What Is Herman Cain’s Agenda?


The Pink Flamingo was warming to Herman Cain, rather enjoying him until he came out with his atrocious 9-9-9 plan and the unmitigated arrogance he displayed in the last debate.  It appears he does not even comprehend what he would do to the economy.  The Pink Flamingo’s mother said she thinks he does not like people who are not wealthy.

The worst of it, is I am one of those who truly think he’s in it to sell books and make money.  I think he’s hurting the GOP.

Where is his campaign?

“…• Slate’s John Dickerson was the latest to go to Iowa and find no real sign of a Cain campaign: “If Cain does well in Iowa, it could upend the entire premise of the caucus process: In order to win in Iowa, candidates must spend time in the state wooing the famously coddled voters with personal appearances and vast organizations.”

• In Florida, it’s the same story. The Miami Herald: “Look no further than Florida, where die-hard Cain fans can’t find campaign staffers to contact, where prominent Republicans can’t get calls to the campaign returned and where some people describe themselves as the campaign’s Florida leaders while others say the same people are well-meaning but overzealous volunteers.”

• No candidate other than Mitt Romney — who’s spent 6 years trying to win it — is expected to do very well in New Hampshire. But Time found Cain’s a popular ghost there, too: “‘There is no sense of a tangible organization that you can point to,’ says Rich Killion, an uncommitted GOP strategist in New Hampshire, who’s unsure of the location of Cain’s Granite State base of operations, or even if there is one. ‘If you said, ‘Rich, tell me who is running the effort here?’ I could not even give you that person.’”

Even the new guy Cain hired to run Iowa, which is probably a must-win for him, is telling reporters there’s a long way to go before Cain’s got a ground operation in the complicated caucus state….”

Hot Air

Herman Cain has some serious ethical problems – very serious.

CBS News

“...Cain wasn’t just selling his plan. He was also plugging his latest book, This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House, which just debuted at No. 4 on the New York Times Best Seller List. And although he has a Horatio Alger story to match anyone’s—raised poor in the Deep South, rose to the top of the corporate hierarchy—the adoring throngs and the sanctuary of this private event seemed to loosen his inhibitions. “My American dream,” he boomed, “was, when I grow up, I want to make me some money!”

Cain is making money, alright. Bloomberg News reported on Oct. 17 that his campaign paid more than $65,000 to his personal publishing company to buy copies of his books and pamphlets. In an interview before his address to the Arizona GOP, he told me that he continues to give motivational speeches to corporations at $25,000 a pop even as he campaigns for President. “I’m still doing paid speeches,” he confirmed. “But I have not raised my prices. This economy’s on life support, so I’m very mindful of those companies that would like to have me come and speak. But I’m not gonna take advantage of my newfound popularity just to put more dollars in my pocket.” Even so, Cain estimates that he has earned $250,000 this year through his speeches….”

Political Wire
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