Alien Pod People from Outer Space


After I completed this piece, it became quite obvious there would be plenty of new material for a PART II, so stay tuned!  To celebrate what is sure to be a fiasco in Ames, The Pink Flamingo is presenting a little bit of fun with Bachmanns.  After all, we all know Ron Paul and his Bots are so out of control, no straw poll is even worth bothering with, these days.

The Pink Flamingo finds it strange that Bachmann’s handlers keep pushing the press, literally.  They are getting ugly with them.  The latest incident with CNN is classic.  There is a little problem here, though.  The CNN reporter who was treated very badly by the Bachmann thug (Marcus)  is openly gay.  Do we have a little problem with gays?


The Pink Flamingo is like a junkie, I can’t help it.  I apologize for the Bachmann trash, but it’s just too much fun.  She’s like a really bad Roger Corman movie.  You know its bad, but you just can’t help watching it.  You know some cheesy prop of a monster shark is going to end up stalking the blond bimbo pretending to act, and to be a scientist.  You know she’s going to be saved by a tamed pet velociraptor, but you just can’t stop watching the movie.  It’ so bad it’s almost laughable.  That’s Michele Bachmann’s run for POTUS.  It’s so bad you just can’t help laughing at her.

“…Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), the Tea Party’s iconic figure on the presidential-campaign trail, is facing scrutiny for the gulf between her rhetoric and her record. She collected a federal salary as a lawyer representing the IRS (an agency despised by the Tea Party), owned a stake in her father-in-law’s farm that collected federal agriculture subsidies, collected tens of thousands of dollars for caring for 23 foster children, and advocated for millions of dollars in special pet projects—known as earmarks—and stimulus projects for her congressional district while portraying both forms of federal spending as wasteful…”

I don’t care what Bachmann believes.  As a woman, I find the fact that she does refer to her spouse before making a major decision to be absolutely insulting.  As a Republican, something like this as NO place in a POTUS race.  When that 2AM call comes, who will answer the phone, Michele or Marcus?  Being religious is fine.  Being a “couple” who discusses stuff is the way it should be, but you don’t refer to a spouse before making certain decisions.  Maybe during the Dark Ages, but not today.

The Daily Beast

There is the now infamous Newsweek cover, where NOW decided to make their token GOP hand-holding. The Pink Flamingo thinks she is a little wacky, BTW.  One of the reasons the photo is less than flattering could be because Marcus Bachmann could not control the photographer.  There are tales that he is quite controlling when it comes to unflattering photos of his wife.

The Daily Caller

Bachmann is “bug eyed”.  What’s the deal?  It is the way she looks.  The Raw Story is using a photo that makes her look even worse.

The Raw Story

Frum Forum has a break down of her time dealing with local education.  It is eyeopening.  One begins to get the feeling she does not quite know what the truth is.

Think Progress

Salon has a column about the debt ceiling crises.  It just makes me think of the Bachmann’s.

“...Except that Tea Partyers won’t fall for that. They’re itching for a showdown. Conservative columnists like David Brooks have begun complaining that the congressional Republicans who began this lamentable charade have committed the unpardonable sin of believing their own bull … um, propaganda….”

Think Progress

She is, to misquote John Boehner, a bit like jello.  You can’t pin her down or nail her to the wall.  She is the tea party version of Barack Obama – thin skinned, inexperienced, and incompetent.  Like Obama, the right is failing to properly vet her.  The only explanation is that they are terrified of what they will find.

There are several things that keep popping up with this woman and her family.  When I started asking the questions, I thought about the way Sarah Palin opened up her home and her family.  Every person who did not like her vented.  Her family was featured.  There were exposes of her cooking, her parents house, her parents, her childhood, her kids, their friends, where she shopped, who did her hair, the Dude, his snow mobile, their entire lives.  They came across as a real family with real lives.

Not so, the Bachmanns. They are like Alien Pod People from Outer Space

  1. Where are her friends and associates?
  2. Does she have any friends?
  3. What about close family?
  4. What about business associates?
  5. Where are her neighbors?
  6. Does she have a past or are she and her husband alien pod people?
  7. Why are there no negative stories about her?
  8. Why are there no positive stories about her – and her past?
  9. What is her home like?
  10. What are her hobbies?
  11. Do they have lives?

We don’t know.  We don’t know anything about them.  No one talks.  No one criticizes.  There are rumors that Marcus Bachmann can be fairly nasty when protecting his spouse, but they are just rumors. What we do know is that Michelle Bachmann has her law degree from Oral Roberts University.  We know that her husband does not have a degree in psychology, nor is he board certified, nor licensed.  Minnesota does not requiring licensing.

The Humble Libertarian

Does this make them good or bad – or just Alien Pod People from Outer Space?

It really doesn’t matter who criticizes her.  No matter who, the far right always defends her.  They’ve been taking her side for years, even when she acts like she is dumber than dirt.

They are, according to those circling the wagons, no matter what she says, does, nor how badly she prevaricates about it, standing by her.  It’s a liberal plot to get her.

Commentary Magazine
New Yorker


There are those who think that any criticism of Bachmann, like Palin Derangement Syndrome, is a liberal plot.  There are those in the far right who are doing to defend her, no matter how flaky she continues to becomes.  She calls her husband’s clinic a small business job creator.  Okay…?


David French is quite upset that Michele the Flake is being criticizes.  Never mind that she is bringing all of this on herself.

“…As we enter a primary season where Republican infighting threatens to reach a crescendo, I hope we can learn a lesson from Sarah Palin’s ordeal. You may or may not support Michele Bachmann for president, but we can (and should) defend her against the coming ideological onslaught, an onslaught that is aimed at her but whose real targets are the core values that govern many of our lives….”


Raw Story

I don’t understand the gay bashing.  I really don’t.  If you are a Christian, you must accept that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  It’s a big My Bad.  With the exception of the unpardonable sin of rejecting Christ, all sin is equal. Michele Bachmann’s constant inability to tell the truth, then, would have the same weight as the “sin” of homosexuality.  When put into context with one of the bit Thou Shall Not… with the adultery thing – well, she’s a fool.  Adultery is when one betrays a spouse.  Is it possible if gays are not married that they are not committing adultery?

The Daily Beast

“...“Rather than taking money from the hands of the middle class to pay for a large, overbearing federal government, I believe in letting hard-working taxpayers keep more of what they earn,’’ she says on her congressional website. “In my work as a former federal tax attorney, I saw firsthand that our nation’s tax laws are hard to understand and undermine the country’s prosperity by imposing needlessly harsh penalties on work, savings, and investments.’’

Tell that to Marvin Manypenny, a Native American activist in Minnesota who failed to pay taxes on three years of wages totaling $30,650. Bachmann took him to federal court in 1992.

Manypenny worked at the Youth Project, described in court records as “a public foundation with a 17-year history of building citizen participation organizations around the country committed to social justice and peace.’’ The resident of the White Earth Indian Reservation contended he was exempt from income taxes because of the April 8, 1867 land treaty between his Chippewa Indian ancestors and the U.S. government.

He met Bachmann briefly in the federal court building in St. Paul. “She was very—how do I put this?—haughty and curt,’’ the 64-year-old Manypenny told National Journal in a telephone interview. “I tried to state my contentions to her and it was like talking to a brick wall.’’

The court didn’t accept Manypenny’s argument, either. While the treaty exempted Indian-owned land from taxes, it did not exempt individuals. “We give no credence to petitioner’s contention that he and the land are one,’’ the court ruled.

Years later, Manypenny doesn’t recall how much money he ended up paying in back taxes. But he questions how someone who hounded a minor-league tax delinquent like himself could support the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans enacted by former President George W. Bush.

“I think people better take a look at that tea party orientation she has,’’ he said. “She’s putting the burden on people like myself who are low-income and middle-class.’’ Manypenny’s case is highlighted on an anonymous, anti-Bachmann web site at, which mocks her as a “repo-gal.’’ Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart said she has never tried to conceal that she worked for the IRS.

“She’s been very clear that she enjoyed her work but learned how devastating high taxes are for families and that the tax code is a job killer,’’ Stewart said….”

CNN Political Ticker

As much as The Pink Flamingo hates admitting this, the Bachmann’s have a right to try to “pray away the gay”.  It is pathetic, cruel, sick, and is terribly unethical.  That’s their problem.  They are the ones who will answer for it, one day.  I resent the fact that the left is using them to make decent and honorable Christians look like jerks.

Feum Forum
Hot Air

The Pink Flamingo has a real problem with this constant bias against any group of people.

“…“And I think something that was meant for evil was meant for good, and I think we can see that again today. Well there’s something that’s happening in our schools, and one of the reasons why I felt I was called to take up this issue, of bringing a constitutional amendment to the state of Minnesota before our people—I was the chief author in the MN state senate—is because of the profound impact this would have on every man, every woman, every child in the state of Minnesota. Because everyone thought this would only impact the 1.3 percent of our population that is a same-sex individual — and again, don’t misunderstand. I am not here bashing people who are homosexuals, who are lesbians, who are bisexual, who are transgendered. We need to have profound compassion for the people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life, and sexual identity disorders. This is a very real issue. It’s not funny, it’s sad. Any of you who have members of your family that are in the lifestyle—we have a member of our family that is. This is not funny. It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It’s anything but gay. And so we are not here tonight — in fact, I wish this whole room was filled with the fay community — because we’d reach our hand out in love….”

The Pink Flamingo
Frum Forum

She and her family are like the gift that keeps on giving and taking.


What about Marcus Bachmann and his degrees?

“…Updated for those dubious that Marcus Bachmann would mislead regarding his degree: Paraphrasing from JARS: The Union Graduate School, where “Dr” Bachmann got his “Ph.D” offered a Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences not a Ph.D in Clinical Psyc. They filed for bankruptcy in 78 and later reorganized into “The Union Institute” (1986). The Union Institute’s Ph.D. program came under scrutiny by the Ohio Board of Regents in the late 1990s early 2000s. The Union was put on probation, the Union Graduate School was dissolved and the Ph.D. program was restructured. Formerly the Union had offered one Ph.D. program in Arts and Sciences. If Marcus Bachmann graduated from the Union Graduate School, he did not get a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. The doctorate in Clinical Psychology was offered only after 2001, and the degree is a Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) and not a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)….”

In the state of Minnesota, one is not required to be licensed or board certified to be a therapist.  I have a clinical psychologist friend who would go postal over this one.

The Politico

Then there is the migraine issue. It should be noted that The Pink Flamingo gets migraines. I have seen my mother have them so badly that she would need to be knocked out because of the pain. A person can become incapacitated with them.  From personal experience, I know that they are usually caused by either hormones (in women) or stress.  Once you understand the cause of the stress, you can usually beat them.  I know I did.  This says a lot about Bachmann.  It also says she is an emotional wreck.

This does not give her handlers the right to rough up reporters.  The Pink Flamingo is hearing tales that people who oppose her are treated quite badly.  Could be true.

The Politico

“…The migraines themselves aren’t too interesting, but as David Weigel notes, Bachmann’s statement on them today failed to explain her health condition adequately, and after all, she is running for president of the United States.

Beyond this, her team’s handling of the issue raises a host of questions. Bachmann may say nutty things, but she is not a fringe figure. She’s widely considered the frontrunner in the Iowa caucuses, and some commentators even think she’s got a shot at becoming the GOP presidential nominee. Is it really possible that Bachmann and/or her team didn’t think to prepare her for questions about this? Running for president is hard. You wake up in the morning confronted by a story that — even if you think it’s terribly unfair — you can bet will come up at your next press availability. If you spy Brian Ross approaching your candidate with an inquisitive look on his face, the correct response is not to grab him and heave him around like a sack of old potatoes.

Really, if this turns out to be as bad as it sounds, it should raise questions about the Bachmann team’s fitness for a presidential campaign. Shouldn’t this invite more media scrutiny? Shouldn’t her team be pressed to justify this behavior?

Whatever headache was created for Bachmann by the migraine story may have just gotten a whole lot worse….”

Does this not say it all?

Frum Forum

The Bachmann-Pawlenty mud fight is amusing.  Matt Coulter says it all:  Howard Dean meet Dick Gephardt.


Feeling pretty?

“...Even when Bachmann’s campaign has paid for these kinds of services in the past, the costs have been far more modest. In February, the Minneapolis City Pages quoted a celebrity stylist named Natalie Hale saying that Bachmann paid her $225 for three different makeup sessions during the 2010 campaign. Hale added, however, that Bachmann tried to avoid paying for such services when possible. “I know for a fact if Michele has to pay for makeup she will usually instead do it herself,” Hale said.

Not so anymore, it seems. Perhaps the spotlight and nonstop scrutiny of the presidential campaign have convinced Bachmann of the need for pricey stylists. But will Bachmann’s $4,700 bill hurt her in the eyes of the fiscal conservative who’ve taken to heart her message on spare spending?…”

Raw Story

Then there are the John Birch ties:

“…Around this time, Bachmann became interested in the writings of David A. Noebel, the founder and director of Summit Ministries, an educational organization founded to reverse the harmful effects of what it calls “our current post-Christian culture.” He was a longtime John Birch Society member, whose pamphlets include “The Homosexual Revolution: End Time Abomination,” and “Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles,” in which Noebel argued that the band was being used by Communists to infiltrate the minds of young Americans. Bachmann once gave a speech touting her relationship with Noebel’s organization. “I went on to serve on the board of directors with Summit Ministries,” she said, adding that Summit’s message is “wonderful and worthwhile.” She has also recommended to supporters Noebel’s “Understanding the Times,” a book that is popular in the Christian homeschooling movement. In it, he explains that the “Secular Humanist worldview” is one of America’s greatest threats. Bachmann’s analysis of education law similarly veered off into conspiratorial warnings. “Government now will be controlling people,” she said during one lecture on education, at a church in Minnesota. “What has history shown us about planned, state economies in the last one hundred years? Think Fascism, think Communism, think socialism. Think, the state-planned economies, totalitarianism. Think Cuba! Do you want Cuba’s economy or do you want the United States of America’s economy?”…”



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  1. Wow, when you see it all strung together in this list, the result is stunning.

    I can’t figure out the angles, other than her personal profit motive. What do the Koch Bros have in mind? Are they using her as a decoy or do they actually believe they can build a successful political vessel? How far can you go with a Koch and a smile?

    Yeah, the Bircher business. I heard her refer glowingly to Phylis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum, referencing all the same Noebel ideas you’ve highlighted.

    Ohmigosh, have you seen this photo… I have a feeling certain homo sapiens feeling dissed by the Bachmanns will get some mileage with it:

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