Conservative Pundits and Talk Show Hosts for Obama!


Please take note, up front, that The Pink Flamingo is not endorsing any of the GOP candidates.  What’s the use?  I live in New Mexico.  Here, the Republican Party is so screwed up they can’t even get a primary right.  This is a state where the GOP isn’t even thinking about entering into the early primary derby.  Why bother?  We get to vote for our “preference” perhaps 10 minutes before the balloon drop at the Republican national convention.

So, it doesn’t matter who I support.  The choice will already have been made.  I have no voice in anything.  Neither does any other Republican in the state. I can easily vote for Mitt, Newt, or Rick.  I will hold my nose and vote for Cain.  I will not under any circumstances ever ever ever vote for the likes of a Ron Paul or a Michele Bachmann.

I am going to, in the end, support the candidate who can best beat Barack Obama.  This time around, I am more interested in my country than my personal wishes or choices. I want a grand sweep of things in November, 2012.  In order for this to happen, I am rational enough to know that we vote for the conservative most able to win.  That eliminates 99% of the tea party candidates, and those who are shills for Americans for Prosperity and the Club for Growth.

Americans have become generically become more conservative.  They are not “conservative” in the Rush Limbaugh sense, but they are more “conservative”.  That happens when times are tough.  The real problem is the way the talking head punditry on the right is changing.  They’ve been changing for years.  The Pink Flamingo has noted this since Laura Ingraham sold out the GOP in 2006.

“...The definition of “conservative,” “moderate,” and “liberal” are constantly shifting; they’re relative terms, and positions that were radical for one generation can be mainstream the next and vice versa. But the goalposts of American conservatism have shifted wildly almost overnight…”

Of all the conservative pundits and talking heads, Michael Medved may be the fairest.  Then again, he may be one of the few who is not so stuck on his own importance and his own place in the world that he is willing to inflict his actual POTUS preference onto the world.

The Pink Flamingo does not mind admitting Medved’s is now the only radio show I catch on a regular basis.  I suspect one of the reasons is because he is fair.  He does not shill for his candidate.  He praises when it is needed, and criticizes when it is necessary.  (For an example, I think he came down too hard on Newt on his Wednesday, post-Bloomberg debate analysis).  His fairness grates on the nerves.  He has also retained his basic values and has not allowed himself to be pushed farther to the right in order to appease the very small minority of “conservatives.”

When a talk show host goes out and starts picking apart our GOP candidates, unfairly, then they  make fools of themselves.

The Astute Blogger

That quality is more and more refreshing in this increasingly partisan and increasingly irrational world, both right and left. If the right doesn’t learn how to play like smart people, they are falling into Barack Obama’s hands.  Case in point:


Rush Limbaugh has a right to say who he wants for POTUS.  We all do.  The problem is the fact that there are consequences when people make fools of themselves.  Granted, when you are raking in the millions Rush is, the blow is cushioned, but The Pink Flamingo has been on record stating that we’re seeing the beginning of the end of El Rushbo.  This sort of thing does not help.

“...First, Rush Limbaugh, who today proclaimed ”Romney is not a conservative. He’s not, folks. You can argue with me all day long on that, but he isn’t,” was proclaiming Romney the only candidate who “embodies . . . all three legs of the conservative stool” om February 2008–nearly two years after the “RomneyCare” law that Limbaugh cites as his primary evidence and a year after Romney left the governor’s mansion….”

James Joyner points out the idiocy of this statement.

Evangelicals for Mitt

Then again, there could be something else going on here.  The Pink Flamingo has also long suspected that Rush has sold his sole to the losertarians.  I think that he, Hannity, Ingraham, and Levin have misread all those nasty little tea leaves, and are actually paying attention to the ignoble bullies from the losertarian/John Birch crawlspace. You know the ones – you can’t tell ’em apart from the roaches.

Cato Institute

The libertarians are – well – the ones most against Romney, and Perry.

This takes me back to one of several things.  First, the tea parties, and the abnormally large number of far right extremists – and I do mean extremists – on the right are forcing a false realignment of the GOP.  There is something you rarely hear or see mentioned.  The Ron Paul Bots/John Birchers are a bunch of lying scum who post under numerous names, use front email addresses, and create a far larger presence than they actually are.  They lie, they cheat, and they manipulate.  They hack, crash, and bully. (There are several of us who are tracking their movements, and can point to some very nasty things they’ve done – to us).

There is an unsavory element within the far right blog world.  There are certain individuals who also manipulate, bully, and cheat their way to bloated self importance.  They think people actually listen to them as they rake in “consultant” dollars on FOX and other cable news stations.  Once again, such individuals can be linked back to some very dirty tricks, manipulating, to make their cause look far more important and far larger than it is.

I suspect these people tremendously influence the likes of a Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and a Sean Hannity.  When one stops to realize that the gross national total listening audience for conservative talk is maybe 20 million on a good day, and there are nearly 400 million people in the US, it is easy to dismiss these people as insignificant.

The problem is their listeners go out and vote.  They are influenced by what they say.  Of all the complaints I have against conservatives, my biggest is that the average conservative is basically an honest and decent person, reflecting basic GOP values.  They do not make a habit of lying, cheating, or stealing.  They’re too honest.  Because they are too  honest, they are very gullible.  Because they would never even consider gaming the system to line their bank accounts, they think people like Rush, Sean, Mark, and Laura have the nation’s best interests at heart.

They don’t.

They are all about themselves.

This abjectly repulsive screen shot from one of the libertarian sites says it all.

The Humble Libertarian

I swear, with the exception of Michael Medved and people like Hugh Hewitt, the rank and file of far right talking punditry will do just about anything to see Barack Obama re-elected.  It benefits their bottom line.  Someone like a Mitt Romeny would basically shatter this false conservative world they have created, toppling their tower of lies.

It’s not about the US or the GOP, it is about ratings and money.

One of these days the honorable, decent and normal conservatives who contribute to these ratings are going to wake up and realize they’re been sold a pack of lies.  They are going to realize they’ve been duped and made fools of – falling for the extreme John Birch – Ron Paul Bot lie about “RINO” and denigrating good men like Lindsey Graham and John McCain.  When this happens, it’s not going to be very pretty.

I only hope normal conservatives wake up and smell the rancid tea being poured by the likes of Hannity, Ingraham, Levin, and Limbaugh before it is too late for the country.