Yet Another Pink Flamingo I Told You So (Ground Zero Mosque Edition)


About a year or so ago, The Pink Flamingo went on record stating that I think the Ground Zero Mosque was a real estate scam.  Pink Flamingo friend and confidant Sally Vee, alerted me to the possible scam.

I said it on August 10, 2010.

It is a real estate scam.  The fact that people are so hysterical about it is just plain nuts.  After reading David Frum’s post, I started looking into it.  It was a real estate scam, put together by a con artist.  It would have gone away a year ago if certain “conservative” bloggers had kept their big fat mouths shut and just let it die.  They couldn’t do that.  They needed to get their faces in photos and their names on the news as FOX used them as “Experts”.

Insurance News Net

Barry Rubin, on Sunday, wrote:

“..A group of people with a terrible record as developers who didn’t develop, businessmen who didn’t pay their bills, and slumlords put together a very badly designed project that would never otherwise have gotten zoning and other permits. In other words, the true story is how city officials gave special privileges and the media gave sweetheart coverage because people were Muslims building a mosque, not that there was discrimination against Muslims who wanted to build a mosque. Remember, in the end the mosque project got everything its advocates wanted and yet it still wasn’t built.

It is the story of how the corrupt can play a system built around special privileges for special categories of people, in which fear of being labelled some variety of “racist” overrides the proper enforcement of the law.

Someone should write the detailed story of the whole affair from that standpoint….”

The Pink Flamingo



According to David Frum, it is a scam.

H/T I Own the World,

“…Allstate has become the latest insurance company to accuse Hisham Elzanaty, one of the money men behind the so-called Ground Zero mosque development, of orchestrating a “highly developed and sophisticated kickback scheme” that allegedly reaped more than $5 million for Elzanaty and others. State Farm and Geico have also lodged similar allegations against Elzanaty.

According to Allstate’s complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Elzanaty and several others allegedly conspired with a licensed medical doctor to incorporate four professional service corporations and set up a scheme that took advantage of New York’s no-fault automobile insurance laws.

The complaint said the bills generated by the doctor, Jadwiga Pawlowski, were submitted to and paid by Allstate. However, Allstate argues the “lion’s share” of the funds collected were siphoned to a management company owned and controlled by Elzanaty….”