PART IV: Alien Pod People from Outer Space


A I put the finishing touches on PART III:  Alien Pod People from Outer Space, it was more than obvious that I would, indeed, be going a PART IV.  Just when you think she can’t get any dumber, well, she does!  It is also quite obvious that Sparkles is not going to be around much longer, so we need to take advantage while we can.  Are her lies catching up with her?

How much longer is Bachmann going to stay in the race?  There are those who suspect she is out as soon as she full-fills the required amount of time to qualify – for her book advance.


“….Minnesota Rep. and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talked foreign policy Friday during an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show. Specifically, she zeroed in on China, saying the country has attacked American satellites with lasers.

“I’m not sharing something I shouldn’t,” said Bachmann, “but China has blinded United States’ satellites with their lasers. They’ve also supplied arms to the Taliban, and they’ve helped North Korea deliver missiles to Iran and Pakistan … And they’ve assisted Iran with their nuclear program.”

But Bachmann didn’t stop there. She doubled down on her criticisms by saying  that China has also been engaged in industrial espionage against the West.

“Just keep these things in mind when it comes to China — they are a very bad actor,” she concluded.

She prefaced her comments by reminding listeners that she’s currently a member of the House Intelligence Committee and thus has access to “classified secrets.”..

Why do people take her seriously?  Is there a reason that she gets so much air time on “viable” news shows other than the fact that she makes Republicans look stupid?  Case in point:

National Journal

Bachmann’s idiot remarks and abject lack of an ability to tell the difference between a lie and fact are hurting her ability to raise campaign cash.

“…But Mrs. Bachmann’s difficulties are also of her own making, campaign insiders said, including her inability, so far, to be taken seriously by big-money Republican donors, especially in light of some high-profile stumbles on the campaign trail. And, these insiders said, Mrs. Bachmann resists even making calls to members of the party establishment to ask for contributions.

“When you raise small-donor money, you go on Fox and say something more or less outrageous and that’s what people contribute to,” said Ed Rollins, who stepped aside recently as Mrs. Bachmann’s campaign manager, citing ill health. “You throw a hand grenade, and people respond.”

But to attract big donors, which Mrs. Bachmann needs, “you’ve got to be a serious candidate with serious solutions,” Mr. Rollins added. “That’s a challenge.”

Mrs. Bachmann has sometimes been her own worst enemy, for example, linking a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease to mental retardation last week, a view rejected by scientific experts….”

People like Bachmann are making things worse in DC.  Remember when she refused to fill out her census form?

“…Old Washington codgers are often heard to lament: the system is more rancorous and more partisan than ever before. Nostalgia is usually misplaced, but on this on, the codgers have a point. It is worse than ever before. And back when the codgers were saying the same thing during the Bush years? They were right then too. It was worse then than ever before. And it was worse during the Clinton years. The US political system is like a man falling down the stairs, bump, bump, bump, each step lower than the last….”


She’s become a no-show in Congress:

“…The House held 60 votes during the month of September, and the Minnesota Republican missed them all. Bachmann spent the month on the presidential campaign trail, where she sought to build on her August victory in the influential Iowa straw poll. She tried to attend President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8, but weather delays caused her to miss the speech.

Bachmann arrived in the Capitol in time to hold a press conference rebutting Obama, and she left town before the first votes the next morning. Bachmann last voted on Aug. 1.

Before the month-long congressional recess, she had missed around 40 percent of House votes since announcing her candidacy.

Bachmann’s absence from Washington is drawing criticism in Minnesota, where Democrats are accusing her of abandoning her constituents while she runs for president. She has represented the state’s 6th District since her first election to Congress in 2006….”

She tells the truth so rarely, that she can’t keep track of what she says.

Huffington Post

Her former NH campaign staff are now telling all.

“…”The national team was less than professional in dealing with the people of New Hampshire, and we would have to go back and smooth over ruffled feathers,” she said. “They were aggressive — it was really bizarre behavior. They’ve been doing this for some times, you would think they would know how to behave.”

In one particularly strange incident, a senior campaign staffer walked up to a Bachmann supporter holding a handmade sign and “rather brusquely” pulled the sign out of her hands, refusing to provide an explanation, Testerman said. At another point, a senior campaign aide made “demeaning” remarks to a fan who was taking pictures of the Congresswoman.

After the trip, at least two of the five New Hampshire staffers decided that working for Bachmann was no longer worth the risk to their professional and personal relationships in the state, Testerman said. The rest of the staff reached out to the national campaign to indicate that they wanted to stay on but never heard back from anyone. By Friday, all five decided it was time to go. At least one former Bachmann staffer has moved to Rick Perry’s campaign.

“This reflects very badly on the Congresswoman,” Testerman said, adding that she was not sure whether she would continue supporting Bachmann. “It all depends on what she does now, whether she decides to bring on a new campaign manager. If she doesn’t bring on someone else, then that shows she can’t disassociate from people who aren’t reflective of who she is. And that raises questions about what kind of people she would have around her if she was President.”..”