The Anti-Hispanic (Tea Party Type) Bigots Furious With Obama


The Pink Flamingo has discovered that FAIR is sending representatives around to brainwash the women of local Republican clubs all over the country.  The same people are even meeting with some of the more extreme tea party groups.  One such person will meet with the Lincoln County GOP women on Tuesday.  The Pink Flamingo’s mother has prohibited her from attending due to the fact that she has a big fat mouth and doesn’t know when to keep it quiet.

The bottom line – they’re making even more problems for us dealing with the Hispanic vote.  One wonders what side FAIR is actually on, and it isn’t the GOP.

No discussion about illegal immigration would be complete without another Sheriff Joe headline.  He’s going to help a tea party group authenticate Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

When Barack Obama does something of which I approve, I will state so, up front.  The Pink Flamingo approves of his hold on deportations of non violent and criminal illegals.  I approve of it for two reasons.  First, it is the right, honorable and decent, CHRISTIAN thing to do.  Secondly, it saves a heck of a lot of money.  It also helps Obama shore up his Hispanic base.  He’s at 36% or so approval right now, so he’s in trouble with them, too.  According to Michael Medved, if Obama wants to win, he can do so with two major bases:  African American and Hispanic.  Blow the Hispanic vote and he’s a one termer.

Right now this effects about 300,000 people.  What the far right refuses to admit is that Obama’s administration has been quite busy, doing more deportations than any other POTUS.

Fact Check

It also makes economic sense. It also makes the far right tea party types, who demand strict enforcement look like fools.  Mass Deportation will cost around $2.6 TRILLION over ten years.  Deportation only will add nearly a thousand bucks in taxes to every person in the US.  It cost nearly $25,000 to deport one illegal immigrant.  If there is a path to citizenship and these people are allowed to stay, in 10 years, they will add nearly $1.5 Trillion to our GDP.

Washington Independent

Now, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the executive order.  It may or may not make much of a difference.  The devil is in the details. If the far right anti-Hispanic bigots were honest they would admit that Obama his a very high deportation record.  They will not admit it. Thing is, they’re not all that honest, either.

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