Part III: Going Postal – The Stupidity of Libertarians


The Pink Flamingo is going to run this ahead of the other parts, which will be posted later this week.

On Monday, The Pink Flamingo was explaining to my mother about the abject stupidity that is going on with the USPS.  She knew they were closing the small country post office where she gets her mail. She mentioned things I’d not thought about, such as over 200,000  additional people being unemployed.  You think they’re going to be getting jobs any time soon?

If the worst happens, and the far right IGNORES its Constitutional duty by maintaining a viable post office and it closes in December – it will start a Constitutional battle that will destroy the GOP.  Pick your fights.  This is the wrong one.

Be smart, make logical and reasonable changes, and make someone do some viable management and you can save money.  The problem is the GOP is NOT willing to work within the system to make very real, meaningful and lasting money saving changes.  Their multi-billionaire libertarian over-lords won’t like it. The GOP is no longer in control of the situation.  They have prostituted themselves to the tea parties, which are bought and paid for by the billionaire libertarians who are doing nothing but consolidating their fortunes and power.

Somewhere along the line it needs to stop.  If the worst case scenario happens with the USPS, and I fear it will, you can kiss the GOP by-by.  Say hello to Speaker Pelosi and Obama’s 2nd term!

How’s that for a tea party!

It’s called a Depression, not just any Depression, but one worst than the Great Depression.  You put two hundred thousand people out of work and there’s just an Itsy Bitsy Tini Wini Domino fall down go the jobs.

How do we count the ways?

  1. Junk mail …. Junk mail does not happen in a vacuum.  People have JOBS printing, copyrighting, editing, mailing, sorting….. thousands and thousands of jobs – all over the country
  2. Catalogs – There are thousands of catalogs published in this country every year.  You know who photographs them, models for them, publishes, prints, etc, well, people do that.  Thousands and thousands of jobs, gone with the wind bags in Congress.
  3. Cards, greeting cards, Christmas cards, Kwanza cards, etc.  Thousands of people are employed, just by Hallmark.  It is a $4.1 billion dollar business, with 40,000 stores, just in the US.  Want to count the tens of thousands of jobs lost when there is no way to mail your birthday cards?  If Hallmark can’t sell cards, how many of those 40,ooo stores will stay open.  If each store has 5 employees, how about another 200,000 people out of work.
  4. Bills are not created out of thin air.  How many people will lose their jobs of Visa, Bloomingdales, and Joe Blow’s Paint Supply and Pet Store can’t mail bills?
  5. Who the hell is going to mail out driver’s licenses, voting registration cards, jury summonses, etc?  Have you thought this one through?
  6. How many newspapers are delivered through the mail?  People have jobs creating them.
  7. What about those magazines.  More magazines are sold by subscription than over the counter.  Magazines are supported by advertising.  If you cut out the subscriptions, then the magazine fails.  Oh, wait, that will cost more jobs.

It looks to me, like the early casualty of the USPS going under will be close to another million jobs lost.  You think Obama’s NOT going to blame the GOP then you are smoking Ron Paul Bot pot.

They are doing the following:

  1. Closing Glencoe’s post office
  2. Closing the one in San Patricio
  3. Closing the one in Tinnie
  4. Closing the one in Picacho
  5. They are consolidating the Hondo post office
  6. They are closing the Hollywood sub station

This is abject stupidity.

  1. There will be no post office between Hondo and Roswell, a 47 mile span.
  2. In order to accommodate the Hollywood closure they will need to greatly expand the main Ruidoso station, including COSTLY enlargements.
  3. In order to accommodate the closure of the smaller stations and move to Hondo, the post office there must double in size.
  4. There is no street delivery here in Ruidoso Downs
  5. There are some lock boxes along the MAIN HIGHWAY 70 in the Hondo Valley, which in itself is not safe.
  6. If a person lives in Picacho and wants to mail a letter, they must drive about 9 miles – that is AFTER the ranchers who live way in  the canyons drive up to 45 miles on dirt roads just to get to the main highway.

You do realize it will cost more to consolidate than to keep the smaller sub-stations open on a limited basis.

The arrogant right thinks that people can get their mail, etc via the internet.  It’s like this, they do that and they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  1. 21% of Republicans are online
  2. 25 % of Democrats are online
  3. 16% internet users lean democrat
  4. 10% of internet users lean Republican

Losers – losers – losers!

According to Pew:

  1. 65% Latinos were online in 2012
  2. 66% Blacks
  3. 77% whites
  4. 45% Latinos have broadband at home
  5. 52% Blacks
  6. 65% Whites

What this is saying is that one at least a third of the American people ARE NOT ONLINE AT HOME.  I will bet my toy poodle that the majority of the are senior citizens and they vote.  About 25% of Americans do not use the internet.

Guess what – these people have rights, too.  Got that?

Through the Postal Clause, evidently those Founding Fathers the tea parties worship thought a viable, GOVERNMENT supported post office was key to the protection of freedom in this country.  I’m a good Republican, always have been.  I don’t think I could vote for a Republican who did not support the USPS.  Fortunately Steve Pierce is working like crazy to preserve our rural mail service.

Let’s think about this, rationally.  The far right wants the USPS commercialized.  It’s not a bad idea, but it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Get that – Article 1, Section 8.

You want a libertarian run post office with survival of the fittest, higher prices, prohibitive prices, no mail in areas where it won’t pay?

The group who is going to be hurt the most are the poor and senior citizens. Through the USPS they get:

  1. Medical deliveries
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Their AARP cards
  4. Insurance papers
  5. Cards from family
  6. Bills
  7. Credit card bills
  8. Newspapers
  9. Magazines
  10. Catalogs
  11. Campaign junk mail
  12. Packages

For conservatives who have complained about seniors and Obama Care, this is literally the kiss of death for many of them.  But, they don’t vote libertarian, so who cares? Right?

Do you realize how important the free flow of mail is to a free society?  The GOP will, once they lose, massively in 2012.  But, what the heck!  Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, etc. are not up for re-election for 4 years.  Ron Paul’s out in the House, and Michele Bachmann will still sparkle.    It really doesn’t matter, will it.  They will prostitute themselves to the libertarian over-lords who will pour millions into campaigns.  That’s all that matters, right?