The HPV Roschach Test


This is not about HPV, Gardasil, or cervical cancer, which killed my mother’s best friend. This is about the left, right, middle, muddle, losers, liars, and panders.  It is about the far right behaving unexpectedly well, at times, and some of the irrational right being as irrational as usual.

“…“I hate cancer and that’s what this has always been about for me. I made a mistake in the way that I took this forward,” he said. “But nothing’s changed in my life from the standpoint of giving people the opportunity to conquer a disease that is impacting so many people in our country.”

Perry said that his mother and father are both cancer survivors and he recalled sitting at the bedside of a young woman as she was dying from cervical cancer. The woman he was referring to was Heather Burcham, who Perry said was an inspiration for his 2007 executive order. Burcham died from her cancer at the age of 31 the same year of his executive order, and Perry spoke at her memorial service. (Burchman was featured as an ABC News “Person of the Week” just months before her death.)

On Wednesday Perry said he “readily admitted” he should have handled things differently in Texas. “We should have had an opt-in instead of an opt-out,” he said. “But, at the end of the day, I am always going to be erring on the side of life.”…”

There is a tremendous problem with Michele Bachmann’s HPV vaccine statement.  It has become a Roschach Test for the right, conservatives, tea party types, and libertarians.  It may be where the right begins to separate from the libertarian tea parties.  It could also be the rebirth of reason and logic within the conservative world.  I do hope so.

“…After piling on Texas Gov. Rick Perry in last night’s presidential debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is continuing to attack the 2012 frontrunner for mandating that young girls get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

Perry has apologized for the mandate, saying it was a mistake. One of his former top aides had gone on to become a lobbyist for vaccine-maker Merck & Co. and pushed the governor for an executive order.

Social conservatives argue that the vaccine, which protects against a sexually-transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer, encourages promiscuity. Perry’s decision has already riled up conservative activists; it might be Bachmann’s best hope to win back those voters….And she’s getting support from a sometime-rival, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. “You have to go up against the big guns,” Palin said on FOX News last night. “And they will try to destroy you, when you call them out on the mistakes that they have made.” The phrase “crony capitalism” is one Palin used in a speech in Iowa last weekend and repeated last night.

Some conservatives are pushing back on Bachmann’s mental health claim, saying the candidate went too far by suggesting a link between vaccines and mental disabilities….”

We all know Bachmann is abjectly loony.  The beautiful irony is the way the far right is reacting.  Some are behaving reasonably, like Rush.  Others, like this abjectly dishonest commentary from Timothy P. Carney.

Outside the Beltway

 “...The public would be enraged, Conservatives particularly, if these carriers of this often lethal infection were identified on the internet so that potential partners could have a choice in avoiding the infection of Don Juan types intent on serial infection of vulnerable maidens. Consequently, we allow carriers to continue to spread untold misery and death among females as a cost of our Constitutional freedoms.

A woman may only have one partner in her sexual life, but if that partner is a carrier of the infection, she will more than likely suffer through one or more of the associated diseases and death as a result….”

Think Progress Health

Try this:

“….In their rush to try and stop Gov. Rick Perry’s momentum in the polls, some of his GOP opponents are going off the rails in attacking his decision in 2007 to issue an Executive Order calling for young girls to receive the HPV vaccine, which can help to greatly reduce their risk of cervical cancer, often caused by several strains of the HPV virus. Perry admits he should have gone through the legislative process and spent time bringing the public along as to the need for the vaccine. What’s more, the policy NEVER WENT INTO EFFECT! Not a single girl was vaccinated, and no shots were given as a result of Perry’s Executive Order!…”

Moe Lane - Red State

“...The “parental rights” rejoinder is unpersuasive here. There’s no IQ or expertise barrier to becoming a parent. And large numbers of demonstrably smart and well educated people–like Michele Bachmann–are complete idiots when it comes to medical science. The notion that they should be allowed to subject their children to huge risks out of ignorance and superstition is baffling.

While irrationality about vaccines is by no means limited to conservatives, one added irony is that the conservatives in the group are generally also anti-abortion. This means that they’re simultaneously arguing that society has a moral obligation to protect unborn children from the decisions of their mothers and that mothers should have absolute freedom with regard to the health of their born children….”

UK Guardian

The great irony here is that the libertarians and “pro-life” conservatives, along as the social cons who object to an HPV vaccine on moral grounds are terribly misleading.  They are being as manipulative as liberals.  They’re also being far more dishonest. They talk about being pro-life and they talk about saving money, they don’t give a damn.  You save lives with this sort of an extremely safe vaccine.  You also save a heck of a lot of money paying for the vaccine up front and preventing millions of dollars in cancer treatments later on.

People like Bachmann are extremely arrogant.  They can only see what is right there at their narrow vision and their narrow mind.  Because cervical cancer can be considered a STD, in their self-righteous holier than though manner, they assume – ass – you – me, that the person who has cervical cancer is an evil sinner.

I know two women who died of cervical cancer, who acquired it from their philandering spouses.  One can only imagine what they could have done with their lives, had they not been literally killed by their husbands.

Those little girls Michele Bachmann wants to protect have a 20% chance of being raped by the time they are 21.  Yes, I know a young woman who was raped about a year ago.  She was forced to wait for months before learning that she had not been infected by HPV.  She SUFFERED because she had not been offered the vaccine.

Oh, wait, in Michele Bachmann’s perfect little world, those precious little girls she wants to protect are not molested or raped.  That only happens to imperfect little girls, right?  I was one of those innocent little girls who was raped as a child.