Ron Paul & Other Libertarian Crazies


If you are a regular reader of The Pink Flamingo, you are quite aware that I have nothing but contempt for libertarians.  (Not, for Libertarian-Republicans, they are two very different things, entirely).  One of the reasons I have abject contempt for them is because of their constant harping, like Ron Paul, on isolationism.  He is always demanding we pull out of South Korea.  I guess he’s not read Kim Hye Sook’s book about her life in the North Korean concentration camps.  I have nothing but contempt for Ron Paul and his isolationism.

“…”Well, like I said, everybody has the same rights as everybody else, so homosexuals in the military isn’t a problem,” Paul said. “It’s only if they’re doing things they shouldn’t be, if they’re disruptive. But there’s … men and women getting into trouble with each other too. And there’s a lot more heterosexuals in the military, so logically they’re causing more trouble than gays. So yes, you just have the same rules for everybody and treat them all the same.”…”

Right Wing Watch

Herman Cain is a libertarian masquerading as a Republican.  Like all good little libertarians, he shares some of their problems with government.  He would like to take the libertarian stand that government should stay out of abortion, which he has previously stated.  That makes sense, given the fact that he is the associate pastor of an extremely liberal Baptist church.  But, in order to pander to conservatives, he must step into the mess that a lot of us have when it comes to abortion.

“...Then in an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Wednesday, things got weird. Cain said he believes in “abortion under no circumstances,” but then, asked if he would apply that to rape and incest, started making what sounded like a passionate argument for choice in general. “It’s not the government’s role or anybody else’s role to make that decision,” he said. He added: “I can have an opinion on an issue without it being a directive on the nation. The government shouldn’t be trying to tell people everything to do, especially when it comes to social decisions that they need to make.”

The ambiguity is especially weird because abortion is, in theory, one of Cain’s signature issues. He made his hardline stance against abortion in all cases a central part of his 2004 Senate run, making headlines in Georgia when he ran an ad accusing pro-life opponent Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) of being insufficiently tough on the issue because he favored exceptions for rape and incest….”

The Pink Flamingo thinks there is quite a bit of cutting to be done, budget and department wise, but cutting the FDA, the way Ron Paul wants to do is literally lethal – to all of us.  Sure the FDA has a myriad of problems, but you think the food industry is going to police itself?

Let’s do away with NOAA!

“…Ron Paul has unveiled a fiscal plan that would eliminate the Commerce Department, among other departments. The Commerce Department includes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and one of NOAA’s functions is operating the nation’s weather satellites.

Paul’s plan would zero out Commerce immediately, which means NOAA would also go away. (Interestingly, though, Paul’s line-item presentation of his plan is not detailed enough to include any mention of NOAA.) …”

Ron Paul wants to cut the POTUS salary down to about $39,000 a year.  That’s nice, if a person is independently wealthy, like Paul’s associates, but that eliminates a “normal” person from ever being POTUS.  They can’t afford the lifestyle at $39,000!

Then there is this lovely headline.

Daily Caller

This makes perfect sense, considering Ron Paul apparently has never met a white supremacist he doesn’t like and admire!

“…“Madame Le Pen has requested a meeting and Congressman Paul has agreed to a meeting, if he is in town, and as of today it looks like he will be,” Paul’s communications director, Rachel Mills, told AFP by email. “Congressman Paul is also open to meeting with any of the other candidates, it should be noted,” she said, referring to France’s 2012 presidential race. Marine Le Pen is seen as a fresh new face for the anti-immigrant party founded by her father and erstwhile presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen. The National Front’s opponents have branded the party racist and fascist.

In mid-September, she said would travel to the United States in early November and hoped to meet key officials tied to the archconservative “Tea Party” movement to discuss the global economic crisis….”

Now, getting back to his libertarian Plan to Restore America….  Of course the Cato institute likes it.

“…Many of the ideas in Paul’s 11-page Plan to Restore America are familiar from his staunch libertarianism, as well as tea party favorites, like eliminating the Education and Energy Departments. But Paul goes further, proposing an immediate freeze on spending by numerous government agencies at levels from 2006, the last time Republicans had complete control of the federal budget, and drastic reductions in spending elsewhere. The Environmental Protection Agency would see a 30 percent cut; the Food and Drug Administration would see a 40 percent cut; and foreign aid would be zeroed out immediately. He’d also take an ax to Pentagon funding for wars….”