PART III: A Kinder Gentler Form of Racism (helps Obama)


This is Part II of three parts dealing with immigration reform, and the racism the GOP is helping to promote.

The Pink Flamingo had a friend who sent this to me the other day.

“…The brief article below succinctly states my exact concern… it is very well stated. Even if Marco Rubio is willing to join the ticket, Romney needs to be very very careful not to get sucked into the MexNews vortex and end up alienating (no pun intended) one of our largest and most important segments of natural allies. At some point, I think it would be a cool move for Romney to spend a weekend with Perry, touring Texas and picking the governor’s brain about the realities of the immigration issue, as opposed to the hysterical rhetoric which too often passes for honest debate.

Romney would be standing on very firm ground, and not just because of Hispanics. All the polls show 80% of Americans (60% of Pubbies) believe that illegals who pay back taxes, haven’t broken any laws, and want to become citizens should be given a path to citizenship… In fact, even among FoxNews viewers of the Orlando debate, when people were asked “what should we do about illegals?” the plurality among three choices went to “give them a path to citizenship.” The LEAST popular choice was “deport them to their home countries.”…”

The comment was referring to a piece on Frum Forum about the pile on top of Rick Perry when it comes to immigration reform.

“…Perry finds it hard to demonize Mexicans. Thanks to a lifetime in a border state Perry actually knows something about Mexico and Hispanic interests. It’s likely that in his guts he understands that much of his own “Texas Miracle,” such as it is, was accomplished on their backs. Just like George W. Bush before him he’s not comfortable scapegoating these people in the way that his increasingly fanatical base demands.

Perry’s wobble is evidence of a wider problem that will dog Romney if he wins in 2012. As President he will be forced to wrestle with our dangerously antique immigration laws in ways that require sensible, pragmatic compromises. If Romney’s victory over Perry comes by flanking Perry’s right on the Mexican front, he will have a drastically limited operating space on that subject in office.

Republicans have built a narrow activist base on a skewed information diet. Constructing rational, working policy on the political foundation we’ve built will be a nasty challenge, perhaps more than we can hope for. There’s a warning for the winner in comments John McCain reportedly made when the civility of his town hall meetings began to deteriorate in 2007: “Why do I want to be the leader of a party of such a%$*s?”…”

Is there a pile-on?

Of course there it is.

It is coming from the usual sources. Tom Tancredo thinks Rick Perry’s stand on immigration should disqualify him from running for POTUS.

Mitt Romney has lost me when he began spouting the extremist, pro-abortion, anti-Hispanic, pro-population control party line of the Tanton machine. Rick Perry did not bow to them, as of yet. I suspect, if he is like everyone else, he will. Tanton’s minions are far too powerful to be ignored.

“…Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors tougher immigration controls, pointed to Mr. Perry’s advocacy for a new temporary work permit for illegal immigrants. “It’s an amnesty, pure and simple,” he said.

Critics say Mr. Perry was moving to toughen his profile in the past legislative session, when he pushed a measure that would have overridden certain local laws in “sanctuary cities” by giving police across Texas the right to ask the immigration status of anyone they detain. The measure ran into opposition from more moderate Republicans in the legislature and died in the special session.

Miami Herald

Such ambiguities could help Mr. Perry in a general election race where President Barack Obama’s support from Latino voters has slipped. “Republicans have to win back Hispanics to regain the presidency, and that will not be possible with angry immigration messages focused on building fences and adding border patrol,” said Mark McKinnon, who helped Mr. Bush build support among Latino voters.

But first, Mr. Perry has to win the GOP nomination. Advisers to his opponents say the attacks Mr. Perry absorbed Monday could begin to cast doubt among supporters, many of whom flocked to his candidacy before taking full stock of his record.

Roy Beck, executive director of Numbers USA, an anti-immigration group, said his members aren’t ready to give up on Mr. Perry, even though the group gave him a D-minus on immigration positions. “We’ve got our people talking to his people,” he said. “He’s got plenty of room to get really good on this issue.”…”

Think Progress

“…Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, who ran on a hard-line anti-illegal immigration platform in the 2008 GOP presidential primary, has been very hard on Perry. Tancredo told TheDC that Perry’s record on immigration should disqualify him from being the Republican presidential nominee.

“Between being in favor for in-state tuition for the children of illegals, attacking Arizona for its immigration law, opposing a border fence and rejecting e-verify, I don’t think he can be the Republican presidential nominee,” Tancredo said. (ALSO ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Gingrich to unveil new ‘Contract with America’ next week)

Perry has also felt the wrath of conservative firebrand Ann Coulter who has hit the Texas governor hard for being “just a little bit too much like George Bush” when it comes to immigration.

Despite the heavy criticism, Perry’s immigration record is not entirely toothless. While Numbers USA, a limited immigration group, gave Perry a D- for his record (in fairness the rest of the GOP field hovers in the “D” and “C” range) the group has cheered some of his policies, especially his rhetoric surrounding border enforcement, for which the group gave him an “excellent” rating….”

Hugh Hewitt

Romney’s hard-line anti-immigration stand is going to hurt him in the general election.

“…with his remarks in the last debate, Romney seized on the issue of illegal immigration, trying to paint Perry as an open-border softy who is giving out freebies to people who enter the country illegally.

But the tactic is not without risk, and some strategists — and even some Romney supporters — are beginning to worry that he could damage himself as a general election candidate with the fastest-growing population of voters who are up for grabs: Hispanics.

“Mitt Romney has definitely adopted [a hostile] tone, and needlessly,” said Ana Navarro, the national Hispanic chairperson of Jon Huntsman’s campaign who served the same role on John McCain’s 2008 campaign.

“Barack Obama’s basic vulnerability was that he made Latinos a promise on immigration that he has not delivered and Latinos remembered,” she added, referring to the president’s pledge for immigration reform. “We have a unique opportunity to capitalize on a broken promise to the Latino community, and instead of capitalizing on that, we are fighting over who is tougher and meaner and stricter when it comes to immigration. We’re completely missing the boat.”…”

H/T Opinionated Catholic

Catholic Vote

Please, don’t ever doubt that this is NOT racism. It is being bought and paid for by some of the worst advocates of anti-Hispanic hate in the country. Roy Beck is a frequent commentator on FOX. He’s the face of Numbers USA. Now that The Pink Flamingo can place him directly with the racist, white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, I think we may have our final piece of the puzzle. He was a speaker at one of their conferences back in 1997. BINGO





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