The “War” on Halloween


The blond bimbo news reader on FOX and Friends was shocked, I tell you, shocked, to realize that the war on Halloween would destroy this wonderful American tradition.  If it continued, her children would never know the American tradition of wearing their costumes to school.

I kid you not.

FOX and Friends is inundating us with stories about the “war” on Halloween. It has reached the point where the heavily scripted morning show is as reliable as World Nut Daily.

“…On Monday’s Fox and Friends , Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade reported on the “all out assault on Halloween.” “Schools across the country are doing everything from banning costumes to even removing the holiday because it may offend immigrants,” Kilmeade exclaimed. Carlson lamented the fact that schools were “cracking down” on Halloween. “I’m sad, I have two little kids and I’m wondering if they’re not going to ever see the American traditions that all of us had.”

Guest Jamie Weinstein argued that if schools had a good excuse for banning costumes (i.e. it interrupted school work) he would be okay with such “Halloween bans”, but explained they were giving asinine excuses like “student exclusion”. Weinstein also blasted bans on candy. “I have never once encountered during my years going treat-or-treating someone who overdosed on candy because of one day of enjoying it!”…”

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Lord have mercy!

When I was a kid we did not dress up for Halloween at school.  Fact is, growing up in South Carolina, the Buckle of the Bible Belt, they did stuff at churches or Halloween carnivals at school.  I do remember that as late as the mid-1990s kids were not allowed to dress up in costume at school.  It did not happen.  So much for THAT great American tradition.

I’m not all that into it.  Don’t get me wrong, my costume parties, when I lived in SC were infamous.  I did themes.  If you violated the theme, you were not invited back for the next year.  One year I did a Wild West theme.  Everyone had a blast, literally.  The sister-in-law of my best friend was dating a high-powered attorney.  He was dressed like a gunfighter, complete with his antique pearl handle .45s.  Elaine would not allow him to wear his guns.  When he reached the party and discovered the other little boys were wearing theirs, he pouted so badly she took him back to her house to get his guns!

The real irony here is that the dimwits at FOX and Friends are attacking a school principal who said that some immigrants and others could be offended.  If this same person had said that Christians would be offended with the practice, and many are, it would have been just wonderful!

Can FOX become any more intellectually dishonest?

All the hoopla around Halloween, while nothing new, has become intense these past few years.  It has grown to this insane holiday that is something like second for the most spending.  Somehow I don’t think a principal not allowing kids to dress up is going to destroy the fabric of this country.

Then again, if kids today were as bad as they were when my father was a teenager, they’d be in jail.  My father and his buddies would go outhouse tipping.  He stopped after he and his best pal, Herbie Johnson tipped the outhouse belonging to my father’s girlfriend.  Her father was in it at the time.

They never did confess.

This WNDization of FOX is discouraging.  If they are hyping the “war on Halloween” so badly, what else are they lying about?  I don’t know about you, but I no longer believe much of anything that goes on there unless it is Shep Smith.

I agree with this:

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  1. We were never much into the costumes when I was a child. I remember mostly the candied apples and hot dogs we ate at parties. Everyone went to the cemetery on All Hallows Eve to pray for the dead in preparation for All Saints Day. The candles burning on all the ancient tombs at midnight have been unforgettable. It was an awesome sight.

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