How the GOP Will Probably Lose 2012


There are times when The Pink Flamingo would love to see a new slogan for the GOP – “I’m with stupid!”

How much more stupider (intended mangling of the English language) can Republicans be?  During the debt ceiling vote, The Pink Flamingo will admit that I was not happy with Lindsey’s vote.  I should have trusted him.  He was right.  We are being rolled, this time by that stupid debt commission.  You know it is a set-up for failure with Patty Murray and John Kerry on it.  Nothing is going to happen other than a process that is dominated by dirty polling.  The GOP will end up looking stupid, then again stupid is as stupid does.

This should be the most frightening photo of the year.


Michael Medved sees a way conservatives can re-elect Barack Obama.  To think that Obama is going to lose is simply fantasy.   It’s not an Obama re-election that worries The Pink Flamingo, it is the fact that I am terrified, thanks to the idiots of the Tea Party (who are tone deaf) that we are going to lose the House.  There are those who think the Senate is a lock, with the Minority Maker making his usual magical mischief, I don’t have much hope for change.

It’s not that the tea parties aren’t right about much of the economy, it’s because of their arrogance and the fact that they are truly hurting the image of the GOP.  These days, image is everything.  If you don’t think so, just ask 2 of the 6 Republicans in Wisconsin who were up for recall.  Everyone appears to be pleased with those numbers, but The Pink Flamingo is a bit concerned.  We all should be.  Then again the biggest winner may have been Paul Ryan.

Jeb Bush has the secret to winning – growth.

People like Michelle Malkin are part of the driving problem with their anti-Hispanic racist bigotry.The tea party types are proving what annoying small little jerks and spoiled brats they really are. Michelle Malkin is now going after Orin Hatch.  In 2008 she vented her vile ire on Lindsey. Her hatred of him was so great, her attacks on him, she was fired from guest hosting O’Reilly’s show.  Her nastiness began a legendary feud with Geraldo.  Malkin is NOT a Republican.  She is a regular contributor to Peter Brimelow’s white supremacist VDare.

Michelle Malkin

No one has yet to call her to task over regularly appearing in this noted White Supremacist publication.


“...The GOP needs to prove that it is able (and willing!) to govern before the election – unless it wants to risk losing it. House Republicans need to work with the Democrats on real solutions to some of the most important problems. Showing actual results to the independent voters is much more important than demonstrating ideological purity to the Tea Partiers. The Republican leadership also needs to reassert control over the party. After all, why should the president negotiate with Boehner when he cannot even deliver his own caucus?

Some ruthlessness will be necessary. After all, the disproportionate influence of the Tea Party is based on the fear that it inspires in the hearts of Republicans by mounting primary challenges with no regard to the consequences. This fear can be seen, for example, in Sen. Hatch who now acts as if his body was snatched by Rep. Chaffetz. It is time Republican politicians started fearing the leadership too. If it is too impractical to punish all the insurgents in the House, then at least the ringleaders should be punished. Conveniently, one Republican seat will have to be cut in Ohio before the next election. The leadership needs to ensure it will be Rep. Jordan’s seat. If anybody other than him is redistricted out of the House in Ohio, the leadership will have even harder time controlling the Republican caucus in the next Congress.

The RNC, NRSC and NRCC should also declare that any candidate signing any pledge to any organization outside the official Republican Party will be automatically ineligible for party funding. After all, if politicians pledge allegiance to some external entities, is not it fair to expect those entities to fund them?…”

Huff Post

Right now, it looks like the GOP might do rather well in 2012.  The Pink Flamingo wants to stress “Looks Like” because we have a few nasty little factors to deal with.  One of them is the tea parties.

Outside the Beltway

The other is Jim DeMint who is determined to prevent the GOP from having a majority in the US Senate, again.  He said he was not going to tamper with the elections, but evidently he wasn’t telling the truth.

“…DeMint promised after last year’s election that he would not endorse any opponents to his fellow Republican senators. But he became angry about the debt deal the leadership struck with President Obama and could support serious challengers to Republican senators who voted for the plan, a source close to the senator told The Hill on Tuesday.

“He’s already opened the door to changing that policy in terms of supporting people in primaries — this deal could bring him to the point where he says he’s not going to make any guarantees,” said the source, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitive nature of intraparty relations. “It’s not a threat that he’s going to oppose anybody, but … if he does, nobody should be surprised.”

Twenty-eight GOP senators voted for the deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, while 19 voted against it.

And with Republicans expected to make gains in the upper chamber next year — the GOP is defending 10 seats to the Democrats’ 23 — DeMint and Lee are working to bring in candidates who share their ideology.

DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund raised $1.99 million in the first six months of 2011, according to a fundraising report filed a few days ago with the Federal Election Commission. That’s about $600,000 more than the leadership PACs of the five most senior Senate Republican leaders put together.

In the 2010 cycle, DeMint aggressively used his PAC to support such conservative candidates as now-Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

Much of DeMint’s haul this year has been spent on overhead and administrative costs. So far in 2011, DeMint’s fund has raised $138,226 for two Senate candidates, Josh Mandel in Ohio and Ted Cruz in Texas, according to a source familiar with its activity. Most of the money went to Mandel, who reported $2.1 million cash on hand for the second quarter — a high number for a challenger.

The Senate Conservatives Fund also gave $20,000 directly to the two candidates and spent $52,000 on independent expenditures to help them. ..”

Hotline On Call

Then again, the TPers are rapidly losing support.

Raw Story

Then there is the problem of the fact that FOX has so clouded the issue with their mendacious duplicity and their invention of the Tea Parties (due to a collusion between Murdock and a few libertarian swills) and so whipped by the massive over-inflation of their numbers, that we are in serious trouble.

“…Into the gap between what Greenberg is actually saying – and what Barone and Kaus hear him to say – could vanish Republican hopes for 2012. Greenberg’s voters are not yearning for “less government.” They certainly are not yearning for the repeal of the Medicare guarantee for people under 55 in order to finance a cut in the top tax bracket from 36% to 28%. They are yearning for someone who will act in their interests within a political system that looks to them increasingly oligarchical and exploitive…”

The Hill

These numbers may point to an utterly horrible loss for the GOP in 2012.

CNN Poll

 Everyone is talking about this poll.  The problem is, though, that it is a terrible pool with no internals.  CNN is working with a very liberal Dem polling company.  So is FOX.   Because this is a poll of “adults”, we have no idea who they are, age, or even political inclinations.  That’s like the new dirty poll they are running that say Americans want tax cuts on the rich.

I still want to see an honest poll about the tea party.

Just kick me, I’m with stupid!