How’z That Commercial Space Thingie Working Out for You?


Please pardon The Pink Flamingo for being a little late on the uptake here.  Barack Obama has repeatedly proven that he’s a big government kinda’ guy.  Just loves that federal family stuff goin’ on.  Can’t you feel the love?  If that is the case, would you please explain why the H – E – double-toothpick is he promoting commercial space ventures over NASA?

We all know there is only one logical reason.

Once more we use the Dumbbell Nebula to illustrate just how – well – dumbbell this whole thing is.  The business world is stymied about the lack of jobs, and job growth this month.  Give me a break.  Thousands of good, technical experts were given pink slips at NASA.  If you think the commercial end of things is going to greet them with open arms, well, you’re drinking rancid tea!

American Space

Well, one of the Obama funded commercial enterprises,  Blue Origin suffered a major catastrophic failure the other day.  The problem is – they’re barely talking.  Instead, we get this….

“…The company is not commenting on the report, continuing its virtual news blackout on its work. This was perfectly acceptable when Blue Origin was being funded privately. Now that it’s getting public money, I’m not sure this is a sound policy anymore. The company probably needs to open up a bit more….”

NASA Watch

“...Parts of the vehicle were recovered on the ground and are now being analyzed by company experts, according to govt. and industry officials. The serious malfunctions also could set back White House plans to promote a range of commercially developed spacecraft to transport crews to the Space Station. Blue Origin declined to comment. Officials at both NASA and the FAA were told in advance about the launch and are aware of the failure, according to people familiar with the matter. But spokesmen for the agencies also declined to comment.

Editor’s Note: According to HobbySpace, unless they were testing abort engines for their crew module, there should be no linking this apparent accident to NASA’s Commercial Crew plans. Meanwhile, this is the second unconfirmed incident for Blue Origin, from my perspective. There were rumors several months ago that another major failure occurred at the company’s private spaceport. (9/2) …”

From the WSJ:

“…The mishap, which industry officials said occurred Aug. 24, dealt a potentially major blow to the ambitions of Mr. Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Inc., to develop a reliable system for blasting tourists and astronauts out of the atmosphere.
The failure also could set back White House plans to promote commercially developed spacecraft to transport crews to the international space station by the second half of this decade.

Championed by President Barack Obama’s administration, the goal is to support a number of rival projects, including Blue Origin, to ensure that in the end the U.S. will have alternatives to reach the orbiting station, following July’s permanent retirement of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s space shuttle fleet.

NASA on Friday said its officials “have confidence in American industry to help our nation maintain its leadership in space and transport U.S. astronauts and their cargo” into orbit. The agency’s “commercial space program will rely on multiple providers to ensure success,” said David Weaver, NASA’s top spokesman.

Mr. Bezos has been particularly secretive about Blue Origin’s plans and details of its isolated spaceport, about 25 miles north of tiny Van Horn, Texas. The company Friday provided the first public glimpse of a squat, cigar-shaped rocketship with several thrusters at the bottom.
The vehicle, which was the one that failed in last week’s test, takes off vertically and, unlike rival spacecraft, apparently is designed to land vertically using its thrusters. Mr. Bezos said the rocketship had a test flight three months ago and was traveling at Mach 1.2 just before last week’s accident…”


So, we are stuck on stupid with the Obama Quest for “Space”.

“…Once Obama announced his intent to cancel the spacecraft that would follow the space shuttle, Orion, a political insurrection ensued. First, a “Constellation” prize of a stripped down lifeboat Orion was offered, to appease districts that Obama had to win when he went up for re-election. The president had made it apparent that he did not support NASA and was working to convert the shell of what would remain of the space agency into an engine for the Democratic Party agenda. Congressional leaders fought back and Orion was spared.

Still, it wouldn’t do to have this Bush-era survivor serve as a rallying point for those who went against the president’s efforts and the craft was renamed the Multi-Person Crew Vehicle, or MPCV. After a while the vehicle regained its original name and is now referred to as the Orion MPCV. But the president’s workers did manage to chisel one name free of the hieroglyphs – the Lunar Electric Rover (LER).

The LER has since been renamed the Space Exploration Vehicle or SEV – no I am not making that up – that’s really what they renamed it. Some will try to convince you that politics had nothing to do with these name changes and cosmetic alterations at all. A simple question bursts that bubble; ask them “When were these name changes conducted?” All of them were done after the president made his intentions for NASA known.

One would think that the White House would have more pressing concerns than such petty antics. One would think that NASA’s current leadership would wake up and smell the hydrazine leaking onto the floor and focus on securing the space agency’s future. One would think wrong. According to NASA’s Deputy Administrator Lori Garver NASA’s job is to promote world peace, create jobs, save the environment and end world hunger, everything to do with the mandate of any number of other agency’s, but nothing to do with NASA’s. NASA’s Administrator, Charlie Bolden thinks one of his agency’s chief missions is to reach out to the Muslim world and make them feel good about their accomplishments. Seriously? Is this what “hope and change” looks like?

Here is the thing. NASA needs to stay, at least somewhat, on the path that it is currently on. When the next president comes along, we cannot afford for he or she to yank the agency in another direction. The agency needs support and stability. President George W. Bush gave the agency a good mission – one he didn’t fund. President Obama has changed all of that, throwing away seven years worth of work and billions of taxpayer dollars….”


Those of us who have followed NASA and commercial industry for years could have predicted this.  For one thing, you gotta blow a few up before you’re part of the club.  Second, they’re pushing technology that is decades old, not working on new technology.  That WAS once NASA’s job.  Now though, they’re simple poster children for Hope n’ Change.

Absolutely NOTHING exhibits the Obama Administration’s abject failure than what they have done to our supremacy in space exploration.  Once again The Pink Flamingo must reiterate:  I TOLD YOU SO!