The Battle for Independents


There is a headline that says it all.  Without Independents, Obama Has No Chance of Victory.

Please, pardon The Pink Flamingo while I snicker, just a little bit.  There’s a war going on out there in political land.  We’re now getting to the part of things I’ve been waiting for, the run up to the first primaries of the 2012 campaign.  During the next few weeks wonders shall unfold.  Contrary to popular prognostications, there are no king makers, not even Jim DeMint.

Let me make a few predictions.  Four years ago, The Pink Flamingo was one of the first bloggers to note that John McCain was starting to make a move in the polls.  Everyone else had written him off.  By Thanksgiving I was quite clear that he would be the nominee.

We’re starting to see movement in campaigns.  Ron Paul, thank heavens, is starting to disintegrate into a footnote.  When his affiliations have begun to be exposed, he is as good as DOA as far as 2012.  Thank heavens he’s so old, he probably won’t be a figure in 2016!  The real question is where will his alleged legions of supporters go when he is no longer viable, not that he is viable now.  Who will start to capture the warm and fuzzies from his Bots and from the John Birchers.  Do they, and he, disappear, or go third party?

John Huntsman is as good as out, because he has less than $500,000 in the bank.  Sparkles Bachmann is hanging in there, simply so she can collect $200 after she passes “go” for her book. Rick Santorum is not a factor.  He’s a good bomb thrower, and needs to be channeled on the lecture circuit.  Gary Johnson can’ make it.

I doubt if Herman Cain’s campaign is going anywhere.  I think we are seeing just about all he has.  He has less than a million bucks in the bank.  He has no small donors.  A source is telling me that he is not bringing in the crowds.  If you do not have a small donor base, you are toast.  It is not there.  His 9-9-9 plan is such a debacle, you are going to see people begin to distance themselves from him and it.  Don’t plan on seeing him on a ticket.

There are several things in play here.  One is the fact that he is a pawn of the Club for Growth, the other is his allegiance to the tea parties.  The Tea Parties, for all the posturing of Rush Limbaugh, are no longer even the one ton elephant in the room.  They are on their way out, fast.  As the Tea Parties begin to fade, those who have hung their very existence on them, such as DeMint, are in danger of looking like a loser.

Rush Limbaugh has declared war on Mitt Romney.  There’s a very good reason for this.  It’s all about money and revenue – for Rush Limbaugh.  He knows that, if Mitt Romney is the nominee, the Tea Parties are as good as dead.

The Pink Flamingo thinks the tea parties, and the far right, have miscalculated when it comes to reading the tea leaves.  By constantly embracing the class warfare battle Obama is trying to create, they are ignoring realities.  The reality of life is that the middle class is suffering.  Wages are dropping, quality of life is far less than it was, and people are angry.

The far right is constantly supporting and propping up the multi-billionairs of the corporate world, defending them, protecting them from tax increases, and declaring them the backbone of democracy.  They are forgetting that these people are over-whelming big donors for the Democratic Party.  They are NOT Republicans.  This is NOT our base.  Our base is the Middle Class.  It always has been.  It always should be.  With the exception of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, you don’t hear the Middle Class being defended.

The tea parties are all about defending the corporate world from rules, regulations, and taxes.  Please, don’t get me wrong, everyone has a right to open a business and not be over-regulated and taxed to death.  We all have a right not to have our life-blood sucked through the IRS.  The tea party right has forgotten, though, that most jobs in the US are created, not by the big corporations, but by small business.  Small business is the life of this nation.  When small business, owned and operated by the Middle Class, is assaulted from both the right and the left, this nation suffers.

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan will destroy small business.  To show just how out of touch the right is, they are listening to tea parties and the Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity who are owned and controlled by the billionaire corporate libertarians.  No one is going out to ask the local realtor what will happen to his business if 9-9-9 is enacted.  No one is asking the local owner of a jewelry store what is happening to her sales.  They’re not talking to a car dealer, or just plain Middle Class folks who are the back-bone of our nation.

We are the ones under assault.  Rush Limbaugh doesn’t give a damn about us, only his ratings and the money that comes in to his show.  These funding the tea parties don’t give a rip.  They’re raking in donations and promoting fewer regulations and lower corporate taxes, ignoring the fact that it’s not going to help the mom and pop on main street as they watch the big corporate stores come in and destroy their life’s work.

No matter how Rush fights to support the tea parties, he’s not getting the fact that they are wearing out their slimy welcome.  By promoting an agenda that could actually be harming our bottom line, they are beginning to see the end of their movement.  People like Rush have hitched their plunging ratings to them.

They are forgetting We the People.

If you want to know who is connecting, look at the money.  Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are the ones who are pulling in the big bucks.  For some strange reason the extreme right punditry is choosing to ignore the fact that Perry is pulling in money from small donors.  He’s getting good crowds.  So is Romney.  Perry is plunging in the polls.  With the cash he has on hand, he can afford to wait for Cain to began to flounder for cash.

Now we get to my favorite, Newt.  I want him to win so bad I am even happy to see him at the #3 position with just 10%.  He is saying what I want to hear.  He is positive, and he understands this country.  That’s why, when things start settling, I think Newt, Perry, and Romney will be the top three.  They are more positive and there are no smoke and mirrors.

As for the war on the tea parties, it’s not really a war on them as much is it is a war for Rush Limbaugh to protect his ratings. He is completely ignoring reality.  So are many of the conservative talking heads and punditry.  The reality of the world is that people who claim to be independent are the ones who are going to be calling the shots this time.

Both parties have been bleeding supporters because of the extremes of the right and the left.  You can’t get the far right punditry and talking heads like Rush Limbaugh to even comprehend that they are part of the problem, not the solution.   Because of the mess he and the far left have created for the Dems, this coming election is about those who thumbed their nose and left.

But, people like Rush Limbaugh don’t get it.  They are so bound and determined to be right that not only will they go down, but they will take the country with them.  When individuals reach the point where they cannot accept reasonable change and learn that there are times when compromise is necessary, they have outlived their usefulness.  They become an asterisk on the tushie of humanity.

Let’s be honest here.  Mitt Romney has the best chance of appealing to independents. Because of this, you are seeing attacks from both the right and the left.  If Mitt wins, the tea parties are history.  If he wins, then people like Rush who have decided that they must embrace a more extremist version of what they once believed, are the real losers.

It’s too bad these people don’t give a damn about our country.