FAIR’s New Anti-Hispanic GOP Timebomb


The featured image for this piece is of the Dumbbell Nebula.  The Pink Flamingo is using it on purpose, to demonstrate how abjectly stupid the NFRW has become, allowing themselves to be used and manipulated by known anti-Hispanic bigots.

There is one factor that will help Barack Obama be re-elected is because of the Hispanic vote.  One reason he will win the Hispanic vote is because of FAIR and people like Susan Tully.  Tully, a nominal Republican who has very little record of campaign donations other than to one minuteperson, is now ordained as the official NFRW anti-Hispanic bogot.  The Pink Flamingo calls her a bigot because anyone who suggests that undocumented workers should be shot by the BP is just that – a bigot.

What do the anti-immigration bigots have against the GOP?  Currently, FAIR’s field office, Susan Tully, who has been heard to make remarks about the Border Patrol shooting undocumented immigrants, is making the rounds brainwashing the women of the NFRW.

Today, Susan Tully, the western US field representative for FAIR will be speaking to the local GOP women’s club.  She’s also making the rounds of the tea party set.  It appears as though she made two $250 campaign donations to Rosanna Polido, who is “GOP”. Polido is also a big time minuteman, et. all type person.  She is also a huge Alan Keyes supporter.  The Pink Flamingo thinks it is very telling that Tully’s only campaign contributions went to Polido.  The only other campaign contribution she’s made was in 2000, when she donated $999 to her own failed Congressional campaign.

“...There are more “illegals” in Illinois than in California, Rosanna Pulido told The Conservative Voice in July 2006. Pulido said she’d learned this startling “fact” from Susan Tully, the national field director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and that it had inspired her to participate in the original Minuteman Project operation in April 2005, and then to form and lead the Chicago and Illinois chapters of the Minuteman Project.

Never mind that the FAIR data is false (in fact, Illinois ranks five states behind California in terms of the number of “unauthorized immigrants,” according to the authoritative Pew Hispanic Center). “In Chicago, Ill., where I live, the city is under siege by illegal aliens who speak Spanish, use public services and take jobs away from citizens,” Pulido testified before a congressional subcommittee in May 2007.

By that point Pulido, who’s of Mexican descent, was also representing American Hispanics Against Illegal Immigration and the FAIR-funded front group You Don’t Speak for Me! “I believe there are a lot of Hispanics out there like me who are afraid to speak out,” Pulido told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I’m uniting with other Latinos who know we must stand up for the rule of law and fight for every American citizen no matter what race or ethnicity they are.”

Later in 2007, Pulido accepted a job as FAIR’s regional field coordinator for the states of Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico and Ohio. (FAIR was listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center last December.)…”

Susan Tully


Evidently Tully is part of a planned marketing approach, sending out this nice, allegedly Republican woman to meet with Republican women throughout the wild west.  She wriggles in, charms them, and spreads the usual FAIR mendacity.  Time and again the words that have spewed from her mouth have been proven to be factually incorrect – they are lies.  It is all about limiting the population of the US and getting decent and honorable women so fired up they will go out and hate everyone who appears to be a Hispanic.

Here in Lincoln County, I find her appearance to be insulting and demeaning to the wonderful people who live here who are of Hispanic origin and are Republicans.  Does the NFRW even give a damn about how they might feel?  Do they even care that they are insulting and humiliating good loyal Republican women who are Hispanic?

Why bother even nominating a Republican for POTUS.  With treachery and duplicity like this, let’s just hand the 2012 vote to Barack Obama by acclimation.  That is what the NFRW is doing by associating with FAIR and Susan Tully.

Evidently the NFRW is becoming quite racist.  Tully will be conducting a workshop at their national conference in Washington.  I’m glad I resigned from the organization.She spoke at the Thousand Oaks Republican Woman’s club.  And in Sacramento.  She spoke in Oklahoma a major NFRW meeting.  I wonder if they know she represents one of the most pro-abortion groups in the nation? She’s also making the rounds of the tea party groups, proving The Pink Flamingo’s theory that the two groups, anti-immigration and tea parties, are merging.

Ventura County Tea Party
West VAlley Republican Women

As usual, she doesn’t quite tell the truth about immigration reform.

Iowa Independent

She’s doing serious lobby work in Nebraska.

“...The Avery-Kobach exchange reflects an important change in Nebraska politics. The change is the effective appearance of outside, apparently malice-creating groups in our midst as part of an effective political network. The Klan organized anti-Catholic rallies here in the ’20s; the ’80s saw militias and hate group like the ‘Posse Comitatus.’ But the fingers of these groups did not extend very far. Nebraskans’ native prejudice, no less virulent, was for the most part local and based on local ignorance.

Now we have entered a new era. FAIR has become a visible actor in Nebraska at every level—from local communities to institutions of higher education; from local broadcasts of the “Lou Dobbs” show to state legislative and executive branch politics. Samples of FAIR’s handiwork may be found: (1) in its statement about Nebraska on its website; (2) in the work of its local Nebraska representative, Susan Smith; (3) in the efforts of its national field director, Susan Tully, to influence immigrant legislation before the Nebraska Legislature’s Judicial Committee; and (4) in Kris Kobach’s efforts to repeal Nebraska’s ‘Dream Act’ and to deny—by city ordinance in Fremont, Nebraska—harbor, employment and housing to undocumented immigrants….”

Latina Lista
Renew America

She once suggested Border Patrol agents shoot illegals.

Media Matters

Yea, she did.

“...Late this April, in an old factory complex converted into swank suburban shopping digs in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, more than 1,000 Tennesseans came out to cheer their hero, 99.7-FM drive-home-time host Phil Valentine. The son of a former Democratic Congressman in North Carolina, Valentine is a leading voice — and instigator — of Tennessee’s nativist backlash. “Wake up and smell the tacos,” Valentine likes to say, flaunting his political incorrectness. His website recently featured a full-color image of the Statue of Liberty wearing a sombrero, with a huge black mustache pasted on, a jar of salsa instead of a flame and a bottle of Patron cradled in her lower hand. Liberty rests on a tottering foundation of Chicklets, Tostitos and a Taco Bell sign.

All in all, a lot like the “joke” that slipped out of Valentine’s mouth at his rally in Franklin, where three Republican state legislators joined him on stage. Susan Tully, field director of FAIR (the Washington-based Federation for American Immigration Reform), was complaining about the Border Patrol’s “catch and release” policy, saying that illegal immigrants were returned the first time they were caught, the second time, the third time … all the way to seven times. And what, Tully asked rhetorically, do we do the eighth time? “Shoot ’em!” Valentine interjected. The surburbanites roared their approval….”

This is not about slamming a person who is likely a decent woman, save for her anti-Hispanic and anti-immigration bigotry, and it is bigotry.  It is about an duplicitous organization dedicated to extreme environmental practice and abortion on demand for the purposes of eugenics and population control.  Evidently conservatives and Republicans are still so STUPID that they continue to be taken in by what they foolishly believe is a conservative agenda, which it is not.

Republicans absolutely refuse to look at the facts.  They continue to believe John Tanton’s propaganda machine, choosing to ignore provable and verifiable facts that lead to Tanton’s direct association, not only with Planned Parenthood, but the KKK, CofCC, and some of the nastiest white supremacists the nation has seen in recent years.

Repeatedly they are given a pass.

I reiterate, just how STUPID can Republicans be?

My friend and partner in crime, Sally Vee, sent an email last night.  “Got the fifth or sixth call this week from the RNC. I listened politely, and when asked for money I responded that we’ve decided to eliminate the middle man and send our $ directly to Obama…….”

With groups like the NFRW continually falling for the Tanton canard and marketing individuals like Susan Tully to willing dupes Sally is 100% correct.  Let’s just cut out the middle-person and donate directly to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

When will the NFRW and the tea parties wake up and disassociate themselves from FAIR, and people like Susan Tully?

Or, are they working for Barack Obama’s re-election?  Like Sally says, just donate directly to Obama’s re-election campaign and cut out the middle-person. That is what they are doing.


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  1. Quit the local Women’s Club three years ago this month and haven’t had one moment of regret except that I stayed a member so long.

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