How About Some (More) Fake Liberal Science and Corruption?


You want another liberal science scandal?

Maybe someone needs to start investigating the so-called diabetes epidemic and the witch hunt against those of us who do not meet Michele Obama’s standard of a normal weight.

The statistics on obesity and diabetes is even shakier than global warming. The big difference is even the far right has fallen for those statistics. Not only is The Pink Flamingo not thin, but I am also a serious dyslexic when it comes to numbers. Even I can see that someone is playing fast and lose with statistics and flow charts.

If a third of the American people are considered “obese” and about 8% of the American people are diabetics, then, if all diabetics were “obese” which they are not, then less than a third of those who are “obese” would be diabetics. The problem with these numbers are that they’re including undiagnosed diabetics in the percentage, and the average undiagnosed diabetic happens to be a NORMAL size. So, the 8% number is bogus.

Something strange is going on in the world today. We are being inundated with the fat is bad, thin is healthy, a healthy weight is a healthy body. Unless you comply with the Democrat’s version of what healthy is, you’re going to be in trouble, up a creek, and much poorer for it, as they are in Chicago where, if you don’t submit to heath oversight, you cough up $50 bucks per person in your family for extra health insurance. This is government supplied health insurance for city employees. Look, I pay $150 or so a month for mine, so what is the problem of paying a little extra yourself?

In the US, as of 2008, 33.8% of the American people were considered “obese”. In 2010 there were about 308 million people here. In other words, at least 120 million or so people in the US are “obese”, The Pink Flamingo included. Now, try getting honest statistics about diabetes in this country and it is smoke and mirrors. According to the CDC about 24 million people in the US are full blown diabetics. Another 57 million allegedly have “prediabetes”, which means absolutely NOTHING. These numbers come from WebMD, which is highly unreliable, I’m coming to learn (esp. when it comes to Alzheimer’s Disease). So, according to the National Institute of Health, 25.8 million people or 8.3% of the population are diabetics. The actual statistics are that 18.8 million people are diagnosed and 7 million people are undiagnosed. According to my research, those who are undiagnosed have a tendency to be NORMAL weight and thin, because the health care system is determined that ALL people who are obese are diabetics.

The problem with this dribble is there are at least 120 million people in the US who are considered “obese”. There are about 19 million people who are diabetics. That means, if every diabetic were obese, which is far from the truth, then there would be at least 100 million obese people in the US who are not diabetics.


Now, try finding stats on the number of “normal” wight people who are diabetics, and you won’t find them. Off the top of my head, I can name five people I know who are diabetics. One is overweight. The rest are NORMAL weight. What is missing from this misleading table of statistics? They give actual numbers of people in this country who are diabetics, but don’t give the actual number of people in this country who are “obese”. The bottom line here is the fact that there are at least 100 million people in the US who are “obese” and who are NOT diabetics.

Recently, I’ve been hearing from people I know who are being accused of being either “pre-diabetic” or diabetics. These are people who are of a normal size. They are being told, that they are borderline obese (we’re talking women who wear a size 12 at the most) and are pre-diabetics, even thought their blood sugar is between 109 – 119 and have no history of the disease in the family. They are being told they need to begin taking diabetic medication, already!

I know 2 senior citizen males who have an average morning reading of 90-109 and are still taking medication for being diabetics. One has passed out several times because his blood sugar dropped to 60.

Something is very, very wrong here. They do not live in the same towns or go to the same doctors. They all have something in common. Their GPs are pushing medication on them.

Someone please tell me this epidemic of diabetes is NOT to pad the pockets of drug companies. Then, please tell me that the various diabetic as

“...Under the old definition, a fasting blood test that showed a glucose level of 140 (mg per dl) was necessary for a diagnosis of diabetes. But in 1997, the American Diabetes Association and the WHO Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus lowered that level to 126 mg/dl. Where 11.7 million people had been defined as diabetic under the old definition, this change resulted in a fourteen percent increase in the number of people with diabetes. One million, seven hundred thousand people got diabetes overnight.

A new disease category was invented when impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance were renamed “pre-diabetes.” Prediabetes was defined as having a fasting blood glucose level between 110 and 126 mg/dl. In 2003, the blood glucose level that defined the condition was lowered to 100 mg/dl, which used to be considered normal. Although the fine print admits that not all those with prediabetes will develop diabetes, and that many with impaired fasting glucose actually have normal blood glucose most of the time, the use of the “pre” strongly suggests that the condition is a “pre” cursor to the actual disease.

The definition of diabetes has evolved over time. For most of history, diabetes was diagnosed when sugar was present in the urine. Ancient and medieval physicians made their diagnosis by tasting their patients’ urine. Thankfully, these days are past. Testing for urine sugar is still done as part of a routine urinalysis, and diabetes is still diagnosed this way. Blood sugar has to reach 300 mg/dl or higher before significant amounts spill out of the blood and into the urine (an exception would be if kidney disease were present). In a normal person, blood sugar never gets this high, even after a meal. The development of reliable chemical tests for blood sugar after World War II allowed more sensitive tests. It became common to carry out glucose tolerance tests, where blood samples would be taken before and after the patient drank glucose syrup. This is still done to test for gestational diabetes during pregnancy, but testing fasting blood sugar has been found to be just as reliable.

How dangerous is it to have mild diabetes (fasting blood sugar of 126 to 140)? It’s not clear. A massive study called The Pooling Project put together data from many studies, including Framingham and Tecumseh, and found that mild elevations of blood sugar did not increase the risk of heart attacks.1 However, the argument was made that many people with mild diabetes go on to develop full blown diabetes, and on that basis the guidelines were changed. The evidence that “prediabetes” is harmful is very tenuous, and again the main argument is that people with prediabetes should be watched closely….”

The people I know who are being currently diagnosed as diabetic are of a normal size with not history of diabetes in the family. These are people who have never had a problem with diabetes in their lives. They are healthy, active, and have a normal weight, normal life. People like this are diabetics, but these individuals are not.

Something is not quite right here.

“…“Is the overall incidence of diabetes rising? It is difficult to say. This is because the standards for diagnosing diabetes have changed radically over the last 30 years. We have gone from measuring glucose in the urine to carrying out an elaborate procedure known as the oral glucose tolerance test and finally to relying solely on fasting blood glucose. The level defining diabetes was dropped from 140 to 126 mg/dL in the 1990s. Loosening the diagnostic standards greatly increased the number of people classified as diabetic. Also, screening for diabetes has been stepped up, and now most people over age 45 are supposed to be checked every 3 years. In contrast, the average fasting blood glucose level in the adult population is about 85 mg/dL, and this value has not changed in decades. If there truly were an epidemic of diabetes, the average blood glucose level would rise, just as the average body weight has risen.”…Fewer undiagnosed cases means that more people in the BRFSS study will report they have diabetes. But the shift from undiagnosed cases to diagnosed cases doesn’t indicate any actual increase in the prevalence of the disease. Only the NHANES data—which show a much lower increase—can control for this problem. …”


The Weekly Standard

In 2009, the American Diabetes Association pushed a change in the standards for diabetes testing. Were these new standards created to help promote ObamaCare and Michelle Obama’s war on obesity? Pre diabetes is a scam. If you don’t believe it, just check out the recommendations for people who are “pre-diabetic”. This is a BIG BUSINESS thing.

“…If your fasting glucose is between 100 and 125 mg/dl you have prediabetes. This means that your pancreas is either not producing enough insulin to keep your blood sugar in balance or your body is not able to efficiently use the insulin it is producing. Either way, your blood sugar is higher than it should be, and if it remains elevated, you are at high risk for eventually being diagnosed with diabetes….”

I was on the phone, talking to my mother when I noticed there is a new insulin-Alzheimer’s study. When dealing with a parent who is both a diabetic and has Alzheimer’s, I quickly began checking into it.

There is a new claim that every 7 seconds someone dies from diabetes. That is 12,342.8 deaths from diabetes every single day. That would allow for over 4.5 million deaths a year. According to the latest statistics, as of July 1 of this year, there were 6.94. There are allegedly 368,000,000 people in the world who are diabetics. It is epidemic?

The Pink Flamingo has a serious dyslexic problem when it comes to numbers, but it looks to me like about 6% or so of the world’s population is diabetic. It is a serious epidemic, right?

Look at cancer numbers. Based on rates from 2005-2007, 40.77% of all Americans will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. In 2007, cancer caused something like 13% of deaths, worldwide.

“...In 2004 there were 553,888 cancer deaths in the US. There are 525,600 minutes in a year. That works out to (553,888/525,600 =) 1.054 cancer deaths per minute…”

According to the WHO, 346 million people have diabetes. In 2004 it caused an estimated 3.4 million deaths world wide. It amounts to 2.2% of world wide deaths. In high-income countries. Alzheimer’s Disease is the fourth leading cause of death. Diabetes is the 8th. Why isn’t Alzheimer’s declared epidemic with a tremendous push for assistance?


Naturally, the diabetes foundation would want to make you think that more people died of diabetes related problems than HIV/AIDS, but the stats are not there. They are also saying that is is a major cause of death in low income countries.

Why the lies?

“...Diabetes kills as many as AIDS, and is a big problem in poor countries. Dr. Martin Silink, head of the International Diabetes Federation, spoke with Mary Carmichael.

I thought diabetes was a “disease of affluence.”
Not anymore—70 percent of cases are in the developing world. When people there move to cities, their risk doubles. They’re less active and they eat fewer fruits and vegetables.

The numbers are especially bad in Asia. Why?
Economic development there is uncovering a genetic tendency towards diabetes. For a person of European background, the risk rises at a body-mass index of 26. But for people in Asia it starts at 22 because they put on fat in the abdominal area. That body shape is linked to insulin resistance….”


“...My next point is possibly the most contentious. The AACE guidelines were produced by a committee of physicians chaired by two distinguished endocrinologists, Dr. Paul Jellinger and Dr. Helena Rodbard. Both doctors are highly respected and accomplished. They are also both highly compensated consultants to the pharmaceutical companies which market the newest generation of diabetes medications. In the disclaimer attached to the committee’s recommendations, both Dr. Jellinger and Dr. Rodbard admit to consulting arrangements with virtually every one of the pharmaceutical companies whose interests are effected by their committee’s findings. I too am a consultant to many of these same companies (at least, until now), but I am not responsible for developing national guidelines for diabetes care. In my opinion the close association of both committee chairmen to the pharmaceutical companies detracts heavily from the credibility of their recommendations. The need for credibility is even more important when the AACE committee advises physicians to avoid using sulfonylureas, the only class of drugs not marketed by any of the big pharma companies. and which also happens to be the cheapest drug class, the drugs with the longest history of use, and the class of drugs many regard as the most effective at lowering blood sugar levels. The sulfonylurea class of drugs is so effective at lowering blood sugar, in fact, they are used as the gold standard by which the effectiveness of all new diabetic medications are compared.…”

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to think there is a direct connection between the American Diabetes Association and ObamaCare.

American Diabetes Association

“… Health Care Reform and People with and At-risk for Diabetes

The federal health care reform legislation (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care & Education Affordability Act of 2010) which became law in March 2010, includes many new tools in the fight to stop diabetes. Once the provisions of the law are fully in place, people with diabetes can no longer be denied insurance or forced to pay more for coverage simply because they have diabetes. Insurance companies will not be allowed to limit benefits or drop coverage when a person needs health care most. In sum, a diagnosis of diabetes will no longer be a lawful reason to deny health care, ending the current system that sanctions such discrimination.

Throughout the health care reform debate, the American Diabetes Association fought hard to ensure that reform benefited the nearly 24 million people with diabetes and the 57 more with prediabetes. (These numbers are now nearly 26 million people with diabetes and 79 million with prediabetes). While the new laws are not perfect, they will protect people with diabetes in fundamental ways. These new provisions include:

Effective in 2010 [timeline noted in brackets; note that the exact date will depend in many cases on when the insurance plan year begins, so actual dates may be later]

New Coverage Options for Individuals with Pre-existing Conditions: Uninsured
people with diabetes are now able to access insurance through new high risk pools in every
state specifically created to make insurance available to people with pre-existing conditions.
These high risk pools, called the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), are available
until the provisions banning discrimination based on pre-existing conditions are fully in
place in 2014.

No Pre-existing Condition Exclusions for Children: Job based health plans and new
individual plans are prohibited from excluding children with diabetes from being covered
due to their pre-existing condition. [Beginning as early as September 23]

No Dropping the Sick: Insurers are prohibited from rescinding policies to avoid paying
medical bills when a person is diagnosed with diabetes or has a complication related to
diabetes. [Beginning as early as September 23]

No Lifetime Limits on Benefits and Annual Limits are Restricted: Lifetime limits on
benefit coverage are prohibited and annual limits in most plans are restricted and will
eventually be phased out. [Beginning as early as September 23]

Young Adults Can Stay on Their Parents’ Plans: Children with diabetes will be able to
stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26 with only a limited exception for a parent
with a “grandfathered” health plan who has an adult child with his/her own offer of
employer-sponsored insurance. [Beginning as early as September 23] …”

MacDonalds Menu

This is what real caramel sauce has in it for ingredients. While Michelle Obama may not approve, the ingredients are a heck of a lot better for someone than the “light” version which is a chemical bath. I think the better question is why does a child need to dip their apple slices in caramel? Yea, I’m considered obese, always have been. My mother sure never let my sister and I dump our apples in caramel sauce. We did not get caramel anything – every, maybe Halloween, but that was it.

They’re crazy!


As for MacDonald’s fries, in an attempt to be “healthy” they have become another chemical dump. My mother keeps saying they are not the same. They made their own fries from real potatoes until the late 1960s, which is about when she started complaining. Now I now why.

Of course as kids, we were only allowed to go to MacDonalds for our birthday.

There is a reason people buy fries when they are out and rarely make them at home. Ever tried making them? The real problem is frying in all that grease. It STINKS! Your whole house smells like frying. It is messy. There are some of us (name withheld to protect the guilty) who have been known to catch their kitchen stove on fire during the process.


In the late 90s there was a major change in how diabetes was viewed. At the time, there were cautions against the changes, that treatments will harm more people than help, because they are not diabetics.

Obesity Myths

“…By the way, lest you doubt the nexus between global warming and obesity, the Lancet authors make the connection explicit. “Obesity,” they write, “should be considered alongside other major issues that confront societies .  .  . [including] reduction of poverty in all countries, a sustainable food supply, and action against climate change, because they all have strong links with obesity prevention, including common causes and solutions.” …Let me be clear: No one denies that obesity is a serious problem. Anyone who is overweight should eat less, eat better, and exercise more. We can argue about government’s proper role in promoting good nutrition. But there is a genuine crisis to consider as well—the obesity of government. We should not allow the need to encourage good health to be an excuse for empowering yet another economically enervating, bossy, bureaucratic behemoth dedicated to promoting political agendas more than to helping people control their weight…”

UK Daily Mail

Is this what Michelle Obama wants? I suspect even though I am considered “obese” I swear I am healthier than this.

“…When I was 13-years-old, I decided I wanted to be a model. I was tall and lanky: 5’8″ and 115 pounds on a good day. I had often been asked if I was a model, or told I should model. And, after becoming addicted to America’s Next Top Model, I decided I wanted to give it a go. I persuaded my mother I was serious, and she reluctantly agreed to accompany me on a round of the agencies in Manhattan. I had a portfolio, a list of all the major agencies in New York, and unabashed confidence. I was ready.

The very first agency I went to was Wilhelmina Models. I was told to leave my photos with the receptionist and then wait in a sitting area with six or seven other girls, also all with their mothers. We waited. We waited. We waited. After what seemed like forever, two women came out of the office.

“Thank you for coming to Wilhelmina. If we call your name, please come and collect your photos. We are not interested.” Every girl anxiously stared forward, hoping that they would not hear their names called. The agents began calling names, and soon almost all the girls had left the agency. My mom gripped my hand; it looked like I might get an interview and an offer! My heart was pounding.

Finally my name was called. I walked up to the agents and smiled, holding my hand out to grab my portfolio. I didn’t expect to hear what they would say next.

“You’re quite pretty,” Agent #1 said. I thanked her.

“Have you ever considered plus size modeling?” asked Agent #2. I was humiliated.

Thankfully the only people to witness this defeat were me, the agents, and my mom. I shook my head no, and took my photos. When we got outside, my Mom was in a rage. “That’s how eating disorders are CAUSED,” she fumed, as I pleaded with her not to go back into the agency to tell the agents what she thought about their weight….”

Frum Forum

Is this Michelle Obama’s idea of healthy?


4 thoughts on “How About Some (More) Fake Liberal Science and Corruption?

  1. I don’t remember ever having caramel apples even at Halloween. Our Halloween treat was the red, candy coated cinnamon apples, but even these were not as prized as the plain apples we had to bob for at Halloween parties. Did anyone ever do that?

  2. I think it is probably “dangerous”, dirty water, no chemical bath for it, repeated use by others, etc. They have reached the point where they can’t even have candied apples for tooth decay. No wonder the poor kids are stuck dipping apple slices in fake caramel. Where does it stop?

  3. This article disgusts me. I love to read articles representing both sides of the spectrum… but talk about “fast and loose” with information! I have seen countless articles with reliable, well-done studies linking bad diets and obesity to diabetes. This is NO question. Also, Michele Obama is not supporting anorexia or an unhealthy weight – a basic amount of research will point to her push for young people to be in a *healthy* BMI (this should be between 19-24.9). If you are over that, then, my friend, you are obese. And it’s not healthy. I hope that you are one of the many that is not affected by this, but as grown ups we need to teach our youth to go down the right path and make healthy food choices. Eating apple slices and carrot sticks instead of candy will not kill them – in fact, it may just make their lives healthier and, well, *longer.*

  4. You did not read what I wrote. When I was growing up we were never ever ever allowed to have candy or dipping sauce for our apples, which were not sliced. Carrots and celery were kept in the fridge for snacks. We were not allowed to drink soda at home, etc.

    The BMI is highly debatable. It includes muscle, which weighs more than fat, as fat. I gather you are terribly ignorant of the fact that most “healthy” athletes are considered “obese”. You also did not read my stats on diabetes and “obesity”. If you did, you would note that if all the people in the US who had diabetes were “obese”, then at least 80% of “obese” people would still not be diabetics.

    These new standards are to push medication and empower the pocket books of those who are manufacturing them.

    Michele Obama is contributing to anorexia. She has a daughter who is well on the way. If you think eating apple slices and living on Michele’s ignorant “diet” is going to make people be healthier and live longer, you are an abject fool.

    I just love the way people are now so brainwashed against anyone who is not thin that we think we are a drain on society. Why not just take every obese person out and shoot us all and then you won’t need to look at us.


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