Treatment of Illegal Detainees Far Worse Under Obama


The information contained in the Culture of Cruelty was widely circulated and covered a few days ago.  It is rather amazing how the media has buried the story, from a very liberal source, that basically damns a liberal president.

Because we are dealing with the subject of illegal immigrants, the far right is not going to push the story.  They have basically dehumanized these people.  The left is going to ignore it because it makes Obama look very very very bad.

Something is going on with the Obama Administration.  Either they are grossly incompetent or criminally negligent.  This is a national scandal.  It is a national disgrace.  It is a story you will probably never see.  The treatment that certain individuals who are here illegally have received is something you would hear about in a third world country or a dictatorship.  It is NOT something should be happening here in the US.

Will anyone even bother about it?

The report is called the Culture of Cruelty.  It documents three years of increasingly violent and almost perverse abuse by the Border Patrol, under the Obama Administration.  Now, you may think that, because these men, women and children are here illegally, they have no right, that they are criminals, and should be treated as such – fine.  Treat them as well as common criminals in this country are treated.

The treatment of detained illegal immigrants waiting deportation along the Mexican border is nothing less than a scandal and a national humiliation.  There were isolated problems previous to Barack Obama becoming POTUS, but during the past 3 years the incidents of human rights’ abuses and cruelty have skyrocketed.

One of the worst things the BP is doing is separating families, repatriating them into Mexico on different buses, in different ports of entry, on diverse sides of the country, even when they are captured together.  It is quite obvious this is on purpose.

Culture of Cruelty

According to the treaties we have with Mexico, women and children cannot legally be sent back to Mexico at night in the more dangerous locations.  This happens on a daily basis.  They are walked across the border, into dangerous cities, at night, alone, with no identification and no money.  The instances of rape, abuse and murder have not been documented but are becoming more and more frequent.  The Obama Administration is violating numerous treaties in this treatment.

Culture of Cruelty

“…While apprehensions at the border have declined, detentions and deportations of unauthorized immigrants already living in the United States have increased dramatically in the last five years. The Obama administration has criminally prosecuted, detained, and deported immigrants in record-breaking numbers. In Fiscal Year 2010, a record 400,000 were deported; on any given day, 30,000 were held in immigration detention facilities around the country. This escalation is also reflected in the ballooning federal court caseload: in that same time period, nearly 90 percent of federal charges in Arizona were immigration related. In the first half of Fiscal Year 2011, illegal entry and reentry were the most common federal criminal charges prosecuted nationwide….”

Culture of Cruelty

If we were dealing with a GOP administration, every liberal media outlet in the country would be screaming about this.  Because the egregious abuse is happening under the watchful eye of Janet Napolatano and featuring the Border Patrol, nothing will ever be said.

Culture of Cruelty

The Obama Administration is directly responsible for this abuse.  Read the chart about the denial of water to children.  This did not happen when GWB was in office. This is the Obama Administration’s record on abuse.

Culture of Cruelty

Perhaps the most frequent complaint is the lack of clean water and edible food.  A quarter of detainees, including children are prevented from accessing fresh drinking water for up to two days.  Those detained in facilities in Nogales are often subjected to frozen inedible food, or the open food is thrown onto a filthy floor.

Culture of Cruelty

There is never enough for those who are locked in cells so crowded they often cannot lie down to sleep or move their arms.  They are subjected to periods of intense cold and intense heat, waken every two hours, with the lights always on.  Loud music is often played round the clock.

“…”…The private prison industry in particular has benefitted enormously from the increased criminalization of unauthorized immigrants. In the last five years, the annual number of immigrants detained and the cost of detaining them have doubled: in 2009, 383,524 immigrants were detained, costing taxpayers $1.7 billion at an average of $122 a day per bed. Private industry thus has strong economic incentives to push for ever more extreme anti-immigrant policies, regardless of the cost to government or the human toll involved. As In These Times revealed in a 2010 report, the nation’s largest private prison company, the Corrections Corporation of America, not only lobbied for but actually helped to draft Arizona’s SB 1070….”

It’s too bad the Mexican government doesn’t have an education program teaching people a few words of Arabic.  If they were given copies of the Koran and web site information on how to make terror in the US, they would be treated according to an entire different set of standards.  Because they are Hispanic and “illegal” they are nothing but dirt, lacking in basic human rights.

One of the most common complaints is the fact that BP agents tell the Hispanic detainees that they cannot speak or understand Spanish.  They absolutely refuse to present documents in a detainee’s native language, which is something required.  This is a direct contradiction to the requirements for the BP.

“… You must take and pass the CBP Border Patrol entrance examination. The CBP Border Patrol entrance examination is a three-part test, which covers logical reasoning skill, Spanish Language, or if you don’t speak Spanish, an Artificial Language test that predicts your ability to learn Spanish, and an assessment of job related experiences and achievements….”


 “…The report, “A Culture of Cruelty,” was released Wednesday as a culture of crime is being exposed, including the ATF’s Project Gunrunner, which put assault weapons in the hands of drug cartels. This week, the El Paso Times revealed FBI whistleblowers exposing US law enforcement working with drug cartels along the border in El Paso and New Mexico. Further, the US Border Patrol has revealed that Border Patrol agents have been arrested for crimes involving corruption, which includes taking bribes and giving information to criminals. At the same time, private prisons continue profiteering from the xenophobia of migrants and people of color at the US/Mexico border.

The abuse by the US Border Patrol agents in Arizona was so severe, that Arizona police officers, in the files exposed by Lulzsec, said they did not want to leave migrants out in the desert without water, as the Border Patrol agents in Why, Arizona, repeatedly did not respond to calls. In other words, Border Patrol agents based in Why, on the edge of the Tohono O’odham Nation near Lukeville, were repeatedly leaving migrants to die in the desert south of Phoenix.

Increasingly on the Arizona border and on Tohono O’odham land, the migrants walking and dying are Indigenous women, walking with their children, including Mayans from Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guatemala and elsewhere in Central and South America.

Although Border Patrol agents are being charged with crimes of corruption, agents continue to abuse migrants with impunity.

Testifying before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery and Intergovernmental Affairs in 2011, Alan Bersin, commissioner of the Customs and Border Patrol, said: “Since 2004 in October, 127 CBP personnel have been arrested, charged or convicted of corruption. Of the 127 arrests, 95 are considered mission compromising acts of corruption. This means that the employee’s illegal activities were for personal gain and violated, or facilitated the violation of, the laws CBP personnel are charged with enforcing.”…”

The implications here, made against the Obama Administration are horrendous.  We hear liberals talk about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney being arrested for humanitarian violations.  Perhaps they might like to examine the record of the Obama Administration – in just one BP detention center – in Nogales, Arizona.

Culture of Cruelty


Culture of Cruelty

 “…We met Neri on a cold, sunny morning in Nogales. Brought to Phoenix at the age of 3, Neri found himself ripped away from his entire family when he was caught up in one of Maricopa County’s infamous immigration sweeps. When he refused to agree to deportation, he was sent to solitary confinement. He endured multiple violent attacks in detention before being dumped in a city he didn’t know, in a country he hadn’t been in for nearly 20 years.

Last year a record 400,000 people were deported by an administration that claims to put family unity at the center of its immigration policy. And yet, we meet people like Neri every single day. Each of them leaves behind communities across the country devastated by their absence. Neri’s fiancee and newborn daughter are caught in an impossible situation with no clear resolution in sight for their family or their future.

In spite of what we hear on the news, the truth is that current immigration enforcement is not about keeping us safe, or even about the economy; it’s about deciding who matters and whose families deserve to remain together. We owe it to Neri’s daughter to tell that story….”

Culture of Cruelty
Culture of Cruelty

The stories are almost the same.  They are so nearly the same story it soon becomes obvious in the Nogales detention facility the men and women detained were stripped of their clothing, kept in the cold, not allowed to speak to ICE or a Mexican official, kept without food, water, and subjected to constant abuse, with medical treatment withheld.  Their identification papers were frequently burned, right in front of them.

Culture of Cruelty

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  1. I read the brief and powerful 7 page Executive Summary. Not sure I can take the whole report but I am going to try.

    This report is the most powerful argument for comprehensive immigration reform. What people don’t realize is that the system is so capricious, opaque and secretive, that abuse is encouraged by its very nature. Reform is not just about amnesty or freebies from the govt, but about basic human rights, even for those we end up deporting.

    Our nation is still paying the price for institutional slavery. We will pay just as severe a price for this ongoing, pointless human tragedy. It is shameful and completely unnecessary. Intelligent, civilized, (exceptional?) people have it within their power to create and enforce reasonable immigration practices. The only thing we’d have to get over is our need for a scapegoat. And that, I’m afraid, is not the most attainable goal.

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