Amanda, Casey, and JonBenet


The media loves to destroy those they think are guilty in sensational fashion.  They delight in destruction.  To make matters worse, conservatives, who must always be for law and order, make fools of themselves the way Ann Coulter has over the Amanda Knox story.

Not long after JonBenet Ramsey’s little body was found on Christmas day, 1966, the court of public opinion decided that her mother had to have murdered her.  Patsy Ramsey died still not knowing that she had been cleared.

“...Case speculation by experts, media and the parents has supported different hypotheses. For a long time, the local police supported the hypothesis that her mother Patsy Ramsey injured her child in a fit of rage after the girl had wet her bed on the same night, and then proceeded to kill her either in rage or to cover up the original injury. In November 1997, several handwriting experts determined that Patsy Ramsey more than likely wrote the ransom note. According to a Colorado Bureau of Investigation report, “There are indications that the author of the ransom note is Patricia Ramsey,” but they could not definitively prove this assertion.

Another hypothesis was that John Ramsey had been sexually abusing his daughter and murdered her as a cover. The Ramseys’ son Burke, who was nine at the time of JonBenét’s death, was also targeted by speculation, and asked to testify at the grand jury hearing. In 1999, the Governor of Colorado, Bill Owens, told the parents of JonBenét Ramsey to “quit hiding behind their attorneys, quit hiding behind their PR firm.” Police suspicions were initially concentrated almost exclusively on the members of the Ramsey family, although the girl’s parents had no prior signs of aggression in the public record.

The Ramseys have consistently held that the crime was committed by an intruder. They hired John E. Douglas, former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, to examine the case. While retained by the Ramsey family, he concluded that the Ramseys were not involved in the murder. He also concluded that it was unlikely that anyone would resolve the case. He detailed his arguments in his 2001 book, The Cases That Haunt Us. Lou Smit, a seasoned detective who came out of retirement to assist Boulder authorities with the case in early 1997, originally suspected the parents, but after assessing all the evidence that had been collected, also concluded that an intruder had committed the crime. While no longer an official investigator on the case, Smit continued to work on it until his death in 2010….”

From Day One, Douglas Preston has said that Amanda Knox was innocent.   He was one of the few people, at first, who kept protesting that she had been framed.  If you read the conservative press, the student was as evil and guilty as Hannibal Lector.

“…As the case unfolded, other monsters emerged in the shape of conspiracy theorists who happened to be the chief investigators. They decided that a cabal of Satan worshipers was to blame.

Preston and Spezi meanwhile homed in on their top suspect and conducted a chilling interview with him. While he admitted to owning a scuba knife, he denied being the Monster and has never been arrested or accused of being the killer, the book says.

At one point, Florence’s chief inspector and the Perugia- based magistrate leading the probe charged Preston with perjury and told him to leave Italy or risk being arrested, he writes. Preston took the hint and departed.

Spezi, meanwhile, was arrested for obstruction of justice for allegedly impeding the investigation. He spent 21 days in prison. His car was bugged and his telephone tapped, according to photos and recordings the police played to Preston and Spezi.

Spezi was cleared of any wrongdoing and Preston hasn’t returned to Italy to find out if he’s still under investigation….”

Four years ago, a corrupt prosecutor in Italy basically destroyed the reputation of a young woman who was not leading the most exemplary life.  The court of public opinion, world-wide, declared her a vicious and malignant killer.  Never mind that the DNA evidence wasn’t reliable.  Never mind the prosecutor over-reached.  Amanda Knox was evil and must be destroyed.

And so she was, the facts did not matter, just the perception of guilt   People like Ann Coulter were vile about the story.

“…I confess that I hate Ann Coulter based more on her sound bites which she uses obviously to sell books than any great knowledge of her writing but I just stumbled on this great video clip of Ann Coulter on the Bill O’Reilly Factor (I think) which Ann Coulter does a great job of summing up why Amanda Knox has been found guilty in the murder of Meredith Kercher. For people who proclaim/imply Amanda Knox is innocent like newscaster Peter Van Sant and the genius people behind Dateline who from what I read online, incorrectly portrayed how a witness could not possibly hear things a second time despite being told there reenactment was physically incorrect and ABC 2020, listen to what Ann Coulter has to say here and kindly tell me without profanity why you think she’s wrong? Oh before I go on you may be interested in my predictions of a future Amanda Knox movie starring Pam of The Office Jenna Fischer and Michael of Lost Harold Perrineau by clicking here…”

Ground Report

Coulter wrote:

“…By now, the only people who believe Knox and Sollecito are the usual criminal apologists and their friends in the American media.

From Tawana Brawley, Mumia and the Central Park rapists, to the Duke lacrosse players and Karl Rove, liberals are always on the wrong side of a criminal case. A few times could be a coincidence; every time is evidence of a psychological disorder.

As described in “Demonic,” liberals defend the guilty and impugn the innocent not only because they side with barbarians, but because a fair and just system of law challenges their hegemony as judges of the universe….”

Steve Moore wrote:

“…Welch speaks eloquently for us today. Until Coulter’s September 7th article in which she attempts to sacrifice an innocent girl’s future on the altar of the god who would guarantee her own, I had really never gauged her cruelty and her recklessness. Amanda Knox is a fine young woman who was railroaded by a deranged prosecutor in Italy in a failed attempt to save his own career. Ann Coulter is now using that tragedy to further her own career. So now we are left with just one question;

“Have you no decency, Ms. Coulter? At long last, have you no sense of decency?”…”

Hicktown Press

The same thing happened in Florida a few months ago.

I still think Casey Anthony is not guilty in the death of her daughter.  I think she was guilty of stupid behavior and guilty of having poisonous parents, people I consider downright evil.


Never fear, O’Reilly is still trying to state that Knox knew something about the murders and that Casey Anthony is as guilty as OJ. I remember listening to O’Reilly, damn the poor woman, even when writers like Douglas Preston tried to expose the story for what it was.  Anyone who has read his book about the Monster of Florence, knows why O’Reilly is still wrong.

“…Preston has criticized the conduct of Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini in the trial of American student Amanda Knox, one of three convicted of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia in 2007. In April 2009, Preston appeared in a segment of 48 Hours on CBS, in which he argued that the case against Knox was “based on lies, superstition, and crazy conspiracy theories”. In December 2009, after the verdict had been announced, he appeared on Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN and described his own interrogation by Mignini. Preston said of Mignini, “this is a very abusive prosecutor. He makes up theories. He’s obsessed with satanic sects.”…”


The Pink Flamingo does not like capital punishment.  I think it is no more than murder. On Monday, two stories surfaced to prove my point.

Raw Story

 “...The trial was over two hours after it began. A jury of twelve white men deliberated for 10 minutes before convicting Stinney. Plowden later told the judge that there was nothing to appeal, and the Stinney family could not afford to continue the case. A one-sentence notice of appeal would have automatically stayed the case for a year.

While Plowden was preparing a run for state House that Spring, he was not the only one for which the trial held political implications. As elected officials, Sheriff Gamble, Judge Phillip Henry Stoll, Gov. Olin Dewitt Talmudge Johnston, Coroner Charles Moses Thigpen and State Sen. John Grier Binkins, who were all involved in the case, were also beholden to white voters.

State Sen. Binkins assisted the prosecution and Gov. Johnston could have commuted the sentence. Coroner Thigpen had testified that while there was no evidence of rape, he could not rule it out, an inflammatory statement that would have normally been subjected to cross-examination.

Only 83 days after first being accused of the crime, Stinney was put to death.

Attorney Steve McKenzie told Raw Story that he has no doubt this case was an injustice.

“You can’t try a [general session-level] case in two hours,” McKenzie explained. Plowden “would have had an ethical obligation to appeal the case. He would have had an ethical obligation, also, to cross-examine the witnesses but he didn’t do either one of those.”

“The defense attorney obviously didn’t even know what he was — he wasn’t a criminal lawyer, he was just someone that was appointed. He argued that you couldn’t execute George Stinney because he was 14. Well, the age was 14 for an adult at the time. So, he argued actually the wrong argument in his closing statement.”…”

AP News

“…Several defamation lawsuits have ensued since JonBenét’s murder. Lin Wood was the plaintiff’s attorney for John and Patsy Ramsey and their son Burke, and has prosecuted defamation claims on their behalf against St. Martin’s Press, Time, Inc., The Fox News Channel, American Media, Inc., Star, The Globe, Court TV and The New York Post. John and Patsy Ramsey were also sued in two separate defamation lawsuits arising from the publication of their book, The Death of Innocence, brought by two individuals named in the book as having been investigated by Boulder police as suspects in JonBenét’s murder. The Ramseys were defended in those lawsuits by Lin Wood and three other Atlanta attorneys, James C. Rawls, Eric P. Schroeder, and S. Derek Bauer, who obtained dismissal of both lawsuits including an in-depth decision by U.S. District Court Judge Julie Carnes that “abundant evidence” in the murder case pointed to an intruder having committed the crime…”

It’s amazing these same vultures in the press haven’t found a way to accuse Beth Holloway of her daughter’s murder.

I wonder where thing will be five years from now with the Anthony case?  What if Casey is innocent?  Don’t people feel a little guilty when they persecute the possibly innocent?