Bachmann’s Prevarications and Conservative Honesty


We all joke about the standard old, well, all politicians lie.

That too, is a lie.

There are some very decent and honest people involved in politics.

The fact is, there are probably more decent, honest, and honorable individuals involved in politics than there are dishonest ones.

I think we might find that the average person in the House or Senate is just like the average person in your average town. There are good people and there are bad people. Perhaps we are doing the world and ourselves a great disservice by constantly damning them.

The worst part of this whole nasty tale is the fact that liberals have a tendency to protect liberals, conservatives go after them, and conservatives protect those who are sacred to conservatives.

While liberals are good at circling the wagons, conservatives have turned protecting the select into an art form. What we must first realize there are good conservatives and there are bad conservatives.

The status quo has decreed, thanks to the once marginalized individuals of questionable character, intellect, and stability, that there are some individuals they simply do not like.

It rather reminds me of the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in the original Star Wars. An Aqualish named Ponda Baba tries to pick a fight with Luke Skywalker by saying that he and his colleague don’t like Luke. It did not matter that the two outlaw aliens didn’t know Luke. They simply based their irrational dislike on him because of some unknown and irrational reason.

We see the same thing every day on the far right libertarian lunatic fringe. The only problem is this lunatic fringe has now been empowered to the point where it appears that the normal conservative has lost his/her ability to distinguish what is right from what is wrong.

The right would rather attempt to destroy a good man like Lindsey Graham and prop up the Ron Pauls of the world, rather than attempting just a little bit of self examination and introspection. Rush Limbaugh has decreed that Lindsey Graham is the root of all evil.

The John Birch haters have picked up the mime and have done everything in their power to attempt to destroy him. Never mind that they are repeating lies, innuendo, half-truths, and generally prevaricating about his record.

Factual accuracy does not appear to be in their lexicon. If it were, Ron Paul would have been put out to pasture years ago. While there are a few conservatives who do not hesitate to point out exactly what Ron Paul is, most are too busy pandering to his alleged tea party associates to call him out on his often racist, anti-Semitic, and extremist views. Those who do are subjected to endless coordinated attacks from his blindly devoted fans.

There is nothing I want more than to see a viable woman rise to the top in the GOP. Because the far right is becoming as ethically challenged as the tea parties and the libertarians, they have either elected or nominated a series of female candidates who are an embarrassment not only to the GOP but my gender. Jan Brewer in Arizona is terribly ethically challenged. So is Nikki Haley in South Carolina.

Here in New Mexico Susanna Martinez is on the path to become an abject failure and a single term disaster as governor. We all know what disasters Sharon Angle and Giggles O’Donnell were, but the problems are compounded when Martinez and Haley are constantly treated as rising GOP stars. If they were not tea party connected women, they would be unelectable.

This brings us to Michele Bachmann.

The Pink Flamingo is sick and tired of having to point out her numerous problems with factual accuracy. When you are caught improperly stating facts 77% (seventy-seven percent) of the time, that is not just a problem with a few inaccuracies. This is indicative of a far more serious character flaw.

There are stories how Bachmann’s staff holds their breath when she opens her mouth, then goes behind her cleaning up the mess. They need to let her sink or swim. After the General Pace story, I realized this woman has one of two problems. Either she is incapable of understanding reality or is a pathological liar. Either way, she is unfit to hold even a local school board office, let alone be in Congress or running for POTUS.

If Michele Bachmann is incapable of telling the difference between fantasy and reality then she is not capable of being in Congress. If she is lying, then she is even more dangerous. Can you imagine someone like that charged with national security.

The Pink Flamingo has absolutely no tolerance for anyone who is not truthful. We all have our little problems, but, when someone has a provable record of lying – and that is what it is – lying, to promote her own political ambitions, then it is time to pull the plug. It is time to tell the truth about her inability to tell the truth.

It is abjectly fascinating how the right loves to go after people with their little proclivities such as Obama’s alleged extremist ties and Bill Clinton’s alleged womanizing. But, let someone like Michele Bachmann, who is one of those who must be protected, and forget about honor. People like Michele Bachmann are destroyers. They will literally say anything and hurt anyone to get ahead.

Look at what she did to Tim Powlenty. Granted, his campaign was terribly flawed, but part of his problem was the fact that he did not go for the jugular and take her apart the way he should have done. He allowed her to get away with her canards. So did everyone else.

No one had the courage to say she was a dirty little liar. And, that’s the problem. Either we are dealing with so called elite who are allowed to get away with anything or we are dealing with certain individuals who are too important to the ’cause’ to be allowed to fail.

Why is no one speaking out about her problems of prevarications?

Why is she being defended? Is it because she is a woman? I truly hope not, because that harms the role of women in politics.

Dennis Prager has a NRO piece about why young American’s no longer have moral standards.  Knowing the difference between truth and fiction, and not telling the truth 77% of the time is a lack of moral standards.  Bachmann claims to have religious values.  Where is Prager going wrong?


2 thoughts on “Bachmann’s Prevarications and Conservative Honesty

  1. The only small defense for people covering for Bachmann is the yuck factor. It is unpleasant and mortifying to watch her continue the charade. At a certain point you look away and try to pretend she doesn’t exist. But that is not sufficient, really. Decent conservatives ought to follow the Pink Flamingo’s lead, vocally opposing Bachmann. We should be disgusted at the thought of being represented by her. Recent polling suggests that this is happening, at least in private. But until she departs, her gross character flaws and weird behavior reflect badly on all who remain silent.

    Thank you for the Dennis Prager piece. He often sounds like a Lutheran Jew, and that is especially true in this column!

    [EXCERPT] With the death of Judeo-Christian God-based standards, people have simply substituted feelings for those standards. Millions of American young people have been raised by parents and schools with “How do you feel about it?” as the only guide to what they ought to do. The heart has replaced God and the Bible as a moral guide. And now, as Brooks points out, we see the results. A vast number of American young people do not even ask whether an action is right or wrong. The question would strike them as foreign. Why? Because the question suggests that there is a right and wrong outside of themselves. And just as there is no God higher than them, there is no morality higher than them, either.

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