Libertarians, Far Right, Tea Parties Are Fakes!


Why are they fakes?  They preach one thing and, when it comes to immigration reform, betray everything they believe.

Regular Pink Flamingo readers will know, given the time of year and the subject matter, what to expect at the bottom of the page.  Yes, it is just a little reminder of what really happens in the dirty and small minded mining towns along the Mexican border.  (At least in this one they get the location correct, in front of Fly’s Boarding House in the middle of what is now Highway 80.

During the FOX-Google GOP debate, following Twitter and listening to the candidates it is rather humorous.  The very same alleged libertarian-conservative, anti-government tea party types are nothing but a bunch of big-government RINOS in a tea cup.  Don’t give them kudos for any sort of bravery.  They have none.

During the debate, a question from a John Tanton flunkie is getting a little attention.  It should.  Evidently the average dimwit who has never been to the southwest beyond a campaign stop, or visiting a Mexican restaurant had no idea what the border is like.  Our GOP POTUS candidates are proving just how abjectly ignorant they are of the entire southwest border geography.  They are embarassing.

Evidently the average anti-immigration thinks the US-Mexican border looks like this scene in Cochise County at Naco.  Unfortunately, it does not.  The idea that one can go into some of the remote canyons in the desert and run a fence is abjectly foolishly stupid.  The though of putting the fence down the middle of the Rio Grande is also quite abjectly foolishly stupid.  If you know anything about the canyons in Cochise County, alone, you know that a fence is impossible.

If you think this fence is going to stop anything, then maybe you too should be running for POTUS.  You are probably just as abjectly foolishly stupid as many of our candidates.

“…But one of the YouTube questions came from Kristen Williamson, a spokeswoman from Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a conservative advocacy hate group that lobbies for less immigration. Chris Wallace did not introduce Williamson’s question as one selected by viewers. However, the format of the question appeared as the other user-submitted videos.

The entrance to Santa Elena Canyon Credit: NPS/Eric Leonard

Earlier during the debate program, NumbersUSA, a right-wing grassroots group also dedicated to decreasing the number of legal immigrants, aired a new national television ad.
Among the many white supremacy connections between the two groups, both were founded with help from John Tanton, an infamous anti-immigrant activist. An advocate of eugenics and other racist beliefs, Tanton has said that his immigration philosophy is guided by the goal of preserving a “European-American majority.” Watch the NumbersUSA ad, followed by the FAIR question about E-Verify to Newt Gingrich:…”

Kayakers at the mouth of Santa Elena Canyon Credit: NPS/Eric Leonard

Can you imagine what would have happened if we were dealing with a Democrat – Republican debate if a Democrat had told a Republican what to do in their state?  There would have been a global  uprising of all things conservative.   The usual states’ rights people like Michelle Malkin would have a duck.  Then again, Malkin is STILL writing for the white supremacist publication Vdare.

Peter Brimelow, twin brother of former National Socialist leader John, is on record saying the following:

“…”The other aspect of this rapid population growth is that it’s very rapidly shifting the racial balance in the country — contrary to [Sen. Ted] Kennedy’s assertion. In effect, the 1965 Act choked off immigration from the traditional sources of immigration to the U.S., namely Europe, and it allowed a small number of third world countries to capture the inflow, as I said. And, above all, Mexico. The Mexican government, the Mexican ruling class, appears to have simply made the decision to export its poor to the U.S.”
— website, 2005

“The mass immigration so thoughtlessly triggered in 1965 risks making America an alien nation — not merely in the sense that the numbers of aliens in the nation are rising to levels last seen in the 19th century; not merely in the sense that America will become a freak among the world’s nations because of the unprecedented demographic mutation it is inflicting on itself; [and] not merely in the sense that Americans themselves will become alien to each other, requiring an increasingly strained government to arbitrate between them.”
— website, 2006…”


“…It may not be true in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or Minnesota, but in Texas there are a high number of Hispanic immigrants, some of whom are illegal. The means by which they’re allowed to slip past a border all but neglected by the federal government is for another conversation, but the fact remains that they are here and serve as valued members of the community, and are an integral part of the Texas culture. Hispanics are not political pawns to be thrown around by candidates seeking to score cheap political points by demagoguing an entire race.

Besides the fact that Republicans will be shut out of power for ages to come if they alienate Hispanics, it’s entirely inappropriate and un-American to punish the children of immigrants who may have fled their dysfunctional, failing, or dangerous homeland for a better life here in America. These are students who only get this in-state tuition rate if they commit to becoming legal citizens. Their tuition isn’t waived altogether, it’s just provided at the rate that every other Texas resident pays….”

We have several things going on here.

  1. The far right is ignoring their own states’ rights litany
  2. The far right is woefully ignorant of the geography of the border
  3. Evidently the far right has sold out to the Planned Parenthood lovin’ population control, abortion on demand folks at FAIR.
  4. Rick Santorum has proven why he was always voted the dumbest member of the US Senate.
  5. It is obvious that neither Santorum or Bachmann have never been anywhere near the US – Mexican border.
  6. The far right doesn’t give a damn about the Hispanic vote

They want Texas to follow their dictates on immigration reform and a border fence.  Um….. states rights anyone?  Interesting that the only 2 border state govs are opposed to wasting taxpayer money on an ineffective border fence.

Kevin Williamson wrote:

“…Texas has more than a thousand miles of border with Mexico, and it has many thousands of people who have ties to both countries: Mexican nationals who live in Texas, U.S. nationals who live in Mexico, people who live in one country but have family in the other, people who travel daily between the countries, etc. Illegal immigrants are, of course, a part of the picture, but they are not the entire picture. There are more than 1 million people who live on one side of the border and work — legally — on the other side. Let’s say you’re a Mexican national working in Laredo, Texas, with a wife and children in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. You can buy health insurance for yourself through an employer-provided plan — but not for your wife and children, and not a plan that covers expenses for treatment in Mexico if you get sick or injured while you are there. Health insurance that doesn’t cover you where you are, or that excludes your family, is not terribly useful. And if those uninsured spouses and children get sick or injured, whose emergency rooms are they going to end up in? Mexico’s? Probably not.

Beyond that, there are thousands of Americans who cross the border every day to take advantage of less expensive medical and dental services in Mexico. (Memo to Rick Santorum: Markets work.) You will not be surprised to know that the main opponents to the binational proposal were physicians’ groups whose members did not want to compete with Mexican doctors and dentists….”

Red State

The Pink Flamingo has spent so much time discussing the white supremacist and eugenics influence of John Tanton’s puppet organizations.  Instead, I am going to focus on geography.

Google Maps

Two words:  Big Bend.

Google Maps

Do you even comprehend this terrain?

Travel Journal
ABC News

Where are you going to put the damn fence?

Serious Amateur Photography
NPS - Big Bend

This is a very dangerous place.  Putting a fence through it would be an obscenity.  It also will not work.  Get it?

NPS Big Bend

If this is a states’ rights issue, then Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania should butt out of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Let us take care of ourselves.  We do not need your help, thank you very much.

If you are a thinking person, you may realize that a fence is abjectly impossible in locations.  It is also quite viable in others.  Some of the land is so very remote that, in my humble opinion, Border Patrol agents are risking their lives going in without extensive back-up.

I gather people don’t understand that this is still the Wild West.  What happened in Cochise County in 1881-1882 is in some version, still happening across the expanse of the border.

The only way to do this right is heavily armed boots on the ground, with plenty of back-up, in all terrain vehicles and on horseback.  A fence is good in some places, but not in others.  Electronics work. The blimps work.  Along the Yuma border area, electronics work better than the blasted fence does.

The problems is, you can’t tell people who don’t have the brains of a Gila Monster anything that remotely resembles factual accuracy.