The Great Religious 9/11 Debate


The Pink Flamingo has ignored this story because it is so disgusting.  Mayor Bloomberg has announced that there will be no religious memorial tomorrow.


The crocodile tears from the Right are some of the worst hypocrisy I’ve been subjected to in ages.

If he did have a religious aspect and invited a Muslim representative of the clergy, the usual outlandish sources would once again make abject fools of themselves, the way they have over the alleged Ground Zero Mosque, which is a scam.  The  usual sources would rant and froth, then complain when they are listed as official “Hate Groups” by the SPLC.

“…Manhattan blogger Pamela Geller and her posse of anti-Islamic protesters have been branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Stop the Islamization of America was included in the civil rights organization’s annual roundup of extremist groups – a rogue’s gallery that includes everything from the Ku Klux Klan to white supremacists and Nazis. Geller’s group was one of the most vocal opponents of the proposed Islamic Center near Ground Zero. The group was also behind ads that were placed on city buses urging Muslims to leave “the falsity of Islam.”

Geller, who runs a blog called Atlas Shrugs, dismissed the Law Center as an “uber left” group that has “failed to address the greatest threat to our national security.”

“My group is a human rights group,” she said. “And these people are taken seriously? This is the morally inverted state of the world.”…”

According to the extreme right, the SPLC is for liberals only, they hate the US, and don’t bother with the left.  Their current release makes the anti-Islamic the sky is falling and I can’t get up people look a bit foolish.  The SPLC has recently profiled several Islamic problems.  BUT, is the far right even bothering to listen?  They make the far right wind-bags look a bit foolish, esp. with their detailed list of 30 terror plots exposed in the past 10 years.


What the people who hate any Muslim ignore is the fact that there are different forms of Islam.

“…The British psychiatrist Russell Razzaque, a Muslim, has studied jihadists and discovered that many came from families that were not terribly religious. Their lack of familiarity with the Koran and Muslim teachings left them vulnerable to the distorted version of Islam that radicalists preached. By contrast, those potential recruits like Razzaque who grew up in religious homes knew enough about the Koran to recognize that something was off about the jihadist message….”


I don’t want my Christian faith being used and manipulated for crass political gain, which is what all of this far right hyperbole is all about.   The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is on Sunday.  If you don’t think every church in this country isn’t having some sort of memorial, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

As a Christian, I don’t want to put up with the hype.  I don’t want the vitriol, and I don’t want my intelligence to be insulted.  The whole far right argument is not nothing but that.  I might think otherwise but they are also complaining that there is not an evangelical at the commemorative at the Episcopalian cathedral in Washington.

There is this disconnect of ignorance that permeates the far right to the point where they are starting to stink.  The affair in DC was coordinated by the diocese there, but that isn’t good enough for the ignorant Episcopalian haters of the extreme right.  You know the ones, they hate us because of a gay or two and that we ordain women.  From what I gather, they don’t comprehend the fact that, when major religious events are organized they use representatives from all major religions, Protestants included.  I hate to bring this up, but Episcopalians are considered Protestant.  Evangelicals are an ideology, not a major denomination.

And that is why there is no religious aspect to the big memorial in DC on the morrow. Mayor Bloomberg has apparently received the memo that you can’t please any of the people any of the time, so why bother!

If you have a member of the Muslin clergy you insult Pam Geller and her bunch of loud mouth protesters.

If you have an Episcopalian you insult the far right.

If you don’t have someone from all the political religious organizations the far right is up in arms.

Which Baptist group do you choose?

Orthodox, Conservative, or liberal if you chose a rabbi?

You can’t have Catholic without having Greek.

If you have the evil Episcopalians do you have an Anglican representative?

Which bunch of Presbytarians do you choose?

Same with Lutherans.

How the hell are you going to find any music that pleases everyone?

If you sing God Bless America, the atheists sic the ACLU on you.

If you represent every religion of every person who died at the WTC, you will have an event longer than an old fashioned barn burning tent meeting that lasted all day and into the night.

It is a quagmire.

Look at the stupidity surrounding the Freedom Tower, museum, and the WTC cross. It never ends, primarily, The Pink Flamingo thinks, because everyone wants their ten minutes of reality TV, FOX News fame.

What would Jesus do?


I suspect Jesus would be treating the gays very kindly.  He would be reaching out to the Illegal Immigrant, and dining with the Imam down the block.  He would be sitting in the squalor of a tenement ministering to the sick, homeless, and those without hope.  He would be kind, loving, caring for the very least of them, gathering the little children into His loving arms.

I also suspect He would be pulling the plug on a few of the big ticked religious affiliates, non-profits, PACs, and TV preachers.  He never did have much tolerance for Pharisees.

The really scary thing is Christ would be ministering to the terrorists.  It’s a Jesus kind of thing, forgiveness, love, and all of that inconvenient stuff.  After all, there is the example of Saul of Tarsus.

The more I think about the insight from Russell Razzaque, the more I think he is correct.  His theory just doesn’t apply to Muslims, but Christians, too.  I feel sorry for people who don’t have much of a background in their faith.  The Pink Flamingo has been emailing back and forth with friend and confidant Sally Vee about one specific theological point.  We both have a background with a strong religious upbringing.  I suspect we are saying the same thing, only looking at it differently.  You can’t have that kind of a discussion with someone who doesn’t have the depth or history in a strong religious upbringing, be it Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.

I think that is where the real problem is.  You can’t expect churches, schools, text books, or civic memorial services to provide a spiritual education for you or your family.  That is up to the individual, home, family, and parent.  So, they demand obsequious gestures of futility from those in power.  It’s a Pharisee kind of thing.  It is about grand gestures to make them look good, and little else.

Don’t ever think it is about Christ.