The Great Man


The Great Man is out and about, finally. He is doing what he does best, promoting Christian values, looking out for the least, and tying it into American Security.

The reason George W. Bush is so great is he believes in protecting the very least of them.  No matter how badly he is criticized.  I fear we shall never see his likes again.

“...“The challenge is that in some parts of the world and in some parts of our country, some are saying, ‘Is it worth it? Does it matter whether or not we help save a life on the continent of Africa? We’ve got our own problems here at home,’ they say. This is isolationism which is dangerous,” Bush told the “Summit to Save Lives” in Washington on Tuesday after joking that it’s “nice to be back in the hood.”

“It’s dangerous because one of the lessons of September the 11th is what happens overseas matters here at home,” Bush continued. “When there’s hopelessness it affects the security of the United States of America. We face an enemy that can only recruit when they find hopeless people and there’s nothing more hopeless to a child who loses a mom or dad to AIDS to watch the wealthy nations of the world sit back and do nothing. It is in our moral interests as a nation that we help deal with diseases….”

National Journal

Pink Flamingo friend and partner in crime, Sally Vee, sent this photo to me.  I think it says everything we need to know.