Another Fine Mess the Anti-Hispanic Bigots Have Caused


When does this stop?

As Republicans how long do we put up with this papa cow excrement?

Maybe good and decent people will say that enough is enough and stand up for honor and decency – nah, they’re Republicans, so bullied by the Ron Paul Bot tea parties that they don’t have the courage to come in out of the rain unless the Club for Growth or Americans for Prosperity tell them to do so.

What was Herman Cain thinking when he basically advocated an electrified fence and gone-toting forces along the border to shoot anyone who is trying to get in?

Does he know how bad this sounds?

Sure, he said it was a “joke”, but the only people laughing are the bigots who agree with the John Tanton hate-group for lunch bunch.  Now he’s saying it’s not a joke.  That’s after meeting with Sheriff Joe.

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Do tea party candidates ever bother listening to what they are actually saying? Case in point is Herman Cain. The most recent headline is enough to cause a rational person to run in anguish embarrassment. Sure, it’s open season on Republicans. We expect this. What The Pink Flamingo does not expect is something is irrational as this: Already one of the top Hispanic Republicans has left the party over it.


We are now starting to lose good, stalwart Republicans because of this kind of gentle bigotry.  The worst part, is finally it looks like the good guys may end up winning one in Arizona as there are indications that one of the worst bigots of all, Russell Pearce, may be down in the polls.  The whole hate machine associated with Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer is starting to unravel.

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“…In one of the biggest campaign flops in recent memory, an estimated 350-400 true believers barely covered the first rows in the 13,000-seat Hohokam baseball stadium for a Pearce rally in Mesa last Friday. The self-proclaimed “Tea Party President,” Pearce had heavily advertized and touted the event as the mother of all political rallies in Arizona, featuring a who’s-who’s lineup of hardline right-wing lawmakers, including perennial candidate and former American Constitution Party leader Tom Tancredo, who declared “the American way of life” was at stake….”

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If Russell Pearce can go down in flames in his recall, we have won a major war against hatred and bigotry. It is shocking that no one seems inclined to hold Herman Cain responsible for his nasty comment about the border fence.

Then again, no one has even bothered noticing that Sparkles Bachmann was hanging out with Russell Pearce there in Phoenix.  Funny how no one wants to discuss Russell Pearce, and his bud J. T. Ready, and how he is a neo-Nazi, but they are all hyper that these SAME neo-Nazi tea party supporters (documented) are showing up at the we are the wall street occupied world thingie in Phoenix the other day.

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This is the same J. T. Ready who hangs with Russell Pearce, who Michele Bachmann went to support!

Feathered Bastard


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Yes, there are Nazis at tea parties….

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If you caught Sean Hannity’s drooling interview with Patrick J. Buchanan tonight,  I hope you were as irate as am I.  Thing is, Hannity has a number of Stormfront admirers.  These are people who are actually involved with the tea parties – not that there are any white supremacists in tea parties – right?

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When does this stop?

I guess I’m just waiting for one mainstream conservative to have the courage to come out and call these people what they are.  The problem is, with very few exceptions, no one has the courage to admit that the tea parties have been infiltrated by neo-Nazis.  That white supremacists now control the anti-immigration discussion, and that, with few exceptions the GOP is two cowed to even say a thing?

Instead, the GOP allows people like Michelle Malkin, who works hand in glove with VDare, to defame and denigrate a good man like Lindsey Graham, when he calls them Bigots.  They make fun of him.  I guess if you keep telling enough lies, the public begins to believe them.

One day, maybe one conservative pundit will have the courage to stand up and admit that there are some very bad people within the tea parties, the immigration discussion, and are attempting to take the GOP very far to the right.

Nah, they don’t have the courage.