When “Concern” About Islam Becomes Insanity


Everyone on the right has been tip-toeing around a specific subject for several years now.  The Pink Flamingo has become more and more repulsed over the antics of the well meaning individuals who are out to warn the world against the problems with Islam.  To deny that there are problems is to live with one’s head in the sand.  To damn an entire religion on the actions of some truly insane and evil individuals and the brains they have washed is just plain wrong.  Not only that, it is unethical.

This most recent shot is the one that is making me stand up and say enough is enough.  If we continue to go down the road some are advocating, we will soon have past the point of no return.  We will have gone from a nation at war with a militant group of crazies who want to force everyone into their perverted view of a religion to something quite repulsive, to a nation who refuses to allow any opinion other than that of a select few.

In my mind, I keep seeing the video of the Taliban blowing up the priceless statues of the Buddhas of Bamiyan.  Quit honestly, I don’t understand why nearly fourteen hundred years in the history of a culture (and exquisite art) needs to be tossed aside because of what Michael Medved refers to as Islamic Looney Toons.  One of the great tragedies of this culture is the fact that it’s zenith was at a thousand years ago. It has gone downhill since then.

I find it rather sad.

The magnificent architecture of the Alhambra has been copied and repeated throughout the Southwest and Florida.  Palm Beach owes more to the influence of Arabic art from Spain than New York City.  So does Mexico.  So does one of my very favorite places in the world, Bethesda by the Sea.

Pam Geller has been having a rough week.  Several hotels have now refused to allow her to speak at conferences, citing her growing hatred of Islam.  The SPLC has noted her “hate speech”.  The Pink Flamingo thinks that hotels have a right to kick out who they wish.  It is a free country, even if that freedom is not what you call free speech.  I think the SPLC is a little over the top branding what she does as hate speech.  I also think Charles Johnson of LGF is probably closer to the mark on what she is doing.

But, she’s finally jumped the shark.   She is ignoring the following information about the new gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but then again, I wonder if she’s ever bothered stepping into the magnificent museums there in NYC.  Somehow I suspect she hasn’t.  If so, she would well be aware that Metropolitan Museum of Art is constantly revamping and remodeling.  It’s like a department store bring in spring and fall merchandise. It keeps the customers coming back for something new.

Met Museum of Art

Concern about national security is one thing.  Heck, I’m concerned about militant Islam.  Any rational person should be. Being aware of what despots around the world is doing is just smart.  But – any rational thinker will also point that that the brainwashed masses of rabid Islam are not the only  haters.  They are simply the ones who have chosen to kill themselves and other people with their hate. They are deadly dangerous.  To hate an entire religion because of the insanity promoted by pure evil is giving in to that evil, in a different way.

NY Times

But – to consider anything that comes from a culture that is 1400 years old to be worthless is insane.  Someone who would censure the Metropolitan Museum of Art for putting their vast collection of Islamic art in an updated setting is an idiot.

NY Times

I gather Geller is concerned about art, Persian rugs, pottery, metal working, jewelry, and architecture.  I know one is enlightened if they live in the New York area, but I find her fake offensiveness offensive.  I find it ignorant and just plain stupid.   I don’t know about you, but I don’t care where it is, I find the art and architecture of the Goharshad Turquoise Masque to be magnificent.  Then again I like mosaic art.  I can appreciate it, maybe because I am one of those losers who minored in fine arts.


Geller wrote:

“...It is time there was a museum exhibit dedicated to the victims of jihad. Where is the Met’s showcase of the lives and cultures and histories of the 270 million victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations, and enslavements? Where is the grandiose suite of new galleries dedicated to highlighting Islam’s systematic dehumanization of women: honor killings, clitorectomies, and so much more?…

Look at how Campbell contorts himself to avoid saying that our “widespread consciousness about the Islamic world” came about 10 years ago because Muslims acting in the name of Islam brought about “one of the darkest hours in American history.” And why does he think it is the Met’s “job” to “educate” (i.e., propagandize) Americans “about the depth and magnificence of the Islamic tradition”? Why are the artifacts in his exhibit more representative of the Islamic tradition than some more contemporary examples of people acting on inspiration from Islamic teaching? Campbell could bring his exhibit up to date by including the video of the beheading of Daniel Pearl, and film of people jumping out of the burning and collapsing Twin Towers. How are those and other jihad attacks less representative of Islamic tradition than Persian carpets and Iznik ceramics?…”

Geller doesn’t bother with the fact that Christians, over the years, haven’t been the nicest of people.  Ever heard of an auto-da-fé?  Two words:  Spanish Inquisition.   I find her argument against an entire religion and culture about as intellectually honest as I do an atheist’s argument against Christianity due to the Spanish Inquisition.

Someone needs to mention that a real art museum – a world class art museum, does not go around displaying the beading of a great journalist.  That’s for the truly sick and deranged to do.  Do we round up all the Muslims in this country because of some very bad actors who do not represent the normal, decent person who is just trying to do what the rest of us are doing – survive and thrive in the Obama world. I gather people like Geller want all Muslims put into concentration camps or something.  I suspect that “something” is a complete renunciation of their religion.

Sorry, Pam, but there are more than a few of us, I suspect, who don’t enjoy having the beheading of someone was a close personal friend to a good friend of mine rerun every hour on the hour.  I find it offensive.  I happen to find gory displays of dismembered bodies, decapitated heads, and bloody remains of men, women, and children to be a bit over the top.  To me, it is not necessarily a healthy sign for anyone.  I find the way Geller glorifies violence to be almost pathological, sadist, and seriously disturbed.

“…Some insist that media violence is harmless entertainment, escapist fare or cathartic diversion, or that people have a “taste for violence.” Others, desensitized by hundreds of thousands of acts of violence they have seen on TV, deny the problem. Industry moguls bristle at any talk of regulating their bread-and-butter fare of mayhem, and reject the evidence of its harmful effects. Their views are self-serving and must be challenged.

A word rarely mentioned in this debate is sadism, broadly defined as the enjoyment of others’ pain. Is that not what we are doing when we relish watching violent news, entertainment and sports? That violent media attracts mass audiences suggests we may be nurturing a culture of sadism.

Violence attracts people’s attention and produces a strong emotional reaction that advertisers covet. Marketeers call it arousal. Paraphrasing McLuhan, arousal helps move merchandise. Violence, talk of violence and threat of violence are the most effective tools formanipulating people — propagandists from Machiavelli to Mao have knownthis. Like an addictive drug, we have been subjected to ever increasing doses of more and more graphic violence over the last few decades….”

To damn the actions of one of the finest museums in the world, for exhibiting magnificent art and architecture from parts of the world that are basically off-limits to most of us is, well, stupid.  It is also ignorant.  It show a distinct lack of education when it comes to the history of architecture and the fine arts. The sort of ignorance on display here bothers me almost as much as the idea of Islamic terror and Iran getting nukes.  I suspect Geller’s form of cultural ignorance will do far more damage, at least on this side of the Atlantic.

UK Guardian

“…Here are priceless Persian carpets, delicate Iznik ceramics, exquisite Mughal miniatures, and a 14th-century tiled prayer niche from medieval Isfahan inscribed with verses from the Qur’an. There is an astrolabe, dated 1291, made by a Rasulid prince from modern Yemen; and a voluptuous Safavid tile panel from 17th-century Iran, showing a sexily deshabillé courtesan desporting herself in a garden, with a be-ruffed European merchant kneeling at her feet.

The museum has even built its own “medieval” Moroccan patio, bringing in craftsmen from Fez to construct a tiled and stuccoed courtyard incorporating original Nasrid columns, and with a fountain – sprinkled with rose petals – gently bubbling at its centre.

The galleries cover art from a span of 13 centuries and a vast geographical spread: there are artefacts from Spain to Syria, the Indian subcontinent to Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt. Posters lined outside the museum urge passersby to “Rediscover the Islamic World”.

Met Museum of Art

At the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the galleries, Thomas P Campbell, the British-born director of the museum, was clear about the political urgency of the galleries. “We must recognise,” he told the assembled great and good, politicians and donors who had gathered in the Met’s central foyer, “that we live in a nation where a widespread consciousness about the Islamic world really did not exist until 10 years ago, and that awareness came at one of the darkest hours in American history.” He added: “It is our job and the great achievement of these galleries to educate our audience about the depths and magnificence of the Islamic tradition.”…”

It is so-called well meaning zealots like Geller who promoted the Salem Witch Trials, mostly for their own personal enrichment.  I am descended from several of those alleged witches who were executed, for their property, not because they had done anything wrong.

NY Times

My adopted sister and her husband are Muslim, from India.  I find this constant hatred of good and decent men and women who are from a religion that has insanity on one branch of the family tree to be repulsive, and is getting over the top.  I find it insulting.  I find the fact that self-promoting bigots use hatred to turn good people against even decent men and women like my Zehra, her husband, and family.

If I had a hotel chain, you can bet that Geller’s traveling hate anything Muslim show would not be allowed to promote their hate.  Then again neither would I allow American Renaissance, the CofCC,  Stormfront, or Louis Farrakhan.  I don’t see much difference in any of them.

“…Sheila Canby, the Patti Cadby Birch Curator in Charge of the Department of Islamic Art, said: “Although our galleries represent a vast territory over a long period of time, the diverse artworks shown here are nonetheless unified in several distinctive ways. Primary among these is the extensive use of Arabic script, which resulted in exceptional examples of calligraphy—often in conventional media, such as metalwork or architectural elements—and virtuosic achievements in the arts of the book. A profound love of embellishment is often expressed through intricately interlaced, complex geometric forms that are most familiar to us in textiles, woodwork, and tilework. There are many examples of luxury materials, due to royal patronage. And technical expertise of the highest level is always evident, no matter what the medium. Because the objects in our galleries are primarily secular in nature, they can easily be appreciated both for their innate utility and for their astonishing beauty, whatever the viewer’s background may be.”…”

I love the irony here.  Geller, one of the strongest advocates of the libertarian tea parties is very much against something one of the Great Daddy Warbucks of the whole movement, David Koch, was part of the other evening.

“...Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) –– David and Julia Koch paused in front of a 14th-century prayer niche from Isfahan made of blue ceramic tile. Salman Rushdie and son Milan looked up at a vaulted red- and-gold ceiling from 16th-century Spain. Coca-Cola Co. Chairman Muhtar Kent and his wife, Defne, strolled past a fountain filled with flower petals in an ornately carved Moroccan Court. Last night, the Metropolitan Museum of Art invited 700 guests to a celebration of its newest galleries…”

Do you want to know what really annoys me about the current crop of Islamic Looney tunes is the fact that the practitioners and the despotic leaders of these countries are so durn bigoted, I’ll never get to see the beauty of something like the Winter Mosque.  I find Geller’s attempt to use 1400 years of Islamic history as a reason to attempt yet another one of her mob mentality witch hunts just a little bit over the top.  Islam is NOT taking over European civilization.  Sorry, but it’s not true.  They are not “over breeding” in this country.   We are given an end is near group of demographics, but the distributors of those “demographics” are playing fast and loose with the facts.

From the PEW Research study on Muslim populations.  Guess what?  The end is not near.

“…• The number of Muslims in Canada is expected to nearly triple in the next 20 years, from about 940,000 in 2010 to nearly 2.7 million in 2030. Muslims are expected to make up 6.6% of Canada’s total population in 2030, up from 2.8% today. Argentina is expected to have the third-largest Muslim population in the Americas, after the U.S. and Canada. Argentina, with about 1 million Muslims in 2010, is now in second place, behind the U.S.

• Children under age 15 make up a relatively small portion of the U.S. Muslim population today. Only 13.1% of Muslims are in the 0-14 age group. This reflects the fact that a large proportion of Muslims in the U.S. are newer immigrants who arrived as adults. But by 2030, many of these immigrants are expected to start families. If current trends continue, the numbers of U.S. Muslims under age 15 will more than triple, from fewer than 500,000 in 2010 to 1.8 million in2030. The number of Muslim children ages 0-4 living in the U.S. is expected to increase from fewer than 200,000 in 2010 to more than 650,000 in 2030.

• About two-thirds of the Muslims in the U.S. today (64.5%) are first-generation immigrants (foreign-born), while slightly more than a third (35.5%) were born in the U.S. By 2030, however, more than four-in-ten of the Muslims in the U.S. (44.9%) are expected to be native-born.

• The top countries of origin for Muslim immigrants to the U.S. in 2009 were Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are expected to remain the top countries of origin for Muslim immigrants to the U.S. in 2030….”

The way Geller, and a few others have approached the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new gallery is startling.  Are they going to now attempt to shut down one of the finest museums of the world because they are uncomfortable with the object of their disdain being treated in a more favorable light?  Will we see protests and pickets in front of the museum as they are forced to close the exhibit?  Are we going to see another debacle like the idiotic fight to stop the Ground Zero Mosque.   That is another fine mess Geller and Company managed to get everyone into.  If they’d kept their big fat mouths shut, the entire project would now be dead as a doornail.  But, when there is a headline to grab, and a picture to pose for – look out!



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  1. I would love to see the exibit. In 1980 I spent some time in Granada and visited the Alhambra Palace. Our own Washington Irving lived there at one time and wrote some charming stories called the Tales of The Alhambra. Moorish influence is strong in Granada. Granada is the home of the gypsies, whose flamenco, another Moorish art form, is world famous.

  2. Concern is “insanity”? Nah, it’s just self-preservation. I lived in Morocco, where they are currently debating a fatwa to kill Christians right now. Y’alls ought to get out of Dodge more often.What planet are you on?
    Btw, your political opinions are moronic too. Obama is a fine man. Let me guess, you’ve got a Muslim boyfriend, right?

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