Ceterum Censeo Carthaginem Esse Delendam


“…”The sovereign nation of Pakistan is engaging in hostile acts against the United States and our ally Afghanistan that must cease. I will leave it up to the experts, but if the experts believe that we need to elevate our response, they will have a lot of bipartisan support on Capitol Hill,” the South Carolina senator told “Fox News Sunday.”…”

Don’t you wonder why Lindsey Graham appears to be one of the few leaders even sticking up for our military?  He’s starting to sound as isolated and marginalized as Cato the Elder, who ended ever speech with the phrase “Carthago delenda est” – Carthage Must Be Destroyed.

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

It got old after awhile, but darn if he wasn’t right.  It also puts Lindsey in some rather remarkable company when it comes to being a statesman.

The Daily Beast

“...ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s army chief has convened a special meeting of senior commanders over U.S. allegations that the military’s spy agency has helped militants attack American targets in Afghanistan. The government has also called the foreign minister home from a trip to the United States. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the U.S. should consider military action if Pakistan continues supporting militants….”


“…“Well, what you do with Medicare and Medicaid reforms, you do what Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill did: you work together to protect near-term retirees,” Graham explained. “[Obama has] had a lot of input and advice in a bipartisan fashion from the Gang of Six, but he’s going down a partisan route. He’s trying to elevate class warfare… He’s using, in my view, a strategy of class warfare, divide and conquer in order to survive this next election. It won’t work.”

“If Congress is so divided and the congressional Super Committee only has only two months to come up with another trillion dollars in cuts, what are the chances for a compromise?” Wallace wondered.

“See if you can flatten the tax code — something I support — lower rates, flatten the tax code, do entitlement reform in a way that doesn’t hurt near-term retirees and get our fiscal house in order,” Graham suggested. “At the end of the day if this commission fails, there is a trigger cutting defense by $600 billion if they can’t perform their job.”

“I will introduce legislation, Chris, to protect the Defense Department from devastating cuts… I want an across-the-board cut as a trigger, the whole government being on the table with a five percent reduction for the whole government, and cut our pay by 10 percent rather than devastating the Defense Department. I hope the Super Committee works, but if it fails let’s don’t destroy the Defense Department.”…”


Raw Story

“…Pakistan regards the modern day mujahideen as a wedge against India, to be deployed whenever New Delhi asserts itself too prominently in Afghanistan where India, in turn, has fostered ties with Hamid Karzai’s civilian government to upset Pakistan’s quest for “strategic depth” there.

Yet Pakistan staunchly supported the international War on Terror after 9/11. Years of antiterrorist operations by a majority Punjabi army in predominantly Pashtun territory has pushed the Muslim nation onto the brink of civil war. The army’s offensives in Pakistan’s western tribal areas displaced nearly half a million people.

Before the Afghan war escalated, the battle was confined to the border region but since 2008, it has spread into Pakistan proper with bombings and assassinations taking place in major cities including Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

If the United States are preparing for a retreat in 2014, it makes no sense for Pakistan to crack down on insurgents that might prove an asset in the future. Similarly, once the war in Afghanistan draws to a close, America has no clear interest in keeping up its alliance with Pakistan.

According to Graham, “it is now a time of choosing.” The Pakistanis “made a tremendous miscalculation” in supporting terrorist who attacked Americans, he said. “Pakistan is engaging in hostile acts against the United States and our ally Afghanistan. That must cease.”…”