What Women Don’t Want


We don’t need four more years of the buck never got here. Herman Cain doesn’t remember if he signed one of the sexual harassment settlements.  Then he tapped danced all around Greta’s show.  There are several things going on here.  He appeared abjectly incompetent.  Then he discusses how small at least one of the settlements was.  In other words, the women lost their job. The far right has been slamming the women because they won’t come forward.  They can’t.  They are abiding by the agreement of the legal settlement, which Cain is NOT doing.

When these women do come forward, the right is going to destroy them.  There’s no such thing as a woman having been raped, molested, or harassed.  The only who are, according to conservative punditry, are feminists, lesbians, women who are seriously disturbed, or unattractive women looking for attention.

The Pink Flamingo has heard that, if Cain is the nominee, 72% of Republican women will never vote for Herman Cain.  Add The Pink Flamingo to the list.  I am told as of this evening, 78% of Republican women will not vote for him.  I am also hearing that women are furious with Rush and Hannity.  Women are not donating to his campaign, but are doing quite well with Rick Perry.

Open Secrets

There are those who say Herman Cain is being “Borked“.  That he was blindsided, even though his campaign has known for over a week.  Were they so arrogant that they thought he did not need to reply to the accusations, or that abjectly incompetent.

Rand Paul has opened his mouth, once again, and the wisdom of the ages just seems to pop out, the Solomon of the tea party set.  According to the sage of Kentucky, women just don’t seem to have a sense of humor these days.  Libertarians appear to be tone deaf and think it is terrible that Cain was accused.

The Pink Flamingo was not going to discuss the Cain Thing again, but once again, this is not about Herman Cain.  I would like to mention the Caesar’s Wife adage.   It’s a cheap shot, but I’d like to mention a few Republicans:  Ronald Reagan,  George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole,  George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry.  Granted Newt has a terrible track record with marriages, and John McCain went through a nasty divorce, but there is one thing you have never ever ever heard uttered in a complaint – sexual harassment.

There are tales out there that GWB went above and beyond to prevent any possible hint of harassment.  It is a matter of how professionally you deal with the world around you.

As far as I’m concerned a candidate is only as good as his wife, and the way he treats his wife, excluding Newt and his misc. divorces.   Look at the role of Anita Perry, Ann Romney, and Callista Gingrich.  They are out there, maybe even having a bit of fun.  Currently Mitt Romney is leading with women.  I am not a rabid Romney supporter, but will vote for him if he is nominated.  One of the reasons I will is because of the way he treats his wife.  I see the same relationship with Newt & Callista.  I see it with the Perrys.  I think that is probably the reason women are donating to Perry’s campaign and are supporting Romney.

The far right is compounding the problem.  Ann Coulter is on record saying this would not have happened if Cain were white.  Wrong – it never would have happened if he had been a Dem.

The very real problem is with Cain’s campaign manager.  Then there is the PAC raising money for Cain. From Democrats for Sale:

Democrats for Sale

This is not normal Republican behavior.  It is the behavior of arrogance, and perhaps even incompetence.  This is NOT how you win the White House.

From what I am hearing from Republican women last night, it is quite obvious, with the exception of Michael Medved, our rank and file far right punditry and talking heads are woefully out of touch.  Makes you wonder what else they are getting wrong!




One thought on “What Women Don’t Want

  1. personally I believe that Ann Coulter is right about the hit job done on Herman Cain. The Liberal News MAFIA frequently does this to Blacks that step out of line (or become Conservatives). That is a provable fact.

    That being said I also believe that it is in everybody’s interest that Herman Cain be removed from Front Runner Status. Period. He doesn’t belong there.

    OK now for the reasons that Herman must go!
    The sooner the PaulBotted Constitution Worshiping Founder Worshiping Pagan Tea People go away, forever, the sooner we can get down to fixing the problems we face! The sooner we push the Libertarians OUT of the Republican Party (forever) the better it is for everyone in the USA.

    The Tea-Tarians need their own Offical Political “Tea” Party.

    Reagan fixed the Economy with a Democrat House of Representatives! Seriously! The whole time Reagan was in office the Dems controlled the House. Reagan’s influence over the House Democrats was remarkable. Herman Cain does not have that Reagan like ability to draw Democrats. Mitt Romney does.

    The only chance we have is to drive the Tea People away and to do what Ronald Reagan did. And that is to convince Democrat voters that “we Republicans” and Mitt Romney have a better plan than Obama, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the Libertarians or the Tea People.

    P.S. I don’t believe anything that comes from the mouths of the Liberal News Mafia. Listening to them (as far as I am concerned) is kinda like tuning in the HELL-666 on the Radio dail listening to Lucifer himself. I mean they are his servants

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