The Pending American Divorce from Reality


My brother emailed, asking how I saw the country 5-10 years from now.  It led to another rant and rave.  Here are the high points.

Several weeks ago my brother sent an email about the good old days of the 1950s.  I disagreed, and sent a list of reasons those days were not the good old days.  Since then, I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of thinking about things.  Our country has a problem.  It can’t all be blamed on the Obama Administration.

Want corrupt – there’s a story that is being ignored by the liberal media.  It comes out of the same AZ judicial districts as the fast and furious scam.  A liberal group even did the study.  In the years 2006-2008 there were approximately 300 reported abuse of detained illegals by the BP in Nogales.  From 2008 – 2012 there were 30,000 reported cases of abuse.  This is unreal.  Doesn’t matter which side of the immigration story you are on, this is above and beyond. The irony is that only Hispanics are being abused.

In areas where other nationalities have been deteained for repatriation they are not being abused.  When you consider that at least 40% of the Irish who are here in this country are here illegally, and are not being deported, it is quite fascinating.  There are stories that the Obama Administration is releasing people to the cartels to be executed.  They are also releasing women and girls into dangerous city areas at night, were they  can  often picked up and put into prostitution, raped or murdered.   (They’re also violating so darn many treaties when they are doing it)

If you want my opinion about this country, I think we all need a kick in the pants and an attitude adjustment.   I have a tendency to pay more attention to the people at Stratfor than other punditry.  They see the next century as very much an American century, along with the entire hemisphere.  What we aren’t being told is China is in very deep you know what, financially.  They’re propping up their entire economy – all that “growth” to basically torpedo industry here in this country – and draining our jobs.  If we were on a level playing field with their currency we would not have lost 2.5 million jobs to China in the past 10 years.

This war on the American worker needs to stop.  Did you know the average hourly pay for someone in the UAW – starting out – is $14.00 an hour?  That’s less than $30,000 a year.  The average wage (with benefits) for an experienced employee is about $28.00 or $60,000.  The average starting teacher salary in Wisconsin is $25,000 a year.  In order for a teacher to pull $100,000 they must have worked 20 years and have a master’s degree.  Contrary to the lies told by FOX and the libertarians who are against public education, the average teacher in this country makes anywhere between $40-50,000 a year.

The average yearly military take home is about $50,000(according to the most recent census) so what is everyone compling about with the unions?

Doesn’t make sense to me, unless the idea is to drive down wages.  One of my best friends is from Mexico.  Her husband was one of the consultants who put together the maquiladora (American factories) in Mexico after NAFTA went through.   The whole idea was go force a decent living wage into the economy.  When it started, the average worker in a Mexican factory was pulling close to $3.50  an hour.  Now, though, with the movement from Mexico, wages are about $2.80 an hour.  (Compare that to the UAW starting wage of $14.00 and hour)

When illegal immigration is discussed, NEVER is it mentioned the rise in the number of people coming across the border is directly related to the decrease in hourly wages in Mexico, esp. along the border areas where the factories are.  The multi-national corps. who own the factories keep threatening to take the jobs to China.  Terrified, for the past 8 years or so, people have accepted lower and lower wages.  The only way to keep their families afloat is to come across the border to make money.  In fact, Mexicans put in an average of more hours of unpaid work than any other modern nation.

I don’t get what is wrong with people being paid a fair and living wage.  I don’t get why discussing it is not conservative, and it is liberal.  Doesn’t make sense to me.  If we don’t start paying people, and creating jobs, we’re in deep you know what.  I always fell for the oh we must support the big corporate owners, boards of directors until I found a little stat.  Since 1985 (taking into account inflation) the average American’s wage – even including unions – have gone up just 6%.  That’s scandalous.  When you factor into the mix the fact that the average CEO, corporate ex, board members have seen their “wages” increased by up to 300% in the past decade, something is wrong.  (Mexican executives and CEOs have the highest take-home pay in the world).

Right now corporations are sitting on about $2 trillion in cold hard cash- the most they’ve ever had.  They are not investing it, not using it.  The cash is piling up so much that banks are not threatening to charge them for hoarding it. At the same time the average person’s take-home, and compensations have begun to drop

Business and executives have a right to make a pile of money, but something else is going on here.  Something is very wrong.  Sure, I can understand sitting on cash because of the uncertainty of the economy.  But, they are literally sitting on our deficit.  That’s $2 trillion in cold hard cash that was, a few years ago, circulating in the economy, creating jobs, paying taxes, growing the economy.

They’re killing us.

I suspect it is to kill the Obama Administration, but this is above and beyond.  They are not hiring.  They are cutting wages and benefits, but padding their own pockets.  The real tragedy is that no one is complaining, save for some insane liberals.  We’ve been told it is not a good conservative thing to even mention this.

We are told that big business is good and pure (which it is not).  Big business is amoral. You sent me a thing a week or so back about the 1950s.  The one thing that is destroying the character of this country is the choke hold destroying small business.  Small business is the backbone of this nation – always has been.  But, when a person can’t get a loan, they’re sunk.  Most small businesses live on letters of credit, loans and repayments.  That’s how you expand and hire more people.  The problem is that, thanks to Dodd-Frank, no loans are being made – not to small business.

Something really nasty is going on here.  There is no logical reason for a heck of a lot of the financial stuff here.  It is not all Obama’s fault, and not all the GOP’s fault.  It is as though a group of over-lords on high have come together to choke the life out of the average person – to create greater power and wealth for themselves.  Something in our national character is being destroyed – ruined.  We’re like frogs in a pot of cold water, cheerfully allowing ourselves to be boiled to death as the temperature gradually rises.

We have allowed ourselves to become  estranged from reality by extremes.  No longer are people allowed to be “moderate” having opinions on different subjects.  They must be ideologically pure – on the right – and the left.  If we don’t learn to step back and look at situations with reason and logic, we’re done. 

I just think Obama’s DOJ should be allowed to keep on keeping on.  Don’t bother with impeachment talk.  Don’t demand retribution or “justice”.  Let them become so corrupt that they are no longer even tolerable to the left.  Let them lose their base.  That’s what happened to Nixon.  He was forced to resign because he became so over the top that he lost his own base.

You do this and there is not need for revenge.  Since the Clinton impeachment it is been Spy v Spy, in this constant escalating game of retribution.  Let Obama’s justice department be themselves.  Let the corruption simmer into something really nasty where the Dems must admit how corrupt it is.  Then – there is no retribution.

You asked about how I see things in 5-10 years.  If we do not begin to engage in reason and logic, realizing that we’re all in this game together, we’re sunk.  Washington is so polarized it is disgusting.  The minute a Republican does not cowtow to the most extremes (I’m talking John Birchers, etc) then they are damned as RINO.  As soon as a Dem does not do the same thing to the ranting anarchists, like Joe Liberman, they’re doomed.

You and your wife have had a long and successful marriage.  You do it by give and take and mutual respect.  You don’t get your way all the time and she doesn’t get hers all the time.  That’s the secret to any good relationship (business, or personal).  It is the secret to a good friendship.  When you don’t have that, eventually it leads to the great and ugly divorce. That’s where we are heading as a nation unless cooler, more reasonable heads are allowed to prevail.

The very backbone of this nation has been the GOP.  When Republicans have sold their soul to the Randian libertarians, then our nation’s very soul is at risk.  No longer are we compassionate conservatives.  Instead, the very people who should be positive, protecting truth, justice, and the American Way, are worshiping Ayn Rand, the very woman who’s philosophy became a bases for the Book of Satan.

Enough said.



2 thoughts on “The Pending American Divorce from Reality

  1. I can name some friends right now who are having to take second jobs in order to pay bills, eat and pay their mortgages. As for myself I very seldom spend a dime I don’t really have to. I don’t know where it will all end. It appears that both political parties want to tax us to death. To make matters worse, we are being invaded by a lot of desperate people from third world countries, who have to leave their own countries to keep from starving. I don’t condemn them because in their place I would probably do the same thing. Maybe it is the Malthusian Theory in effect. With the so-called war on obesity, telling us what we can eat and what we shouldn’t eat, combined with numerous articles appearing lately telling us how to eat less and live on less income, it makes you wonder if they are trying to prepare us for something. Rather scary, really! The reality may be that all of us may be forced to live on less.

  2. Pending Divorce from Reality?

    Pinkie, the divorce was final a long time ago. Ordinary people no longer want ordinary things, no longer think there is a truth of the matter, distrust reason, and worship mere power. Read Chesterton’s “What’s Wrong With the World?” The entire book is great, but the last chapter is especially powerful, and can be read stand-alone. It is essay-length, perhaps 1,500 words. Keep in mind it was written 100 years ago, but might as well have been written last week.

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