Once Again Lindsey Steps in It!


Honest, decent, and honorable politicians like Lindsey Graham are enough to give even their staunchest supporters reason to pound heads into a brick wall.  Yes, The Pink Flamingo realizes that the words honest, decent and honorable are a contradiction in terms when used with the word “Politician”, but sometimes, there are are just that – honest, decent, and honorable politicians.  Lindsey is one of the few remaining in Washington.

Now, though, Lindsey is speaking out, defending Rick Perry.  He has stepped in it.

“...When asked if there is a bullying factor involved in the criticism of Perry, Graham noted there is “an intimidation factor, you better believe it. You know, if you’re a southern white guy, this is part of your life.”  “Rick Perry is not a racist,” Graham said, when discussing efforts to remove Confederate symbols from state buildings.  “Rick Perry has produced jobs in Texas in a very impressive way.  He is a good man, and this is not going to work.”…”

At Shakesville, one of the comments mentions that Rick Perry should just come out and say he is a racist and get it over.  Why should he, if he weren’t a racist?

Why should a person be forced to admit guilt for something they did not do?  If we were talking about a Democrat here, everyone would be defending them.  This is nothing but trying to take out a Republican.  Sorry, I grew in a town near where Lindsey lived.  I know what happened during those years of Desegregation.  I may have been a little kid, but I saw what happened.  There were some horrible racists, but there were also good an honorable people who went out of their way to try and make things better.  I saw how my parents acted, how my father treated his employees, and race was never an issue.  For people who were not there, who try to impose their own version of what they think happened, well, they’re being terribly dishonest. I know those who want to constantly castigate the south, with their ignorance of history, might be shocked to realize that, for the most part, we were quite willing to put the past behind us and accept people for who and what they were, race not being a part of the equation.  If you were a good person, you were a good person.  If you weren’t then you weren’t.  We were taught never to look at skin color.  I guess, though, because I grew up in South Carolina, I am automatically a racist, just like Lindsey and just like Rick Perry.  I suspect those who scream racist the most, might want to check their own souls.

Now, he’s in trouble again, for defending Rick Perry – and also stating the obvious.


The Daily Caller

FYI – the House blocked Jackson‘s resolution.

Think Progress

Try some of the comments from Think Progress.  They truly are bigoted, ignorant, and disgusting.

Think Progress

You want to see racism….


The Pink Flamingo has been watching and commenting on a site while I write this.  What I have learned is that, because Lindsey is a white male, and because he is from South Carolina, he is automatically a bigot and a racist.  It doesn’t matter about who Lindsey is.  Just because he is from South Carolina, he is automatically a racist.  He is a racist because there are some red-neck jerks in the state who fly the Confederate flag.

It is the same reason Rick Perry is a racist.  He is from Texas.

When does this stop, or does it ever end?  When do people who have know knowledge of the situation in the South get taken to task for their abject ignorance.  There were horrible racists in the South.  Look at the story Condi Rice tells, why she is a Republican.  What those who are bigoted against South Carolina don’t understand is that there were good people and bad people.  There were some nasty racists.  Heck, I remember hearing them talk.  I also know, though, that eventually, they changed their opinion about race.

People are allowed to change.  If someone realizes they were wrong, and tries to make up for it, once upon a time, that was allowed.  Now, though, there is no such thing as forgiveness and grace.

I feel sorry for those people who can’t allow it.  They are the real losers.



2 thoughts on “Once Again Lindsey Steps in It!

  1. Perry once defended the plaques with Confederate symbols in the Texas Supreme Court Building by saying that they were part of history and should stay put. The media never mentions the fact that the building was constructed with money from the Confederate Veterans Pension Fund and that was the reason for the plaques being there. The intimidation that Lindsey is talking about is political correctness. People from other ethnic groups can get by with all sorts of racist remarks, but if a white, southern politician expresses an opinion these days, it had better be politically correct or else he will be torn to shreds. His political career can be over. Maybe at one time people were more forgiving. For instance, Sen. Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK in the 1940’s.

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