Against Nationalized Health Care


The Pink Flamingo, or rather, shall I say The Pink Chipmunk, has just morphed into the most anti-socialist medicine person in the world.  All it has taken is four days of agony.  Every damn dentist in this county works a four day week.  They don’t even take emergency calls, and I have left them.

I keep thinking about the dental horror stories we hear coming out of the UK.    This weekend I’ve been to the other – side, the twilight zone.  It is not a pretty thing.

If this is going to be live under Obamacare, forget it.  I can’t get over the arrogance.  It is arrogance pure and simple, that and I swear, pure graft.   They want to take away our supplements and vitamins, including the injections that are pushing my father’s Alzheimer’s Disease back, and helping him.  They want to do away with the supplements that will help my mother vision.  Since taking them, over a five year period, her macular degeneration has not progressed.

I swear it is pure graft.  By regulating vitamins and supplements, they require prescriptions.  Need I say more?

It’s like the Obama Administration deciding that kids in school should not have potatoes in their lunch, ignoring the fact that a baked potato is one of nature’s perfect foods. There is this mime that a person should drink low-fat milk, yet when you give whole milk to a diabetic, their blood sugar is more easily regulated.

I don’t know about you, but I just don’t understand stupid.


4 thoughts on “Against Nationalized Health Care

  1. I believe every person should have affordable health care, but Obamacare is not really health care. It is government control over our lives. There have been changes down here lately that would have been unheard of several years ago. For instance, one of my cousins took her elderly father to the ER last week. He did not see a doctor, he was seen by a nurse practitioner, who gave him a prescription for pain pills and sent him home. Another elderly friend had had heart surgery and was bleeding from the catherization site in the groin. In the ER he begged then to admit him to the hospital. They refused, wheeled him outside and left him alone to wait for a taxi. He died in the back seat of the taxi cab on the way home. If this is happening now, can you imagine what will happen under Obamacare?

  2. I swear some of this is about the degrading of human worth and dignity. Look what the Republican governor of Arizona did this past year. Anyone who lives in the state and is on Medicaid was removed from the transplant list. People have died because of her budget cutting measures.

    There are a heck of a lot of ways to save money. My father was sent a rebate check for tests from the local hospital for $14.00. Today they sent him a bill for $5.00 for something. If they had simply set up their computer system to flag and catch things like this, it would save a tremendous amount of money.

    People just don’t give a rip.


  3. Terrible about the transplant list. One of my neighbors, who is only 56 years old, has been on the transplant list for years, but has been pushed back in favor of younger people. There is probably no hope that she will ever receive a kidney transplant now.

  4. It is increasingly obvious society no longer values anyone who is over a certain age. It is rather terrifying and an indication of how corrupt and immoral we have become.


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