The Three Stooges in Hell


NOTE:  The Pink Flamingo does not wish to defame the memory of three great Americans – Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine.

Let’s face it, Obama has done a decent job when it comes to taking out the bad guys. You add his two to GWB’s and we’ve done some real damage to the bad actors of the world.  Take out a couple more and the world is a far better place.

Something else, we must force ourselves to admit is the fact that they are responsible for a goodly part of our economic mess.  The Pink Flamingo has been saying it for years.  Our economy is a consumer based economy.  Consumers are literally driven by the price of a tank of gas.

In May of 2001, the price of gas was $1.70 a gallon.  In January, when GWB took office, it was $1.44 a gallon.  The day that Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker, in January of 2007, it was $2.33.  That is nearly a dollar more a gallon out of the pocket of the average American for each gallon, compared to January of 2001.

During the summer of 2008, when the world all went to you know what, it was the gas prices which were the harbinger of death.  That summer, even after GWB removed the fed taxes on it, the price was $4.01 a gallon.

“…Nationally, a gallon of regular averages $3.81 — up 10 cents in the past week and nearly 96 cents above year-ago levels. Industry experts say prices could surpass July 2008’s record $4.11 as seasonal demand, speculators and political uncertainty in Libya and the Middle East propel crude oil prices.

“We could easily tack on another 30 to 40 cents a gallon,” says Darin Newsom, senior analyst at energy tracker Telvent DTN. In some areas, gas has already hit those levels. In Los Angeles, regular averages $4.20 a gallon. In Chicago, it’s averaging $4.17….”

As much as we want to blame Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, George Soros, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Barney Frank, and everyone in between, we need to have a little honesty.

The world consumes about 88 million barrels of oil a day.  Crude production in Libya is surprisingly up.  The damage there is export facilities.  In a year they will be at least 2/3rds where they were before the revolution.  One of the problems in Europe is the fact that they don’t have the Libyan oil.

Emerging crude sources in the US are pushing the price of oil down here in the US.  The US will not allow the export of crude from the US, that is legislative.  US production is rising, even when there is no Gulf drilling.  Evidently, if we could export, it would force the price down.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t know much about economics, but I do know there is very much a paradigm relationship between the US economy and the price of gas at the pump.  Anyone can see that, when you are paying two dollars more a gallon to fill up your vehicle, something’s going to give.  Just look at 2008.  People were hanging in there, meeting their house payments, paying their bills, then gas shoots up at least two dollars. With the rise in prices it causes, people could not survive.

If I am right, keep an eye on the price of oil and gas at the pump.  I suspect we may see a drop in prices about a year from now – just in time to re-elect Obama.

Getting back to the original topic before I went off on a little rant, watch for things to start happening in the world of Islamic terror.  When you take out three big names, it does something to the dynamic.  When Saddam fell, the instances of terror attacks in Israel dropped.  He was paying for ’em.

It looks bad.  If we could get rid of the problems in Iran, many of our problems would simply melt away into a civil war in the region.  They say that is where Syria is heading.

Sure, that sounds cynical, but we’re at a war for civilization.  I would rather see them kill one another than us.  The real problem for us is the fact that every time a dictator is besieged, the price of crude goes up.

Eventually they will end up slaughtering one another. Like I said, it sounds cynical, but better them than us, right?  Eventually something will happen and either the oil fields blow up completely or we get smart and start taking care of number one.

What we really need is a viable energy policy that will put Americans back to work and lower the price of gas at the pump.

In the meantime, I have visions of the movie Little Nicky, and the Three Stooges in Hell.  There are those who say that the removal of “Curly” there in Libya is not going to make much of a difference.  There’s unrest, etc.  Our short term memory deprived pundits don’t seem to want to acknowledge that it took nearly twenty years for this country to come to grips with independence and governance.

I guess the bottom line is that, twenty years from now, George W. Bush will be vindicated.