John Boehner’s Shadow Presidency


This week, rather like a the Gunfight at the OK Corral, Barack Obama blinked.  Maybe we should describe it as a you know what contest between the school yard head honchos.  They belch, grunt, kick dirt, and one walks away with a bloody nose, defeated.  The winner gets the power and the glory.

John Boehner win the most recent contest.  Until he can re-group, Barack Obama is terribly weakened.  The wounds are not mortal, but psychological.  Boehner cleaned his clock, made him back down, won the you know what-ing contest.

When Obama tried his little stunt to upstage Jim DeMint’s coronation debate in SC, Boehner stood firm.  Rush Limbaugh, in his infinite narcissism is claiming credit for Boehner’s strength.  Then again, Rush is in a ratings free-fall and needs to latch on to something.  Not to worry, Boehner demanded Obama reverse new EPA ozone rules.  Boehner won, Obama lost.

There are any number of pundits, right and left, who are taking this as a sign of the beginning of the end for Obama.  I don’t think that is the point at all.  If my take on Obama is correct, and I have absolutely no way of knowing it, the man can be bullied, cowed, and pushed into a corner.  It fits the psychology of abuse I think he experienced.  He is a submissive individual in the way a more dominant personality can push his buttons.  John McCain has been doing it to him for two years.  I think John Boehner has also figured out how to manipulate him.

It is terribly tragic.  Not only does it say volumes about Obama’s personality, but his background.  All along I’ve said he was the victim of obvious emotional abuse at the hands of his grandfather.  I’ve suspected all along that something happened to him via Frank Davis, who was an infamous pedophile.  You don’t allow your young grandson to spend time around a person with those proclivities and not know what is going on.  This is criminal.  As a recovering victim of a pedophile, I know what goes on in a person’s brain.  Until you face it, and work through the problems, you do not function as a “normal” person.  It took me years to recover.

I think that he was so abused as a child that the right authority figure can use and manipulate him.  The repercussions could be horrific for this nation.  Politics aside, the repercussions for Barack Obama, as a person are absolutely tragic.  Unless the man gets a grip with who he is, he is useless to himself.

I don’t know about you, but The Pink Flamingo has reached the point where I am beginning to hurt for this man.  There are no happy endings.  Unless this pathetic man, who had so much promise, and is such a shallow shell of a person, can turn his life over to Christ, there is no hope for him. It is entirely possible his Narcissism, which in itself is a protective measure, is so great, he cannot be helped.  I have said this repeatedly, pray for this man’s soul.

The very real tragedy here is the fact that conservatives have become so embroiled in the bitterness of the tea parties that they have managed to forget not only that they have souls but so do others.  They have managed to forget to pray for this nation, for the blessings and bounties of the Lord.  When your outlook turns to hate and vitriol, you forget about the good things in life, blessings, bounties of God.

This incessant demand for ideological purity is destroying that very soul.  Conservatives like Jim DeMint have managed to forget that there was only one perfect and pure soul in this world.  He was crucified.

None of us are perfect and none of us are pure.  It is that very fact, that we are not perfect, not 100% pure that makes us human.  It is what allows us to see past our own selfish natures and see the beauty in others.   You don’t destroy or hate person because they are gay or because they have had an abortion.  You don’t hate a person because they are a Muslim.  No rational individual seeks to destroy another because they are a RINO, not a member of a tea party, or doesn’t vote 100% along an ideological line.

It is those very imperfections that make wise, honorable, decent, and strong men and women.  I don’t want someone in office who demands purity.  It is not possible.  It is a delusion.  Those who require it are fools in the Biblical sense of wisdom and foolishness.  You cannot govern without compromise.

I think of Solomon and the tale of the two woman and the dead baby.  When he decided to cut the living baby in half, one for each grieving mother, the real mother, the one who loved the baby enough, screamed that she would give him up, rather than see harm coming to the baby.  Those who demand ideological purity remind me of those two women.  The ones who truly love this nation are those who are willing to give enough to make it better.  Those who will allow the “baby” to be cut in half, thereby destroyed, don’t really give a damn about it.

We go full circle to Barack Obama and John Boehner.

Those who refused compromise, who demanded Obama be almost destroyed so that they could achieve their 100% agenda are the real destroyers.  They had, and still have, a great opportunity to take a pitiful excuse of a man under their gentle and loving wings, and mold him into something, someone who could be great.

They can’t do it.

They have become so pure, they have tripped over, into the dark side of life. The greater the quest for purity, the greater their failure.  They have surrendered their goodness for an ideology.  They have proven they believe in nothing but their own vaunting ambition.

Evidently Barack Obama sees both John McCain and John Boehner as authority figures.  I suspect over the years they have treated him fairly and decently, having established something of a rapport with him.  Let them lead him.

My mother says you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  Do you want to do what is right for the country as a whole, or what is right for your ideology?  I don’t know who deserves our prayer and pity more, Barack Obama or the so-called conservative “Christians” who are trying to destroy everyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.

Pity our poor country.  We can recover from Obama’s incompetence.  The GOP cannot recover from the cruel arrogance of the extreme right who demand 100% purity to appease their masters.  You see, they have sold their souls to the highest bidders for power.  When you sell your soul, bad things happen.

May God Have Mercy on Their Souls

May the Good Lord Continue to Bless Our Nation


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  1. Can you imagine what Harry Truman would have said to John Boehner? Remembering Harry, he probably would have told him to “kiss my a$$”

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