Did He or Didn’t He? Does It Really Matter?


You may as well stick a fork in Herman Cain.

He’s done.

The worst of it is that it appears many of Cain’s problems could have been avoided if he weren’t so determined to do it his way.  You do it your way, who cares about the torpedoes, go full speed ahead, and hope it all works for the best.

In the process – you have a real mess!

It is not necessarily about the alleged harassment charges.  Unless I see something recent or a pattern, I think The Donald may have this one right.  He settled to avoid the legal fees.  David Frum writes that the way to put things into perspective was the amount of the payout – which was quite small.

Over the weekend, The Pink Flamingo heard from a source that something was up with the Cain campaign.  I don’t like Cain’s 9-9-9.  In a way I find him a breath of fresh air.  In another way, I see him as nothing but a shill for AFP.  I don’t like libertarians, so that’s that.

We’re dealing with one of four things.  Unfortunately, all four of them, as far as I am concerned, are reasons not to vote for him for POTUS.

  1. He is corrupt – and I’m not seeing this.
  2. He is clueless about the real world.
  3. He is one of those anal business types who is a get it done, and just do it.
  4. He is another of those pig headed, I’m right and I’ll do it my way businessmen.

I suspect it is a combination of  the last two.  I’ve lived with these types all my life, including my father.  The problem with this is that there are times when one is so busy getting it done that they don’t bother with the details.  No game playing, just accomplish it.

It works in the business world.  It does not work in politics.  Politics are a game.  There are rules, most of them asinine and stupid, but you play by the rules.  Everyone does.  It allegedly keeps things honest – sorta – maybe.

In many ways this is NOT about Herman Cain.  It is about a man who appears not to play by the rules, thinking they don’t apply to him.  Right now, the very real problem with his campaign is that it is a walking ethics violation.

This is about the far right and the tea parties.  It is about Rush Limbaugh once again making an abject fool of himself, and he’s been all over the map this past week.

“…They would call these women racists for trying to destroy a black politician. They would claim that they’re working for the Republican National Committee. They would claim that these two women (or these women, whoever), had been hired by the Republican National Committee to engage in this smear and lie campaign against Obama. They would go after these women. They would destroy them. They would make the women the bad guys. They would dig into every minor thing in these women’s lives that they have ever done. They would trash them, they would make them prove the unprovable — because this is war, and that’s how they fight it. Anything goes, as far as they’re concerned, and they cannot allow a black or an Hispanic to rise to the top of a political establishment that is not Democrat…”

Laura Ingraham is making a fool of herself over the issue – as usual.  Sean Hannity was an ass over the subject.  None of them believe that Cain did anything wrong.  An associate emailed, mentioning that the conservative media and pundits are just plain gullible.  I wrote back, telling her they are, at times, just plain stupid.  They refuse to see the factual accuracy of individuals they consider “their own”.

NY Mag

There is much to admire about Herman Cain.  Many of the very qualities that make him admirable, may make him the wrong man for the job.  I don’t want a POTUS who does not play by the rules, thinks he knows more than everyone else, and is quite arrogant about it.  We have one of those right now.  We don’t need another such personality.

The far right is ignoring these traits.  They are ignoring the ethical issues.  They are fobbing off the harassment allegations, instead, damning the messenger.  They are making fools over themselves, the way they still do Michele Bachmann, Russell Pearce, and Sheriff Joe.  Once a person learns the secret handshake, the right password, and theme song.  Once they are part of the little club, they get a pass.  It doesn’t matter what they do.

On the other hand, men like Lindsey Graham are evil and must be destroyed, because they don’t play the game that Herman Cain has mastered.

There is something else going on here.  Herman Cain is yet another in a series of candidates embraced by the Tea Parties. He is an admirable individual who is completely inappropriate as a POTUS candidate, which is probably why he is embraced by them.  The fault is not Cain’s.  The fault lies in the lack of judgment and wisdom shown by the Tea Parties and their stalwarts.

The very qualities the Tea Parties most admire are the very worst traits we want in our elected officials.  I suspect this is why their candidates have a tendency to go down in flames.

I guess my real problem is the fact that I simply cannot bring myself to vote for an individual who has been so improperly vetted and has made so many questionable decisions.  There is a difference between human frailty and what appears to be a gross desire to refuse to follow the rules.  No, it isn’t cute.  It is not reinventing politics.  It is simply the actions of a self-made millionaire who has worked so hard, that he no longer understands that rules do apply to him.


6 thoughts on “Did He or Didn’t He? Does It Really Matter?

  1. Herman Cain is just another in a long chain of *anyone but Romney candidates coming from the permanently malcontent Tea People and Libertarians that can never be satisfied.

    First there was Palin and then Bachmann and then Donald Trump and then Cain and now what? Who’s next? Ann Coulter? How about Dennis Miller? At least it would be funny!

    The problems these people have can’t be fixed! Todays *ABR crowd hated G.W. Bush. They hated his father G.H.W. Bush. Many of these people despised Ronald Reagan even though they claim to be his legacy. They hated Nixon and Ford.. They hate everyone.

    Ok Lets break this down

    #1: if Romney is nominated and wins the election
    the Tea People are punished, or they will continue to punish themselves. I mean just look at them. Its pathetic! Can you imagine living like that for four more years?

    #2: if Romney is nominated and loses
    the Tea People are punished because NO ONE LISTENED to them, again. The abject misery amongst the *ABR crowd will grow to new heights.

    #3: if a Tea Person is nominated and then loses
    the Tea People are punished as LOOSERS, again.

    #4: and if Tea Person is nominated and wins
    the Tea People are then punished because the Tea Party will FAIL in the end to achieve its goals. There will be no militarized border fence. They will never get rid of the Dept. of Education and the Teachers Unions. They will never change the Tax system.

    And I believe that a “Tea Party President” would be impeached (or worse) by the very people who elected him because he wouldn’t be able to do the things he promised to do. They would HATE their own Tea President just as much as they HATED Nixon, Ford, Reagan, GHW Bush and GW Bush.

    A Political Party based on HATRED will never really win

  2. well thats my way of finding a silver lining in the dark clouds that are upon us.

    I really wish it wasn’t necessary for there to be an Obama but if he helps rid the Republican Party of the Hyper-Patriotic Libertarian-istic Pharisee’s, the Constitution worshipers, the Ayn Randian-ists and the Founding Fathers Cult then so be it. Obama is their punishment and he is doing a darn good good of penalizing them. Its just too bad that the economy had to be a casualty too.

  3. It is disheartening that so many allegedly thinking people bought into Herb’s vanity/for profit campaign in the first place. That is the main reason I have grave doubts that the Right will unite behind Romney once his inevitable nomination happens. The deviants under our tent are growing evermore rabid and addicted to rage (believe me, I know from very up close and personal contacts).

    I second everything Pink Flamingo wrote. And Carpenter’s addendum is also excellent.

  4. Well it is possible that for Mitt Romney to win! Richard Nixon won 49 states and he did so with Democrat support. Ronald Reagan did the same. 48 states then 49 states. In fact so many Democrats voted for Ronald Reagan that a brand new demographic (Reagan Democrats) had to be created to explain the strange and confusing event to the people in the News Mafia.

    George Herbert Walker Bush rode the Reagan popularity wave to win 40 states 1988 and he wasn’t very popular with the PaulBots. Ron Paul got 00.047% of the vote in 1988. Bush beat him by 53 million votes!

    So Romney could easily beat Obama without the Tea People, the Limbaughvians or the PaulBots but it will take Democrat support to make that happen.

    The bottom line is its up to GOD who wins. If GOD wants Obama to punish the Idolators (both left and right) for 4 more years (with a bad economy) then there is little we can do. We can however do our best to bring Democrats, Liberals, Tea Pagans and PaulBots to Christ which is a victory of sorts and in the end the only one that actually counts.

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