How Long Do Christians Put Up with the S%#t Said Against Us


Only twenty-four percent of Americans are opposed to prayer in schools!

Here’s the thing, the past few days, the usual suspects have been slamming Rick Perry over what he believes.  They are also going after Michele Bachmann.  The Pink Flamingo would rather not defend Bachmann.  I think she’s batsh&%t crazy, but that’s another story.  Thing is, she has a right to believe what she believes.  As a Christian, I have  a right to think she and her husband make a mockery of things, but that is my personal opinion.

This is not a critique about what the Bachmanns believe, even if I do think they are bordering on “cultish”.  This is a protest against the usual suspects who think the American people are so stupid and shallow (oh, wait, we are) that we can be intimidated into thumbing our nose at what we believe.

That’s our problem.  We’ve been playing nice too long.  Maybe it is time to start standing up for what we believe.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

No apologies.

Does this make me an extremist? No, it makes the people who think I am an extremist look like a bunch of historically ignorant idiots.  It also makes them look like manipulative jerks who will do anything to get their way, politically.

That’s fine, it’s politics and all’s fair.  But, I’m getting tired of it.  Allegedly, something like three-fourths of the American people identify themselves as “Christian”.  This clearly makes us a “Christian” nation when it comes to religion.  When you look at simple stats, we’re not the ones out of step and extreme, it’s that pesky little 12% of atheists who are out there religiously proselytizing, who are annoying.  There’s another 12% or so who just don’t give a rip. Look at the stats.

“…Not surprisingly, 95 percent of black Protestants and evangelicals believe that Jesus is God’s Son, while 85 percent of Catholics and 75 percent of mainline Protestants believe it. Intriguingly, so too do 10 percent of Jews. Black Protestants and evangelicals are twice as likely to attend church weekly as mainline Protestants and Catholics. They are also 4 times more likely to read the Bible on a weekly basis than are mainliners, and 8 times more likely to do so than the Catholics.

Half of Americans describe themselves as “Bible believing.” Blacks are the most comfortable with the phrase and women prefer the description more than men. Easterners and persons making more than $100,000 are less likely to identify with it….”

FYI, something like .6% of the US population is Muslim, and 1.6% is Jewish.  With numbers like these, it makes those clarion calls of ‘creeping sharia’ a little bit foolish, especially when one considers there are nearly twenty four times more atheists in this country than there are Muslims.  In fact, the vast majority of Arabs in the US are Christians. Only 12% of Arabs in the US are Muslim.  These numbers make the really weird people who are constantly telling us the world is coming to an end because of the Muslim take-over of the US look, extremely bats%#t crazy, much crazier than Michele Bachmann can ever hope to be!

(You need to read the percentages, not the hyper hatred of the anti-Muslim bunch.  There’s a Big Peace “expose” about Islam over-taking Catholicism in France.  There are about 6 million Muslims in France.  There are approximately 60 million people in France who are not Muslim.  How can they possibly over-take Catholicism?)

According to a more recent study, 90% of the people in this country believe in God.  Eighty-two percent are Christians and 70% pray regularly.

Gollygoshgeez it looks like the people who are slamming Rick Perry are the ones who are out of step and are the extremes. They are the nasty little twits who are extreme!

“…The Baylor survey found that only about one in ten Americans is not religiously affiliated, a statistic similar to past decades (and less than the 14 percent claimed in other recent surveys). This difference may not sound large, but it represents 10 million Americans.

Many of those 10 million Americans who had inaccurately been counted as non-religious belong to evangelical Christianity, which now accounts for one third of the American population, and is the nation’s largest religious demographic. Mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics account for a little over one fifth each. Members of black Protestant churches account for 5 percent and Jews for 2.5 percent. Frustratingly, the Baylor survey lumped together all other categories — Eastern Orthodox Christians, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus — which together account for less than 5 percent.

Some results are expected. Easterners are likelier to be Catholics. Southerners are the most likely to be evangelicals. Westerners are the most likely to have no affiliation. Young adults are three times as likely to lack a religious affiliation as older Americans.

Even among that 10 percent who are firmly nonaffiliated, 60 percent believe in God or a higher power, and one third pray regularly. Ten percent of the unaffiliated are attending church regularly. Ten percent of the religiously unaffiliated believe that Jesus is the Son of God….”

I don’t mind admitting that I DO NOT APPROVE of the organizations who put on that prayer thingie Rick Perry did a few weeks ago.  At least one, the International House of Prayer, is considered a cult.  Without getting into inter-varsity dirty laundry, they are what we Episcopalians consider predatory.  They are tacky and trashy, but that’s from The Pink Flamingo’s perspective.

As a disclaimer, I don’t mind admitting, at all, that, when I donate to a large religious organization, I will donate to the 700 Club.  Why, you might ask?  They have designated giving and nearly 100% of what is designated go exactly where you want it (like drilling for wells in India and Africa, feeding people, etc).  I donate because they do a wonderful job feeding the hungry, providing medical, and water for people who would never have it.  As a Christian, that is one of the things Christ very strongly suggested we might want to do. (Sermon on the Mount)

Yea, I know it’s hard to accept, but the 700 Club has a much better record of charitable distribution than the ASPCA, Humane Society, and a heck of a lot of other charities.  As long as we are on the subject of charities, one of the best out there is the Catholic Charities.  Again, everything goes where it should.  Same thing with Episcopal charities.  These are the two I know about.  I suspect that the charities associated with NORMAL main-stream religious Christian and Jewish denominations in this country do the same thing.

Christ also taught that we were to Render under to Caesar.  The example was paying taxes and not making a huge deal about it.  Yea, it’s a bi*ch, but that’s what we’re to do.  That’s one of the reason The Pink Flamingo has not respect, regard, or kind words for so called “Christian” organizations and non-profits, and PACs who are involved in politics. If you want my honest opinion, they’re getting back, in bad press, what they deserve.

These groups, and there are many, are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for political ambitions, are what I call bottom feeders. They make me mad.  I don’t mind exposing them and speaking ill of them.  Instead of feeding the hungry, clothing them, etc, they’re out playing pompous ass political movers and shakers.  Doug Phillips and the Constitution Party come to mind.  If the far left wants to denigrate them, please, be my guest.  I’ll help.

But – to tar and feather political leaders as scary critters from a really bad Sci Fi Channel movie is pathetic.  It is just as pathetic and asinine as certain bloggers who go around crying that the Islamic sky is falling and they can’t get up.  It’s about money, power, and headlines.

These pathetic little flying purple people eaters are basically bullies, the mean girls of the keyboard.  The average Christian, something like 80% of us here in the US, are basically nice.  Demonstrating our turn the other cheek, we have a tendency to consider the source and walk away.  By doing so, we’re empowering the fringes.

I’m a Christian. I’m not afraid of what I believe.  I also consider myself a rational and logical person who knows the difference between right and wrong, and a scam. I don’t like so-called “Christian” scams, and I consider groups like IHOP, Doug Phillips, Don Wildmon to be deplorable.  When I heard that some of these people were part of the Perry prayer thing, I cringed.  It was a turn-off for me, then again, I’m Episcopalian and we simply do not do such things.  I will defend their right to be trashy, but don’t make me like it.

That’s where Rick Perry went wrong.  I have no problems with a major prayer rally.  I have no problems with political candidates taking part in such things.  I just don’t like the so called “Christian organizations” who use such things as a way to scam money out of honest and honorable men and women who are trying to do good.

Perhaps it’s time we stand up to them and suggest they go to the hot place down below. (No, not literally, just figuratively)


2 thoughts on “How Long Do Christians Put Up with the S%#t Said Against Us

  1. This may be irrelevant to the article but in some ways it is not. Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs is rumored (substantiated) to have been behind the Denver Broncos drafting Tim Tebow in the first round out of FL who has just lost the back-up quarterback to become the 3rd string quarterback. Why does that make a difference? He was drafted because of his religious stance not because he would make a good pro quarterback. How can an organization use donated money to help draft a quarterback is what I would like to know?

    We are the state of Oral Roberts here which frankly I find driving onto the campus between the prayer hands somewhat unnerving and then seeing the Prayer Tower that looks like an upside down space ship gave me the creeps when I went there with my daughter who had to interview one of their people for the newspaper she worked. I am a Christian but this was a little too much for me.

    There are way too many organizations around that bother me with their donation requests all the time. Finally have gotten most of them off my email. Maybe that is what caused my email to go down last night — canceled too many of them! :)

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