Finally, a Conservative Has the Courage to Expose Ron Paul


The Pink Flamingo feels a tremendous amount of compassion for columnist Jeffrey Lord.  In his most recent Spectator piece, he has single-handedly redeemed the American Spectator in the eyes of The Pink Flamingo.  How, you might ask, was this amazing feat accomplished.  It is quite simple.  He had the courage to expose Ron Paul and his supporters as the vile, nasty anti- Semitic, liberal, racist that they are.  We need to step up to the plate and speak up for this brave man.  The poor creature is already being subjected to endless assaults from the usual suspect Ron Paul Bots, who have no grap on reality, manners, or basic human decency.

He is a hero!

The Pink Flamingo especially enjoyed the way he exposed Jack Hunter, aka The Southern Avenger, who has dedicated his miserable life to destroying Lindsey Graham.  You see, Hunter visions himself as the purveyor of all that is good, pure, holy, and “conservative”.  Lindsey Graham is a neo-con, therefor he must be destroyed.  Hunter waxes poetic on how evil Lindsey is, using the epitaph RINO, repeatedly.  Jeffrey Lord is so very right, neo-liberals like Hunter are the true RINOs, except for the fact that Hunter is a Ron Paul Bot losertarian.

You gotta love it!

American Spectator

It is so rewarding to see someone finally stick it to the senile old fart.

“...The fact that he has been allowed to get away with pretending to conservatism on this score is merely reflective of journalists who, for whatever reason, are simply unfamiliar with American history. Ironically, it is precisely because the Paul campaign has not been thoroughly covered that no one pays attention to the historical paternity of what the candidate is saying….”

He also brings out the anti-Semitism that is a hallmark of Ron Paul’s ideology, not that he would want you to think it is.

American Spectator

You gotta love it.

“…The hard to understand part is why Mr. Paul let’s himself be associated with this shameful, shameful stuff.

It is not “The Language of Liberty” — the title of a wonderful book containing the “Political Speeches and Writings of Abraham Lincoln” and edited by Joseph Fornieri. Considering the vituperation directed by Paulists at Lincoln (and Reagan), it certainly would be appropriate to appreciate that Fornieri’s book was published as a joint project of the conservative Regnery Publishers and Eagle Publishing.

That project? The Conservative Leadership Series.

Conservative leadership. A topic in which Neoliberals and various Paulites have shown no interest whatsoever as they set about trying to re-educate America.


Because of the obvious:

They simply aren’t conservatives….”

Now, you want to find out how vile the Ron Paul Bots really are?    Try a few of the comments to the article.  It proves how anti-Semitic they are.  FYI – Ron Paul is the candidate of choice for Stormfront.

American Spectator


American Spectator

Ron Paul Bots are interesting.  They are rude.  They are nasty.  They are the ones who are responsible for dumbing down the political discourse in this country by constantly attacking.   They have ruined civilized discourse in this country.  They terrorize anyone who disagrees with their pointy headed little tin plated god. They are the tea party.  They are John Birchers, Stormfront, and the CofCC.

Want to prove Lord correct?


“...The Neo-Cons got another unwelcome shock when Rep. Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll with 30% of the vote.  Neo-Con Newt Gingrich was near the bottom of the poll with 3%.  Significantly absent from CPAC was reality TV celebrity Sarah Palin, who has tried to herd the Tea Party movement into the Neo-Con camp.

The Neo-Cons got in one cheap shot against Ron Paul. The Jewish director of Young Americans for Freedom, Jordan Marks (pictured above-right) announced that Ron Paul was being kicked out of the YAF. Accusing Rep. Paul of foreign policy failures, Marks released this statement:

“Rep. Paul’s refusal to support our nation’s military and national security interests border on treason, aside from his failure to uphold his oath to the United States Constitution and defend our country and citizens against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The literal translation of what Marks said is that Ron Paul has not been a slobbering lapdog and spendthrift in support of Israel….”

Western Voices News Network

“…Dr. Ron Paul, though he is often portrayed as a big “L” Libertarian, self-identifies instead as a Constitutionalist. He brings an important understanding of the fundamentals of our Constitution to the table, especially regarding States’ rights. Dr. Paul is a very bright and very studious individual, and because his ideas all inter-relate, it can be difficult to understand the origins and goals of his ideas without proper context. As a result, his views can be misconstrued to lie anywhere between justification of hedonism and anarchy; when, in fact, they are anything but.

Dr. Paul’s most important views support the idea of sovereignty of the nation-state, States’ rights combined with a strict interpretation of the limits of the power of Congress, and monetary policy.

Right now, there is only one candidate for President belonging to a major party who specifically articulates the importance and benefit of maintaining America’s status as a sovereign nation, and that is Ron Paul. The only other major party candidate in the past several decades who has espoused views anywhere close to Dr. Paul’s in this regard is Pat Buchanan. Thus, he is the only candidate who explicitly stands against globalism; and EAU has identified globalism as public enemy #1. This is a powerful reason why we support Ron Paul. Because he believes our national sovereignty is a pre-condition for liberty, he opposes NAFTA, GATT and similar globalist trade schemes. This shouldn’t be construed to say he is a protectionist, because he has clearly stated he believes in the free trade myth. Rather, he believes in free trade in the absence of organizations like the World Trade Organization that compromise American sovereignty and freedom. EAU believes in incremental political change, though; and we are happy to at least have a candidate who supports American sovereignty unambiguously, even if he wouldn’t implement the protectionist tariffs we’d prefer.

Likewise, Ron Paul is the only candidate who has seriously addressed the immigration issue; not just in advocating a wall, but in ending the policy of birthright citizenship that allows the children of people here illegally to automatically become citizen anchor babies that secure public assistance for their families. We have to be realistic here. I’ve read what Ron Paul has to say, and he doesn’t have an explicitly pro-European-American bone in his body that I can tell. His reasoning regarding the border, though his positions are similar to those of Pat Buchanan, is radically different. Whereas Buchanan’s thoughts are based on the necessity of a vital European-derived ethnocultural core in order to hold America together; Ron Paul’s immigration views stem, just like his views on NAFTA, from his belief that liberty can only be secured by a sovereign nation-state. Both Pat Buchanan’s views on the necessity of an ethno-cultural core AND Ron Paul’s views of the dependence of liberty on a sovereign nation state are correct. We would prefer that Ron Paul articulate both views, but he only has the latter. Nevertheless, even this latter view, especially combined with his specific policy proposals, would be an enormous step forward for our people.

In the past year, I have devoted many hours in these Western Voices podcasts explaining the importance of monetary policy, and how it is the driving force behind everything from off-shoring to illegal immigration. Our Federal Reserve system, combined with a Congress that wants to give away the store today (but pay for it tomorrow) is a recipe for a national disaster of unprecedented proportions. It is absolutely true that, entrusted to prudent hands, a fiat currency system such as ours can work perfectly well. In fact, in some respects it can work even better than a hard commodity-based currency. But for fiat money to work that well, and for the benefit of the national community, it has to be managed by responsible people. Well — our Congress has proved itself to be about as responsible as a sex addict in a brothel with a credit card, and our country is MAXED-OUT. Foreign countries are buying our debt, in effect buying our Congress, and buying our country right out from under us as the spending-addicts in Congress put their heads in the sand and refuse to even acknowledge to themselves the consequences of their own actions. …”

Please remember, Ron Paul is supported by major, really really really important conservatives like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Doug Weed….

Getting back to conservative exposure of Ron Paul and his adorable little Bots, just why don’t conservatives understand the problem we have with him?  Why is Michael Medved one of the few who has the courage to call Ron Paul what he is, “Dr. Demento”?  They don’t hesitate to castigate and denigrate good people like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and George W. Bush.  I guess it’s an honor thing.  Men like Lindsey, McCain and GWB have honor.  The extreme right has less and less of it.

I wonder if it is a Ron Paul Bot thing?


6 thoughts on “Finally, a Conservative Has the Courage to Expose Ron Paul

  1. Several years ago we had Paulbots everywhere around here. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get their way. Take my precinct for example — was giving up the precinct chair after eight years figuring it was time for someone else to take over. In comes this new couple — no one shows up to our precinct meetings except the same six. He is all about what he plans to do in the precinct so he gets elected with his wife as the Vice. Turns out before his name can be turned into the county he has to be verified at the election board. We discovered that he didn’t live in the precinct which means he was ineligible. When confronted with the fact he gave us the wrong info where he lived (turned out to be a relative), he said it didn’t matter. Went to the County Chair and that’s when we discovered he was also a Paulbot. Finally the State Chair got involved removing him as precinct chair because our nitwit County Chair had verified he was legit knowing he wasn’t. The County Chair got mad at me because I wouldn’t go along and took it to the State Chair. Yet two years before when I was the Vice Chair and the Chair and I decided not to run with all the Paulbots and other nutcases we had been dealing with, this same person running for County Chair had put a Democrat on his ticket, she was elected and then had to resign and he couldn’t figure out why because she was such a nice person. Later we discovered she was a Paulbot.

    Small example of what Paulbots will do — they lie, they cheat, and they steal to get elected and have systematically been placing people in positions around the Country. Here a precinct chair is nothing and in fact, no one pays attention to our County Chair except his bunch of groupies.

    More and more people are catching on to them. They hide behind the curtain they support Ron Paul by pretending they are just ordinary conservatives but then you see what they put in a platform, and they out themselves.

    Didn’t go to the last State Convention because the two previous ones were lengthy and all about Paulbots versus the rest of us. State Platform was a joke that no self-respecting Republican could have ran on — they are never happy and wish they would go to the Libertarian Party where they belong instead of trying to disrupt the Republican Party. Ethics are not their strong suit as you have shown on here. Anything to help Ron Paul and they will do it!

  2. Jeffrey Lord is good… but he is cribbing from YOU, O Pink Sage! Well, better late than never… whenever the scales fall from a new soul’s eyes, there is a wink and a nod in heaven above.

    Only I think Lord pulls his punch by asking: how can Ron Paul ‘let himself associate with such shameful, shameful stuff?’

    Whereas the Pink Flamingo has for years been asking the correct and more uncomfortable question: how can the GOP or any thinking Republican allow itself/themselves to associate with Paul?

    Then there’s the whole Ron Paul Inc. thing… how much money he raises, where it goes, how his small army of ‘nepots’ (Paulian blood relatives) are supported by the willing & eager rubes of Ron. It’s a great scam, with many years of success. The Hard Right is nothing if not dupable…

  3. I think I read somewhere that Jack Hunter was leaving Charleston and moving to Washington, D.C. I think he is planning to work with Rand Paul. Some of those Tea Party crazies want Hunter to run against Lindsey in 2014.

  4. Well, Pinky, I think the only things Lord has shown are:

    1) His own proscribed thinking, and
    2) the utter uselessness of political labels.

    With respect to the Progressive/Conservative divide, my favorite author said about 80 years ago:

    “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

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