Democrat Apples, Republican Oranges, Vote Fraud, IDs, and Voting Rights


You must present a photo ID when checking into a hospital.  If you are not known at a bank, you present one to cash a check.  You need one to get your plane ticket, check into a hotel, and rent a car.  One wonders if the people who are complaining about having to present a photo ID to vote don’t have a different agenda.

Once again Lindsey is going to be in trouble for doing what is right.  The bad news is the Dems are going to turn him into the worst racist the world has ever known.  The good news is, for once, the Right will agree with what he wants to do – pass a federal voter ID law that requires a photo identification!  Poor thing, doesn’t he know that anyone who even remotely wants people to be properly identified with a photo – what a ghastly though – is noting more than a bigot, disenfranchising those poor, poor individuals who just can’t get their act together long enough to get a proper identification, even though they are available free of charge.

The far left likes to think that vote fraud is a myth.  The far right likes to think it is a commie plot to take over the country.  Neither side will give an inch on this one.  There are verified reports of ACORN based vote fraud.  I have every reason to believe that my dead grandparents were also resurrected to vote Democrat (they were life-long Republicans) for Al Gore in the land of the hanging chad – yes THAT precinct in Palm Beach County.

We know there is vote fraud.  We also know that voter rolls need to be periodically studied to remove the dead, etc.  Why is this preventing someone from legally voting? ACLU reports to the contrary, New Mexico is a mecca for vote fraud.

“…When New Mexicans read that Secretary of State Dianna Duran had turned over 64,000 cases to Public Safety Director Gordon Eden to investigate for fraud, people cheered. I have been asked numerous times since the news of the investigation broke, “Who are the people criticizing this?” The critic I am most familiar with is Daniel Ivey-Soto. Ivey-Soto is a paid lobbyist for the New Mexico Association of County Clerks Affiliate. Ivey Soto has been quoted saying, “Why not ask the county clerks who are responsible for the integrity of elections for their help?” The answer is simple. When it comes to investigations, all entities should be excused from investigating themselves. Also, if the county clerks had the manpower to uncover problems they would have done it. I know about Ivey-Soto’s stands because of his testimonies before the House Voters and Elections Committee. In 2009, Ivey-Soto told the committee that a bill sponsored by Rep. Dianne Hamilton requiring a photo ID to vote was problematic because it included absentee voting. He said it was an overhaul of our election system, and needed study….”

Darn Lindsey Graham, trying to put a stop to something so insidious and preventing the dead from voting.  Just what sort of horrible man is he to do such a vile and disgusting thing?  Poor man, he is simply delusional.


Read the comments.  Poor Lindsey is just plain evil, trying to disenfranchise the poor, bring back the days of Jim Crow, reinstate the Confederacy, undo the results of the Civil War, and just make life a living hell for minorities in South Carolina.   Darn his hide!

It makes me think that someone is protesting a little too much.  Everyone carries a photo ID.  To say they don’t enables a person not to live in the real world.  You need a photo ID to pick up mail, establish your address, etc.  You need identification to get food stamps.


Please, if all of these require a photo ID, why the heck shouldn’t someone provide the same thing when they vote.  In lieu of a photo ID, they should have a bunch of stuff to prove who they are.


Damn, everyone’s a racist, especially within government!

Who knew!

Liberals are now up in arms because the Wisconsin DMV is not going to offer free IDs unless someone asks for one.  The Pink Flamingo agrees.  I must pay for my photo ID.  Why should someone get one for free?  If they can’t get one for free, it’s called a Poll Tax.  Poppycock!

The liberal establishment would like the world to think that there is no such thing as vote fraud.  Please, tell that to my friend from Oklahoma.  She discovered that her life-long Republican, long dead grandfather (from Ohio) had been voting, posthumously. He had re-registered as a Democrat, to vote for (presumably) Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama.  I kid you not.

We Republicans comprehend that vote fraud does indeed exist.  We can prove it.  The problem is, for ever thousand inappropriately registered ancestors, sports teams, etc, the Dems will pull out one poor person who has had his/her name deleted from the rolls.  Never mind that he/she has probably moved to a new state, address, or has not bothered in years.  It doesn’t matter.  Republicans are evil and want to disenfranchise the poor.

Aside from a few jerks at World Net Daily and American Thinker, no rational conservative wants to do that, not at all.  The problem is the fact that the far right is as irrational as the far left.

Vote fraud does exist, big time.  Anyone who thinks it does not is delusional.  The problem is do-do like this from the extreme right does not help things, at all.

“…Two days after Rolling Stone posted Ari Berman’s very good piece on how the GOP campaign against ACORN and “voter fraud” is actually just part of a coordinated effort to stop minorities and poor people from voting at all, right-wing “investigative journalist” Matthew Vadum has now explicitly endorsed disenfranchising poor people for the sole reason that they’re poor and will vote for people who will do things to alleviate their poverty. It is positively Swiftian, if Jonathan Swift had been an actual cannibal…”

Rolling Stone

People like Matthew Vadum are a disgrace to the term “conservative”.

“…Why are left-wing activist groups so keen on registering the poor to vote?
Because they know the poor can be counted on to vote themselves more benefits by electing redistributionist politicians.  Welfare recipients are particularly open to demagoguery and bribery.

Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.  It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country — which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously supports registering welfare recipients to vote.

A decade before the Motor-Voter law that required states to register voters at welfare offices was enacted, NAACP official Joe Madison explained the political economy of voter registration drives.

“When people are standing in line to get cheese and butter or unemployment compensation, you don’t have to tell them how to vote,” said Madison, now a radio talk show host in Washington, D.C.  “They know how to vote.”…”

As for Vadum, no one with any credibility works for World Net Daily – NO ONE.  The only people who take any from WND seriously are the nuts on the right who read it and the nuts on the left who use the nuts on the far right to hammer NORMAL Republicans.


Would someone please explain why there is anything wrong with requiring a photo ID when a person registers to vote and votes?  Those on the left who cry crocodile tears that poor innocent poor inner city people are being disenfranchised because they don’t have a photo ID are a bunch of lying idiots.  They’re using it as a wedge issue to make trouble and roll back the excellent work a group of very dedicated individuals are doing to clear the voter rolls of our long dead ancestors.

The canard that the innocent individuals who live in cities and don’t drive don’t have photo identification is a crock.  Ari Berman knows it, or else he’s so full of the usual patronizing do-do that he cannot be honest.  If all those churches that sponsor voter drives sponsored photo ID drives, nothing would be said.

Democrats are so durn dishonest.