Arrogant Jerks on the Right Are As Bad As Arrogant Jerks on the Left


This is yet another of those posts The Pink Flamingo has been working on for months.  I like doing these every once in awhile to watch for trends and patterns.  The left has plenty of jerks, but The Pink Flamingo doesn’t give a rip about them.  Let them be jerks, it helps our side.  The problem is, the far right and the tea parties have decided to ape them.  I use the term “ape” because I want to imply behavior that requires less rational thought.

When you behave like arrogant jerks, you lose elections.  The Democrats can get away with it.  They’re always this way.  Republicans can’t.  That’s the problem.  Once upon a time, as a generic genre, Republicans were not jerks.  Oh, there were a few who were, but as a whole, they were the good guys.  They understood that there were forces more important than themselves and their purity.

This is how it is starting to look.  Never mind the reason there is no appropriate funding for FEMA is because of a Dem scheme in the Senate.  They play it smart and blame the GOP.  We’re so dumb, we look stupid in the PR gambit.

Progressive Eruptions

The jerks on the right are causing problems for the GOP.  It is going to get worse.  No, they’re not real jerks, but they’re acting like it.  They’ve managed to forget what being a Republican is all about.  No longer does the example of Ronald Reagan shine.  Instead, they use Ayn Rand as their guiding light.  When you base a movement upon a person who proved inspiration for the Book of Satan, you’re going to wake up with a hang-over of universal proportions.

They are losing everything that is good, honorable, and decent about them.  The debacle that is basically ruining Eric Cantor is just the perfect example.

Political Animal

Then there is the possibility that the far right has miscalculated on what is important to small business.  They will never admit it.

“…So, what is standing in the way of hiring? According to the small-business owners surveyed, there were a variety of factors, including the high cost of insurance, but the common thread seemed to be a lack of customers.

Republicans may not like the rules of supply and demand, but they have not yet been repealed. The private sector hires more workers when more folks are buying their goods and services. Fortunately, the government can play a role in boosting, as it did in 2009 when the recession technically ended.

Unfortunately, congressional Republicans refuse to even consider boosting demand, and actually want to do the opposite: take money out of the economy, lay off more public-sector workers, and cut off stimulative benefits like unemployment insurance…”

From the WSJ

“…One of the ironies of Friday’s budget deal is that it is being criticized both by Ms. Pelosi and some conservative Republicans. We can understand Ms. Pelosi’s angst. But conservatives are misguided if they think they could have done much better than Mr. Boehner, or that a shutdown would have helped their cause. Republicans need to stay united for the bigger fights to come this year, and for now they and the tea party can take credit for spending cuts that even Mr. Obama feels politically obliged to sell as historic….”

The Pink Flamingo has heard, from a source, that Rand Paul is considered one of the rudest and most arrogant members of Congress.  I have also been told that certain members of the US Senate who cross him are in danger of being destroyed by both he and the Paul machine.

Typical of the John Birch, Losertarian, Tea Party Machine, the Pauls don’t give a rip about freedom, the Constitution, or “democracy”.  It is all about their own personal power.  It is about people who drool all over themselves to worship their every batty statement.

If you want arrogant, just look at this headline.  Nothing explains just what Jim DeMint is about than the fact that, once again, he is willing to seriously hurt the GOP, politically, to get his way.  Behind the scenes, Republicans in the Senate accuse him of losing the Senate. If he pulls off his next threat, he is not only going to destroy the GOP, but seriously damage the country, throwing us into abject default on everything we owe.

The Hill

“...Asked if that would serve as the GOP’s “Waterloo” in the 2012 elections, the senator replied, “If it is, then let it be.”That could pose a conundrum for leaders in both political parties, who say it is imperative for Congress to raise the debt ceiling to prevent the government from defaulting on its debt. DeMint’s remarks evoke his mantra from the last election, when he pledged to make the Democrats’ healthcare law President Obama’s “Waterloo,” referring to the ultimate defeat of 19th century French leader Napoleon Bonaparte.”If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo, it will break him,” DeMint said in the summer of 2009….”

How do you deal with arrogance like this?

There is absolutely no doubt that Barack Obama is arrogant.  This whole birth certificate thingie is nothing but arrogance run amok – nothing more, nothing less.  The greatest proof of his arrogance is his incompetence and his determination that he need not play by any rules.

He is not the only arrogant Democrat.  Let’s add Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi (remember her – the soon to Speaker of the House)? Add Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Katic Couric, Joy Baher, and any given liberal (just about) and you have arrogance that is above and beyond.

They are patronizing.
They know what is right for the country.
They are out of touch with reality.
They patronize and wax poetic about the ‘little people’ but have no grasp on the world we ‘little people’ deal with on a daily basis.
They know more than we do.
They will do anything to get their way.
They will lie, cheat, and steal to win.
They want to win. Winning is more important than honor, principles, and scruples.
They manipulate.
They win because winning is more important than anything else.

The arrogant jerks on the left will do anything to win because they know they will not get caught.  They are smarter than the right.

The reason they win is because they stand up for one another.  It is one for all and all for one.  They will compromise to get what they want.

The bottom line is they know how to win.  They play it smart.  They win because they are smart.


GOP Home

Arrogant, right?  Try this one:

CNN Political Ticker

Liberal jerks aren’t the only ones who are arrogant.  You want a list?

  • Sean Hannity
  • Laura Ingraham
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Any Fox Libertarian
  • Mark Levin
  • Michelle Malkin
  • R. S. McCain
  • Erick Erickson
  • Ron Paul
  • Rand Paul
  • Mark Steyn
  • The Anti-Immigration Pundits
  • Jim DeMint
  • (You pick the far right blogger)

Don’t forget those millions and millions of tea party “patriots”

“...Numbering no more than a couple hundred people, the rally paled in comparison to the masses of Tea Party activists that have jammed the Capitol grounds and the National Mall in the past. Cold and wet conditions might have dampened the turnout. At its outset, it seemed as if there were nearly as many reporters and camera crews as activists….”

Cubachi is either delusional or doesn’t quite comprehend reality, thinking that THE MAN WHO COST US THE SENATE is going to be a KingMaker in 2012.  Sure – for the Dems.


The Pink Flamingo doesn’t see much different in the Arrogant Jerks of the Far Left and the Arrogant Jerks of the Far Right.  They are clueless, abjectly clueless, incapable of hearing anything but their own elevated opinion.  For people like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, who can’t consider the reality of life, it is all about them, and their own personal ambitions and their loud mouths.

“…Nearly six in ten Americans approve of the eleventh hour budget deal struck between Congress and the White House to avert a government shutdown, according to a CNN poll released on Monday. And what’s more, a plurality give Democrats the most credit for making it happen.

In the poll of American adults, 58% said they approved of the budget deal, compared to 38% who disapproved.

Additionally, the poll found that a 48% plurality of respondents credited Obama and Congressional Democrats the most for preventing a government shutdown. Thirty-five percent of respondents gave more credit to Republicans, while 11% thought both sides were equally responsible….”

Frum Forum

Note to Rush Limbaugh:  Only 22% of the country agrees with the Tea Party.  That’s not even half of the half of the people in the country.

“…More Americans now disagree with the tea party than agree with it, but the majority are indifferent to the conservative movement.

According to a national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 29 percent of Americans said they disagree with the Tea Party, while 22 percent agree, but forty-nine percent of those surveyed said they do not have an opinion either way.

Tea party groups have recently demanded that GOP leaders cut hundreds of billions from the federal budget and roll back numerous regulations. While the percentage of people saying they agree with the tea party movement has remained mostly unchanged, the percentage saying they disagree with the movement has grown 15 points since March 2010….”

Sharon at Democrats for Sale is as angry as is The Pink Flamingo:

Democrats for Sale

Sharon was referencing another article about the tea parties:

“...I was listening to some Tea Party leaders recently. They were unhappy some Representatives had not yet made their position on a bill public. They decided to find out those positions and if a Rep was voting “wrong,” to threaten him with a primary challenge.

Disagreements, even among allies, are inevitable. How we handle them defines our relationship’s future. In the aftermath of successful influence in 2010′s elections, some Tea Party activists are choosing coercion over cooperation.

It’s said you don’t truly know a man until you disagree with him. Character is revealed by conflict more than it is developed by it. What will Tea Party choices reveal? Will they choose purity of principle? Will they insist their way is the only way and burn the bridges between them and their natural allies? Or will they choose maturity of method? Will they permit allies to have varied convictions and still build bridges to lasting collaborations?…”

Rick Scott could be a disaster in Florida.  He is a strong leaning Libertarian-Republican.  The problem is,as usual they are clueless.  They are totally and completely clueless that, while people are ready for lower taxes and less government, they DO NOT LIKE libertarian ideas as a whole.  You can be entirely too libertarian and ruin the GOP, but then, that could be the whole idea.

Libertarian Republican
Political Wire

The most arrogant of them all is Ron Paul.  Please, take a look at this headline.

The Daily Paul

Ron Paul and his bunch of fanatics are completely out of control.  Because of his  their arrogance, the once august straw poll is going to be a thing of the past. We can only hope that Ron Paul has actually done the GOP a favor by cheating his way through all of these idiotic straw polls.

“…Now, the leading candidates are doing everything possible to avoid the appearance that they care about the results of the ubiquitous presidential straw polls, including skipping the events altogether. The proliferation of required stops on the campaign trail has finally become too big a burden for campaigns to bear; instead, they can make more of an impact by pursuing their own schedule.

“The straw polls are becoming quite expensive and well in excess of any potential benefits,” said Frank Donatelli, the chairman of GOPAC and a top advisor to McCain’s 2008 campaign. “The web and social networking allows candidates to build their own network independent from party activists.”

In fact, the disinterest in participating in straw polls coincides with the rise of a candidate who dominates the field. In New Orleans this week, no candidate attracted a bigger crowd than Ron Paul, the libertarian Texas congressman.

Paul’s legions of fans, much younger than the rest of the crowd and much less burdened by sport coats and slacks, began arriving during Cain’s address, booing the Atlanta businessman when he declared his support for Israel. They brought in signs, chanted for the end of the Federal Reserve and interrupted their hero constantly with thunderous applause. And, though they stayed for barely an hour, before leaving they gave Paul enough votes to win the straw poll.

Huntsman and Bachmann — an undeclared candidate and a three-term congresswoman who has never held a leadership position within her Conference — finished in second and third place. Cain, a businessman who has never held elected office, finished fourth, while Romney took just under 5 percent of the vote.

So it’s little wonder that Romney, the undisputed front-runner, has said he will not participate in this year’s straw polls. Any presidential campaign is made up, in no small part, of risk aversion. If Romney, or others, actively participate in straw polls and lose, they risk raising questions about their standing.

“Why spend a ton of money and resources on something that, ultimately, isn’t going to make a bit of a difference in getting the nomination,” asked one Republican strategist who will work for a presidential campaign this year….”

What about the recent American Thinker column by noted World Nut Daily author Matthew Vadum?  Arrogant, bigoted jerks like this make Republicans look horribly bad.

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