Money, Perspectives, and the Middle Class


Barack Obama is trying to ignite a culture war, and conservatives are falling into his trap.  Thus far, they are doing an excellent job, very good job.  Pat on the back!  Obama has, with the help of very well meaning conservatives, managed to make the GOP sound like the party of the rich and powerful, screw the middle class.

It is very frustrating to hear very good, well meaning conservatives constantly battle against taxing the rich.  What they should be doing is requiring that everyone over a certain income level, say $25,000 pay the very same percentage rate.  Now that’s fair.  Do away with most deductions save for charity, interest on mortgage, and medical.  That’s it.

Where conservatives are missing a great opportunity is their constant defense of multi-billionaires, very few of whom are actually REPUBLICAN.  Do you want to know the honest truth?  I don’t give a rip about these people.  They have enough to cushion them.  They can take care of themselves.  If I am paying 25% in taxes, then so should they.  So should the companies they own.  So should corporations.  If the poor little defenseless Koch Brothers get stuck paying 25% with minimal deductions for the $20 billion or so they earned last year, boo hoo hoo.  I have news for conservatives.  That 25% tax on $20 billion is not near as dear to them than is 25% on someone who makes $30,000 a year.

No, it doesn’t sound fair, does it.  Let’s put it in terms The Pink Flamingo can factor in my dyslexic brain.  25% of $100,000 is $25,000.  That leaves the unfortunate taxed person with $75,000.  Sounds like a lot.  Someone makes $1 billion and they are stuck paying $250 million dollars.  I know, don’t tax the rich.  You are hurting jobs.  That money is far less dear to them that the $25,000 is to the other person.

If someone makes $25,000 and is taxed 25%, they are left with $18,750 (I think).  I know, they are paying their fair share, but paying their fair share leaves them with a bare minimum for survival.

Do you not understand this?

What is so difficult to understand that a person making $25,000 a year may not have much sympathy for someone making a billion dollars?

Even though that poor millionaire or billionaire is being stuck for a pile of money, that amount is not going to push them into a life of Ramen noodles and dollar stores.  Their life takes a step-backward, while the super-rich can bellyache all the way to the bank.

Sure it’s all fair in the grand scheme of things.  The rich deserve to keep their money, but don’t those who were once middle class get a break?

During Thursday’s debate Newt Gingrich related an excellent observation.  When your neighbor is out of work, it is a recession.  When you are out of work, it is a depression.  I do hope you understand this.  It is terribly important.  If the GOP cannot identify with people who were once middle class, but are now in a downward spiral, we are going to lose those votes.

It is obvious Mitt Romney is working on themes for the general election.  He was talking directly to the middle class, people who, two years ago, were set for life.  Now, many, through NO FAULT of their own, are barely making ends meet.  If the right cannot connect with them, then all is lost.

Listening to the focus group after the debate, it was quite surprising how well Romney connected with the audience.  I suspect it was that focus on the middle class.

Once upon a time, during the day of Reagan, middle America, small town America, just Americans, and the middle class were his target audience.  Any conservative who thinks the GOP can win by only defending those who truly don’t need to be defended has lost his/her mind.

Yes, the wealthy pay a greater percentage of taxes in this country, but the middle class had more people in it.  They pay dearly – very dearly, rather like the widow’s mite.  It is rather disconcerting to see people who claim to connect with the “American People” have no earthly idea what is going on out here, today.

People do need unemployment insurance.  They don’t need a zillion weeks.  Give them 25 weeks.  Do demand retraining like people who are out of work are drooling idiots is well – idiotic.  It is insulting.  People know what their limitations are and what they can do in life.  Instead of pandering to big corporations, start pandering to small business.  They are the ones who can hire someone for ten, fifteen, twenty hours a week and start building back our economy.  They are the ones who create the jobs.  They aren’t among the wealthy.  They are good solid middle class.

This county has become a plutocracy.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like what I’m seeing.  More and more people who were once “wealthy” are losing their place in the world, fighting to survive.  They are being stepped on and over by corporate kiss-ups who know just how to buy the prostitutes in the House and Senate who will do just what they are told.  It’s all about them, and their mega-bucks.  They have robbed you and I of our place in the world.

Yes, I’m angry.  I am sick.  I am terrified for my country, my future, and my family’s future.  I do not like what I see.  I don’t exactly appreciate being relegated to serfdom with multi-billionaire over-lords who have managed to buy a tea party and most of the Republicans in the House and Senate.

They have stolen my voice.  They have stolen your voice.  Until we get wise and start demanding they be treated the same as you and I, we’re relegated to the role of the invisible middle class.  We no longer count.  We are dirt under their feet.

I want my Grand Old Party back.  I want back Republicans who realized that small business and the middle class was the back bone of this nation.  I want back Senators and Congresspersons who comprehend that those of us who live in fly-over country are just as important – as the tea party elite.

One day, our conservative pundits and talking radio heads will realize that you and I are just as important as Charles and David Koch.  They can spend millions on purchasing Americans for Prosperity, the tea parties, and certain GOP Senators, but they only have two votes.  We have more.  My thoughts and political ideas are just as important as theirs.  I just don’t have the millions I need to go out and purchase the political, punditry, and talking head prostitutes to get that voice heard.

It is no longer Morning in America.

It is Mourning in America.

Until our Republicans begin to comprehend that the American middle class is suffering, then we’re going to lose.  Until they get the fact that their obsession with college grads getting jobs while those who did not go to college are nothing but excrement under their feet, and understand people need an emotional break, we’re doomed.

Until our political class realizes that the middle class and small business make the world go round – we’re doomed.