How Rush Limbaugh (et al) Has Destroyed America


Who died and made Rush Limbaugh a diety?

This is not a commentary about the rude and nasty pundits on the left nor the especially vile libertarian punditry.  The Pink Flamingo doesn’t give a rip about them.  As far as I am concerned they can do everything possible to destroy themselves and their ideology.  THIS is about the problems we face on the right.  I care about the right.  As a conservative and a Republican, I am increasingly dismayed and disgusted by the outright hate the talking heads of the far right promote, not against the left, but against anyone who is GOP and conservative and disagrees with us.

The left is no longer the enemy.  Anyone who dares express an opinion counter to the Golden EIB Microphone is evil and must be destroyed. Don’t dare question the talking gods, they might smite you with a thunderbolt.

Please, don’t think The Pink Flamingo is picking just on Rush Limbaugh.  Far from it.  This rant and rave includes Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Stein, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Rusty Humphries, and anyone else who has gone so far right they’re listing to port.

It’s not about being conservative.  It isn’t about being right all the time.  It is about being absolutely correct all the time, and demanding 100% obedience.

Daniel Henninger wrote:

“…This antipolitical insistence is the mirror image of those on the right who wanted a forced vote to shut down the government, no matter that they controlled neither the presidency nor the Senate.

In the ever-escalating political psychodramas of our time, people are more convinced than ever of the correctness of their politics, and they want all of it put in place, now. But one of the enduring virtues of America’s system of democracy is that when the day comes to choose a president and a Congress, these same people have to decide whether to vote only their beliefs or vote for getting political power. Most still choose the latter. But that could be changing, most likely to the detriment of GOP hopes.

Come November 2012, you can bet the ranch that the furious left will vote for Barack Obama. And the Obama campaign has to hope that the Republicans will keep voting as they did in Iowa and produce a nominee that pretty much no one wants to vote for….”

It is about being rude, illogical, and determined to have one’s own way, even if it destroys the GOP and the country in the process.  After all, being RIGHT, is more important than the country. And – if one disagrees with that rightness, one must be denigrated, destroyed, ridiculed, mistreated, abused, and crushed.

It is all about power, ratings, and the almighty dollar.

Unfortunately, it has little to do with the nation as a whole.  It has everything to do with selling books, with ratings, and putting money in the bank.  That’s the bottom line.  The Pink Flamingo sees only a handful of high profile conservatives who are not like this, who have the nation’s best interest at heart.  Michael Medved and Hugh Hewett are two on that very short list.

Instead of being honest with their followers, the Righteous Right prefer to destroy the character and reputation of anyone who disagrees with them.  There is no longer room for civil discourse, disagreement, and intellectually honest debate.  That no longer exists. There is only room for goose-stepping in a straight line, off a cliff, regurgitating everything they wish us to believe.

I recently spent a week arguing with someone in my family.  I was called a liberal and a democrat, the worst insult one could level at me.  Why?  Well…. I dared disagree with Rush Limbaugh.  I was subjected to honest concern because I dared read the NYTimes, WPost, LATimes, and various publications that Rush, Sean, and Glenn did not approve.  I dared to think for myself, check sources, and find out that some of the precious talking heads were not quite accurate.

There is a difference between verifiable factual accuracy and “truth”.  Truth is a matter of looking at things.  Verifiable factual accuracy is just that.  I don’t give a rip about the “truth”, I want to be able to document factual accuracy.

I explained it in terms of Frank Waters and Wyatt Earp.  What Waters saw as “truth”, his version, could not be confirmed, documented, verified, or footnoted.  It was simply truth.  Wyatt Earp, in his opinion, was evil, and that was the “truth”, even if he was required to prevaricate, use incorrect sources, misquote, and say things that had nothing to do with what could be verified.

That’s a lot like what goes on in the political world.  Let’s trust, but verify.  I told my brother that I thought Michele Bachmann was a dimwit, with documentation and references.  Because Rush was salivating poetic about her, how dare I sound just like a Democrat?

What is wrong with The Pink Flamingo having an opinion contrary to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham.  Like I told my brother, if Rush denigrated him the way he does Lindsey, I would have stopped listening to him for that.  Rush Limbaugh is doing all he can to destroy Lindsey, who is a very good Republican and a great conservative.  Why?  I suspect Rush is jealous of him.  It’s the only logical answer I can come up with, other than Lindsey may have a better golf handicap than Rush.

Why must good men like Lindsey be denigrated because they do not currently meet the very narrow minded version of extreme?

Since when did it become a crime to want to work with the other side, there in Washington?  Compromise is evil.  Thing is, if this attitude had been the norm back in 1776, the Founding Fathers would all be swinging from a noose and, instead of singing God Bless America, we would be singing God Save the Queen.

This conservative nastiness aimed, not at liberals and libertarians, but at good, decent Republicans must stop or this nation will be destroyed.  All Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are doing when they denigrate men like Lindsey and John McCain are enabling people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.

Maybe that’s their plan, after all.  Is it possible that they are closet Democrats, out to destroy the GOP and the country.  Perhaps this would be an excellent topic for one of Michael Medved’s conspiracy shows.


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  1. When the RNC called yesterday, asking for money, I replied: Please tell Reince Priebus we’ve decided to eliminate the middle man and send our money directly to Barack Obama.

    The Pink Flamingo, Dan Henninger, and Michael Medved are correct.

    This will be the most pathetic election in history… we are being handed Jimmy Carter without the cardigan sweater… and he will waltz to a second term like Fred Astaire.

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