Why Doesn’t Huntsman Switch Parties?


The Pink Flamingo has a theory about Jon Huntsman.  There is some talk that he is prepping for a 2016 run.  Liberal pundits are madly in love with him.  I’ve not seen this much affection from the MSM since they discovered their requited relationship with Barack Obama.

To them, he is the perfect GOP candidate.  They wax poetic about a 2016 run.  They just know he is in training for the big run four years from now.  Matthew Dowd thinks Huntsman is going to do a third party run.  There are some who just know Darwin will split the GOP.  There are Dems who are pushing a third party, which is quite fascinating.

The only thing that will split the GOP are the increasingly pathetic tea parties.  Don’t worry, FOX News will give it a good try, in order to promote their increasingly perverse, John Stossell brand of values where child labor laws are good for the economy because they lessen the need for prostitution.  (Yes, he actually wrote a column about this for townhall).  The Club for Growth is also going to do as much as possible to promote the purity of flakes like Michele Bachmann, as we are told to jettison Ronald Reagan.

It’s all about gorilla like posturing, grunting, scratching, spitting, and the other things primitive males do while kicking dirt on one’s opponent.  They lack actual courage to do anything real and concrete, so they act like wrestling monoliths hopped up on steroids.  There’s not much of a brain that functions beyond primitive impulses.

That’s what is going on with the Dems and Jon Huntsman.  He’s this blank slate who is running on his record.  Perhaps they are hoping he is going to save them from themselves and somehow end up as the GOP nominee, so they can vote for him.  Or he ends up the nominee so they can vote for Obama.

Better yet, they are hoping he will not damage himself so that he can help elect a Dem in 2016.

The Pink Flamingo has another theory.  I am beginning to suspect Huntsman is teasing for 2016, but is it possible he’s prepping for a change to the Democratic Party?  If so, he would be welcomed as the new found messiah.

It could happen.

Huntsman and the GOP just aren’t a fit, even for a moderate.  He’d make a great Democrat.

There is a bottom line here.

The Dems are looking for a third party candidate.  That says more about Obama than anything else.  If they are needing a third party, then they’re scared.  They shouldn’t be.  The Tea Parties are going to ruin it for the GOP.

That’s what is is all about, re-electing Barack Obama, no matter how they do it.