UPDATED: Yet More Conservative Idiocy (Texas Style)


UPDATE:  The Pink Flamingo has additional explanations of what happens in one of these fires down at the bottom of the post.

This is what is going on in Texas. There are 400 PROFESSIONAL fire-fighters working on the 35,000 acre blaze.  Evidently the stories about volunteers and fire-fighters from other areas being turned away could be yet another far right viral canard.  Evidently this fire was crowning, which is the most dangerous situation.  There was a  heavy wind, drought, and no water.  To blame the feds for turning away volunteers who just show up is just plain foolish.  I would not want just any old volunteer roaming around my evacuated neighborhood.  It’s that simple.

The photo on the right is the view from my parents’ back yard during the Donaldson fire.

“…BASTROP COUNTY COMPLEX, Bastrop County. 33,038 acres. The State Operations Center is reporting 30 percent containment. Heavy airtankers, scoopers, helicopters, and SEATs assisted on this fire that started in the Lost Pines area just northeast of Bastrop. Most of the forward progress of the fire has stopped, but significant intense burning continues in the interior. Twenty subdivisions remain evacuated. An assessment team has confirmed 785 homes have been destroyed. Two civilians were found dead yesterday as search crews went through the charred subdivisions….”

There’s something else you might want to realize.

“…Lake Travis Fire Rescue Chief Jim Linardos, a Redondo Beach native who worked for years in the North Lake Tahoe area, said Central Texas faced some of the same wildfire risks as California, but lacked the fire-prevention efforts and resources that help California firefighters immediately tackle blazes….”

If you are at risk you cut down trees, don’t have pine needles, and soak everything down as quickly as possible.  You don’t want a bunch of trees, shrubs, pine trees up near your home. You want a tin roof, and stucco.

Texas Forest Service

The conservative world is wringing their hands because allegedly a call went out for volunteers across the state.

“…Firefighting-trained volunteers from around the state converged on Bastrop and Smithville Tuesday to lend a hand to the beleaguered local firefighters battling the Bastrop County Complex Fire — only to be sent away as federal officials arrived at the scene and took command, apparently because local officials never made a formal request for volunteers.

“We were at the station getting set up into strike teams, and this guy came up and said that the U.S. Forest Service had ‘assumed control of the situation, and that ‘If you don’t have a vehicle that squirts water, go home,’” said Gordon Greer of Kirbyville, who drove all night Monday to arrive in the town beset by the worst wildfire in Texas history. “You’ve got guys who had driven all night long from Corpus Christi and Brownsville on their own dime, and they turned them away. He was really a (bleep) about it….”

Unfortunately, it is NOT true.

Unfortunately, THIS is not stopping the stupidity.

Gonzales Cannon

“…Several of the volunteers voiced their displeasure, however, at federal agents taking charge at the scene after appeals by Texas Gov. Rick Perry for federal aid following another series of wildfires earlier this year was turned down.

“They’re willing to sacrifice the lives of the people of Bastrop just so they can come in here and pull rank,” said Daniel Miller of Nederland, who had led a group of Texas Nationalist Movement members who were certified firefighters to Bastrop from the Beaumont area. Miller said he and several other members of the group would remain in the Bastrop area to aid with civilian relief efforts….”

As an aside, The Pink Flamingo has a friend who is pure Texas.  He’s always spouting Texas succession as bluster and as a Texan, but he doesn’t believe in it.  He considers the people in the Texas Nationalist Movement to be traitors to the US.  They want to break up this country.

Would you want someone from this sort of a group being allowed to just show up, unannounced and be sent to guard your evacuated neighborhood?  I would NOT.

The Lonely Conservative would not last long in Lincoln County.  Voicing the opinion that these guys are not doing what they are being paid to do is a way to get yourself in a big fight.  These guys are heroes.  Just this summer my home and my parents’ home were saved by forestry service fire fighters.

The Lonely Conservative

These people are absolutely S – T – U – P – I – D.  Pure and simple.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Moe Lane

Moe Lane is typical of conservatives who open their mouth without checking the fact.  TEN – 10 – tankers are on site.  That’s a huge deal.  The tankers are the most wonderful thing you will see.  You are standing out watching the hill behind your parents’ go up in flames and hear those tankers, it’s like answered prayer!  They do pin-point drops.  This isn’t just call in the Texas Nationalist Militia and let them Three Stooges all over the place.  The tanker drops are like a bombing drop.  They do it right on the mark.

Several weeks ago, I drove my father up Alamo Canyon to see what happened after the 110,000 acre fire went through it.  There were homes where the tankers would drop their wonderful pink slurry around them, and save the homes.  They don’t use the tankers the whole time.  Slurry is expensive.  They do pin-point drops.  But, facts don’t bother the far right.

In fact, if you don’t have the right winds – basically  none, you can’t even do a chopper drop of water.


Would someone like to explain what is going on in the head of the far right anti-government cultist who believe anything someone who calls themselves “conservative” say.  Facts aren’t important.  What is going on in Austin at the Bastrop fire is the perfect example of their abject stupidity.

There are 10 tankers on site.  When we had the 110,000 acre Donaldson fire, there were maybe 4-5 tankers.  Ten tankers is a very large number.  They’re using the national guard to drop water from choppers.  You can’t fly if there is a major wind, which I gather there was on Sunday and Monday.  When you’re dealing with pine trees and the fire starts crowning, you’ve almost lost it.  It is a disaster.

There is a major difference from professional fire-fighters showing up with their “kits” to hire on as a “volunteer”.  It’s a job thing.  The only reason I know this is because the ex-daughter-in-law of a friend was here in Ruidoso when we were having a big fire.  She is a professional fire-fighter.  She mentioned that she had thought about bringing her equipment with her, but realized they did not have room in the family truckster.   But, when “volunteers” show up, that is a whole different story.

Do conservatives pride themselves on being so very ignorant?


The Stage I command could not use volunteers who showed up out of nowhere, answering a FAKE plea for help.  They are  using professional volunteers from all over the state – with professional equipment.

I have a tremendous use for volunteer firemen!  They are wonderful.  I also know that when battling a monster like this, it’s a little different.   Here, when we had the 110,000 acre fire, they kept the volunteers patrolling, locally. They were stationed at different locations, but were not part of the actual Stage I effort.

Until a few months ago, I did not realize what went on with the operational stages, I,II,III.  Stage III is localized, and volunteers are sucked into it.  Stage II, is basically the same, only more equipment, more people, and more technology.

Stage I is like a professional fire-fighting army.

They will hire professional “volunteers” who show up with their credentials.  In fact there in Texas, they were taking in professional volunteers from all over the state, who arrived with their big time equipment.  The article never mentioned that.   What happened is they sent some people home who did not come with their equipment, and were members of one of those crazy Texas succession movements.

The liability alone would be prohibitive, not to mention the fact that the command and control had no idea who these people were.  Can you imagine putting someone who had no background check in with terribly expensive machinery, explosives (which they use – they were firing rockets behind my parents’ home to start a back fire), and patrolling evacuated neighborhoods?  They could have been anyone.

They had volunteers from bona fide fire departments from all over the state – but turned away some people who just showed up, announcing they were part of the Texas Nationalist Movement and they were there to help.

As for tankers, there were a half dozen or so, initially, which could not be used because of wind.  (The fire that nearly took out my home last spring could not be accessed from the air because of the wind factor).  Currently there are 10 tankers, and an entire air force of choppers.  The 110,000 acre Donaldson Center fire here only had about 4 tankers, so the argument that not enough resources were being used is a crock.

The real story here is the fact that a few extremists – and I would classify the Texas Nationalist Movement as extreme (I have a friend who has lived in Texas all his life, knows a bunch of them – he says they are crazy) decided to prove a point by complaining about the evil Federal government.  No one else complained.  No one bothered to confirm the story about the fact that the “call” that went out was a viral tweet that had no basis in fact.

Then there is the story about the tankers not being allowed to be brought in.  They already had tankers fighting when the story broke, but no one bothered to fact check that story, either.  I don’t give a rip about the contract dispute angle, but the fact that it was being said that the evil Feds were keeping needed equipment away from the fire.  In fact, the exact opposite was happening.  They have tremendous resources, far more than we had here.  The reason the fire here became 110,000 acres is because it was not taken seriously and we were not given the resources needed. Everything was up at Los Alamos.  There was so much inaccurate media attention (primarily the mess FOX made of the story) that resources were sent to Las Cruces with two Stage I units, while we only had a Stage II.



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  1. How very, very interesting. This whole subjcet is rather new and foreign to me. Wasn’t sure what you were getting at but finally I understood. And it is a good example of a lot of the nonsense that goes on in the fringes, from deceptively whipping up hysteria via the internet/Facebook, to later making claims that support your extreme ideology.

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