Matters of Life and Death


I gather the “Christian” conservative leaning SCOTUS really doesn’t believe in erring on the side of life.  What they did this evening was cruel and inhuman.  It has made the US look no better than the barbarian of the Islamic world.   What they did to this man, dangling the possibility of staying his execution was above and beyond anything I’ve seen in a long time.  There are rarely times when I am ashamed of what is happening in this country.

How can you execute a person when no physical evidence links that person to a crime?  It is state sanctioned murder.

“…”For those about to take my life,” he told prison officials, “may God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.”…”

Was an innocent man put to death today, simply to appease the demands for law and order?  If nothing else would cause capital punishment to be outlawed, this should do it.  If there is a shadow of a doubt, a person should not be executed.

Today, though, a man who may or may not have been a murder has been put to death.  His guilt or innocent does not matter.  Legal technicalities do.  People talk about the sickness that is in our society for allowing abortions, but they don’t bother mentioning the sickness that demands an eye for an eye.

It is perverse.

There is one thing The Pink Flamingo has never been able to understand.  There is a rank hypocrisy with both liberals and conservatives when it comes to matters of life and death.

The average conservative is strongly anti-abortion.  The are also strong advocates for the death penalty.

The average liberal is strongly pro-abortion and against the capital punishment.

It seems to me, in order to be consistent, one should be for abortion and capital punishment and against abortion and capital punishment.

If a person is pro-life then they should be pro-life.  If you are willing to see millions of innocent babies slaughtered then why worry about someone being executed.  It simply doesn’t make sense.

Conservatives want to pander for law and order.  That’s fine.  They also want to pander to save money.  It’s a heck of a lot cheaper to keep someone in prison, for life, than to execute them.

I fail to understand why a person can demand babies be saved, but doesn’t mind the idea of a grown man or woman being executed.  Please, explain to me how this can be “Christian” because it is not.

Our culture of capital punishment is a blight on this nation.  It makes so called “Christian” conservatives look like fools.  It makes us look like barbarians.  If you stop and tell me you are “pro-life” but agree with capital punishment, then I will suggest you are a liar. It’s that simple.

Life is life and is sacred.  Defending one’s country is quite different from taking a living human’s life for retribution for a crime they may or may  not have committed.

To me, it’s state sanction murder.


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  1. It makes one wonder about all those Catholics currently sitting on the Supreme Court. I wonder if any of them practice their religion.

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